Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Outline:Purpose At the end of my speech my audience will be able to define a charter school and list one differencebetween a charter school and a public school.Introduction Did you know that the United States ranks one the lowest in the world for education? Anyone can apply to a charter school but few get in, this is disappointing to many families but this ensures that students are not just a number in the school system.C. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Monroe Motivated Sequence example outline using only a few sentences (you should do a much long outline with lots of info).
I created these free speech therapy worksheets so you can easily download and print them out to use as part of your speech therapy program. Parents:  If you are a mommy or a daddy (or grandma or grandpa) who wants to work with your child at home, you can use these speech therapy activity pages for extra practice.
According the US ranks 33rd for Reading, 27th for Math and 21st for science.
I am so busy as I know you are too and it hardly seems like I can get anything done and especially when it comes to blogging! When we have so manyresources why do we rank below other countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and Portugal? Parents want to send their children to charter schools because the teachers actually want to be there!

Imagine knowing that there are 110,614 other people also on the same waiting list, and there were only 28,664 transplants completed last year. What options dowe have for a better education here in America?John Stossell, the host of the TV program on Fox called“Stupid in America” said in a recent episode “Over years things have gotten so much better, cars,medicine, technology etc.
I’m sure many of you have had a teacher at one point in your life that you knew could care less about their job and about YOUR personal success. I love speech therapy, shopping, organization, cooking, blogging, pumpkin pie chai lattes, and Zumba! This is typically because it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to fire a teacher, especially a union teacher. Charters Many parents think that regular public schools are their only option mainly because of their financial situations. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a teacher out of the school system and it usually does not work. In charter schools a teacher can get fired at any time and can leave at any time therefore they focus more on the quality of their teaching.D.
Define charter schools Charter schools are public schools, which are funded by public money but are independently run.
They all care about their education as opposed to many of the students in regular public schools.D. Where they are located If you went to school in this area you may not be familiar with charters.

You or your loved ones could, one day, be a part of the 110,614 people who need an organ donation. They are typically located in urban areas where they school system is not so privileged such as The Bronx, LA, Harlem and Washington D.C.
Although the staff understands that students learn differently at the end of the day, they hold their students to the same high standards and expect their students to take all the same classes.Charter schools are a new revolution in America education and can change the lives of millions,by graduating children of our future generation one student at a time! There is usually such a demand for those applying to send their children to charter schools that they actually hold a raffle to see which students will attend.
In order for a transplant to take place, organs must be screened and blood types must match. Cost One huge factor that entices parents are that they are FREE just like a regular public school since they are publically funded by the government. Space The over-crowding of many urban public schools has become a huge turn off for parents because they know there is no way their child can be given individual attention, there simply are not enough resources to go around.

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