The best photo booth rental company in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania for 7 years. Leadership Academy students write thank you notes to the people and organizations they visited during the academy. The 20 students were selected for the academy, which was hosted on the HPU campus, by exhibiting exceptional self-control, responsibility and interest in being leaders throughout the school year. Students visited Second Harvest Food Bank, HORSEPOWER Therapeutic Learning Center, Thomas Buses, Hospice of the Piedmont, International Civil Rights Center and Museum, Boys and Girls Club, Greensboro Science Center, Genesis Healthcare and River Girl Fishing Co.
JOIN THE DIALOGUE On the Social page, you can view all of High Point University’s social media feeds, connect to specific majors and schools on Facebook, and get the latest updates about what’s happening on campus. This project relates to the real world in architects as they design and create the buildings. This project relates to the real world when it comes to architecture if you want to become an architect and build buildings you have to know perimeter and area. I would have to say the most exciting part of this project was going outside because it’s always good to go outside to get fresh air instead of staying in a stuffy room the whole time. This project relates to the real world by teaching us skills than will be helpful in the real world.
The most exciting portion of this project was when we went outside to find the measurements. I learned how to use the mirror and stick method on a building and why the shadow method isn’t the best tool to use.
This project relates to the real world because it helps us use different methods to solve a problem.
I think the most exciting part was doing the verifications because when it would come close to the number I calculated I got so happy and smart.I love doing things that challenge me because it makes me feel accomplished even if i didn’t get it right,and when we got to sit down as a group and help each other out it was such great collaboration.
Hamlet or The Tradegy of Hamlet: Prince of Denmark is a play written by WIlliam Shakespeare back in the late-1500s. Polonius is telling his son that he should that he see what he can learn and be from other people. Polonius continues to tell his son Laertes about don’t waste your time with every new guy that meets your path, but also don’t start fights.
The last part of some of the dialogue from Polonius can be translated to listen to everyone’s opinion but hold back your judgmental thoughts. During their 10 days together, students volunteered at various organizations around the area and learned from local leaders.
I think at any where at anytime you can be put in a place where you need to find the height of something.
If you want to become a carpenter and have to patch up a ceiling you have to know the perimeter and area of the whole. I learned how to figure out the height of the building besides just measuring it the regular way.
I felt that it was really great that we got hands on experience with finding the height of the buildings. If I ever wanted to know the height of something, I can make quick approximate calculations with a mirror and a tape measure.
Going out into the world and applying the knowledge we had learned on paper in a class environment to a large scale real life environment was exciting and invigorating.
From measuring my building, I learned about the approximate heights of buildings around the city and how these buildings could be improved to increase the attractiveness of the area. What was the least exciting portion to this project and why?I think that the most exciting part of the project was when the groups went outside to actually observe and measure the buildings.What did you learn from completing this project?I learned how to measure things from a different perspective and measure objects that I cant reach by using mirrors and other figures.
For example, regular people like the owners of the home do things like meausre dimensions of their doors and windows to figure out ways to improve their home. Now when I walk past buildings I tell my friend I could measure it with out actually measuring it.this also helps because of our future. The least exciting part was when we actually had to go out and take measurements because it was kind of cold.Also because we had to stand out side and do our whole groups measurements one by one.

Shakespeare had written many plays and acts while he was alive, but the most famous and well-known one is Hamlet. He says that if you do get into a fight that you should stand you ground and finish the fight.
Spend as much money as you have on clothing, but make sure they aren’t clothing that are to showy or gaudy because clothes make the man. This advice can be given to a daughter or a son when they are going anywhere way from home. The goal was to teach the students how to build confidence and self-esteem, identify personal interests and strengths, and set goals. Or if you want to redesign the outside of the house and you want to take away some windows or add windows you need to know the are and perimeter of the space where your doing that work.
It was fun because I was able to express myself in the drawings and showoff my wonderful artistic talent, as you can see in the picture above. They first have a drawing of the build and how they want to scale it, then they build the building. This skill will be very useful in the real world because it can help us find the size of a building or street by using a scaled map. I doubt I would have learned about how to measure using the mirror method if we didn’t actual measure something that would be impossible to measure otherwise.
If I wanted to go into a career in architecture, city planning, civil engineering, construction, interior design, etc, the knowledge of triangles is essential.
I also learned 5+ handy new ways to measure to find an approximate height of any tall object (including the purchasing of a measuring app!). Someone may want to replace wooden doors with fiber glass or vice versa and they'll need measurements in order to do that. These can cause an increase in height or lenth of the building that no one will no about unless if measured.
There are many different parts of the play that are very well known like “To be or not to be” soliloquy by Hamlet. It can relate to architects because by using the methods demonstrated architects can plan out how tall a building is which can be useful when adding new features onto a building.
The least exciting part of the project, was when we were measuring our buildings, because it was really cold outside and I didn't get enough time to get my measurements so I had to take time after school to finish it.I learned how to measure buildings using the several methods such as the stick method. You could use the mirror method which is placing a mirror on the ground in front of the building and looking into the mirror until u see the top of the building. I learned how estimates are not alway right and how it is always important to verify your measurement because most of the time it is not right. Triangles are the basis of construction and design everywhere, from the pyramids to pie slices. Shakespeare is using his knowledge that he found when he was growing up by putting him into Polonius. This advice can be really helpful to Laertes because since he is considered a ‘manwhore’, a lot of different people could try to pick fights with him. They make blueprints of the building that they are making changes to and they measure everything.Then they take that, and they start making real renovations to the house that they are working on.
Another way it relates to the real world is it is useful to business that need to tear down a building so they can know the total area of destruction would approximately be.
Then you measure how many feet you are away from the building and how many feet the building is away from the building. I think I might have placed my building on top of another and it was to tell where my street was due to the bad camera angles.
I found a new shortcut to get to the Franklin Institute, and a place where they apparently sell great hoagies.
Also, he likes to show how sophisticated he can by using very elaborate sentences that have to be interpreted. Polonius could also be saying this to Laertes because at this time his daughter Ophelia is with a person that Polonius doesn’t trust entirely.

It is also useful for realtor who need the know how tall a house or apartment is so that they can give that data to their customers. What was the least exciting portion to this project and why?I think that the most exciting part of this project was getting to go outside. I also had no idea how to structure my letter to the Neighborhood Association and was a little lost as to how to put together our final written report.
Sentences that have to be searched through, read over and over again to get the full meaning of the passage. These lessons and advice can be overheard from a parent to a child of today, sometimes the advice can sound different for what goes on today. Even people who actually need to build a house or remake one probably uses the techniques that we used. Another method I learned is the picture method which is when you use someone or something and see how many of them does it take to get the height of the building.
It was also fun going outside and doing the actual measurements to figure out what the answers were rather than having measurements handed to us. When we were measuring outside time flew by fast and the measurements seemed easier to make outside then when we were doing the mirror method in the cramped hall way.
Polonius doesn’t believe that Hamlet actually loves Ophelia, he thinks that Hamlet is just playing her for a fool. What was the least exciting portion to this project and why?The most exciting portion of this project was to go outside and see the method in work. You measure that that someone or something and multiply the height by how many of them get it takes to get the height of the building. I find it exciting to work on problems on my own and being able to figure if it makes sense or not even though it causes a little bit of aggrivation.
I thought this was the most exciting because I thought it was interesting to see the variables being used hands on here. Also it was annoying how my measurements came out differently each time so I didn't know which one was right. Normally I never even use maps because I know where to go in philly so that was something new to try. My class only did an estimation, but it just goes to show how hard it would be manually measuring for exact measurements of buildings.
A final thing I learned is how to make a scale a drawing of buildings using scales of many units. In order to do this project, you'd have to have calculations already done in order to move on to the next task and be able to start figuring out how you'll explain your process.
I also learned how to work with people who may not be as productive as myself, that will be a special skill for future projects. I learned that there are many different ways on how to verify your calculations for a building and what different factors play into them.
I also learned that even if you are wrong you can fix your mistakes to make everything workout.
I didn't know that you could use a picture of something to find the hieght of a building (known as the picture method).
The project has taught me a new appreciation for Geometry and how potentially complex it can be at many times.
I found that even relatively simple buildings can become  much more complex when using its measurements and calculating its measurements in Geometry problems.
I also learned that you should check to see if your height is accurate because not every method gives you the accurate height.

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