Powerstown Educate Together National School have partnered with  Dominic O’ Hailmhich (Live to Laugh and Learn Drama), a Drama tutor Associate from Trinity Guildhall London to provide private profession Speech and Drama classes to pupils in the school in PETNS Speech and Drama Club. Dominic is a very accomplished professional, who has years of experience teaching children from ages of 4 – 18 years Speech and Drama and preparing his students for the Leinster School of Music and Drama practical examinations.
The ethos of the club is to ensure that every student feels safe, confident, inspired and free to explore all facets of life and humanity through the medium of drama. Parents must complete booking form and return to the school with a minimum of €10 deposit on or before Tuesday 24th September. Our group sessions are great for parents who want their children to also learn to socialize and make friends. Parents have found our group sessions invaluable as a source of support and as a way to network and meet other parents whose children are receiving speech and language therapy. Our group sessions are scheduled when we have enough individuals for a class, so CONTACT US to let us know you are interested. And don’t forget to SIGN UP for our newsletter to stay up to date as to when they next group session is starting!
The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada is offering an exciting new group this summer developed by our team of Speech-Language Pathologists. Speech-language pathologists are trained to work with children who have difficulty with pre-literacy skills.
Led by a registered speech-language pathologist, this group session is a comprehensive 6-week communication program that helps children with ASD, ADHD, and ABI develop the skills necessary to communicate in social contexts. If you have an infant that has been diagnosed with, or you suspect has, communication challenge, then this course if for them!

Our new exciting program- THE MEETUP – will help your son or daughter learn the skills they need to help build a happy and satisfying social life. Participants will have 3 sessions in the clinic with a speech-language pathologist, 3 sessions in the clinic with an speech-language pathologist and occupational therapist together, and 3 sessions out in the community with both the speech-language pathologist and occupational therapist, learning how to apply their new skills.
This is an important course for any parent who wants their child to develop the necessary social skill and confidence required to lead a more engaged life.
Led by a speech-language pathologist, this social communication group allows for a safe and comfortable learning environment where young adults will learn the skills to help them flourish socially, build confidence, and develop communication skills that generalize outside of the therapy setting.
This is an important course to develop the necessary social skill and confidence required for a happy and healthy life. If you are dealing with a stutter, you may benefit from the assistance of a speech-language pathologist. Join us for our workshop and gain increased self-awareness related to your stutter, learn techniques to control speech, and guidance on how to carryover and maintain these skills in everyday situations.
Our group workshop for professionals is designed to help adults maintain their speaking voice and improve their presentation skills. If so, join our special accent modification workshop and experience more ease, joy and success while communicating in English. Participants will have sessions with a speech-language pathologist, and may include an occupational therapist for sessions out in the community learning how to apply their new skills. This is an important course for anyone who wants to develop the necessary social skill and confidence required for a happy and healthy life. All drama lessons are geared towards instilling confidence in the children, whilst helping the children to unlock their potential within the speech and drama discipline.

Drama and role-play allows students the security of enveloping a character and through this, voicing and exploring their thoughts, beliefs, outlooks, likes and dislikes of life. Our group sessions not only focus on speech and language therapy, but also on building morale, making friends, and exploring other aspects of communication such as socialization and building self-confidence. Making Learning Fun is our innovative Pre-Literacy Group for children ages 4-5 aimed to help your child improve their literacy skills and develop the love for reading and writing! We not only help them learn to read and write, but to identify and overcome specific speech-language challenges that they may be experiencing. Your child will have a great time improving their literacy skills as well as developing a love of reading and writing! It’s a is fun and interactive group led by a registered Speech-Language Pathologist that helps teenagers to develop the tools they need to get along and be great communicators. But a teen with ADHD, ASD, or ABI faces unique challenges in growing their social skill and their social life. Participants are encouraged to provide feedback to each other and participate in a group outing to practice their new skills in a real-life setting.
All children can participate in the Leinster School of Music and Drama examinations if they wish to do so.

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