We are a local board up company offering superior workmanship for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Content Objectives: ? I can identify the Comprehensible Input component of SIOP and the three features of this component.
Ideas for Teaching ELLs with the SIOP Model Use a Variety of Techniques 13 Grognet,Allene, Judith Jameson, et al. Directions: Using the charts around the room labeled with the SIOP components we discussed today, write one thing you learned about each component.
Content Objectives: ? I can identify the Strategies component of SIOP and the three features of this component. ELLs focus mental energy on their developing language skills, not on developing independence in learning.
Procedural Scaffolding Increasing Student Independence Teach Model Practice Apply According to Echevarria, Vogt, and Short (2000), teachers use an instructional framework that includes explicit teaching, modeling and practice that provide procedural scaffolding.. SQP2RS: A Multi-step Reading Strategy (Echevarria, Vogt, & Short, pp.84, 92-93) Think – Pair – Share How was this different from your typical reading experience? My last blog post was on the use of Ted Talks for acquiring skills of listening, speaking and comprehension and for my Year 12 Lang B class of non native English speakers. I looked at their work for engagement with the content and provided feedback which they incorporated.
Lesson 2- They continued on their research and downloaded Jing and (a video creating software which I asked them all to download) and present their talk in class. At this point, the students decided that since Jing allowed what was on the screen to be viewed in the video they would add power points to their video instead of just their faces. Lesson 3- hard copies of rubrics were shared and keeping in mind the 50 minute class, we kept oral feedback short and sweet- 1 positive suggestion along with one suggestion for improvement.

IB students have a challenging schedule so this worked well and could be incorporated into their plans without disrupting my long term planning or their planning for homework requirements.
While they learned how to use Google Docs in classroom learning, I learnt how to change slides while the video was playing on Jing. I felt their research could have been more in depth and in all fairness they would have liked to prolong the time of the project but the aim and objective of the project being to assess their oral skills I could not allow that.
Assessment criterion seems much more realistic when you have a recording and are not speaking then. At the beginning of each maths session we do a numeracy fluency task to help us have automatic recall of tables and number facts. Content Objectives: ? I can identify the Comprehensible Input component of SIOP and the three features of this component ? I can discover ways to make content comprehensible.
Tell your neighbor how you have used or could have used one of these strategies in a lesson you have recently taught. Using the Chart paper at your table, draw one graphic organizer that you use during instruction. Since oral assessment is part of exam grade, it was an opportunity to hear each other and work on improvement. Having recorded at home on work they had done, it made them focus on the rubric criterion instead of the task of speaking there and then.
As I was writing my comment on your last post, I didn’t realize I would be reading exactly that project idea in your next post – awesome!
Language Objectives: ? I can evaluate and revise an academic task to make it comprehensible for ELL students.

This would be used for assessing their oral presentation skills (Language B, Individual Oral Presentation Rubric). They wanted to work on Media and Communication and to pick an aspect of their choice to speak on. Use the SQP2RS strategy to read and learn about the SIOP strategies discussed in your book on pages 126-129. I created a Google Doc for the rubric while they created their Google Docs for sharing their work with me.
They can be used in a variety of contexts and help students build connections, define relationships and strengthen concepts. Write A for always, S for sometimes, and N for never according to how often you use each characteristic.
When preparing lessons, teachers should include __________ materials and plan __________ activities.
It is important to use appropriate speech, clearly explain tasks and use a variety of techniques to increase __________ __________.

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