Improve Your Accent and Public Speaking Skills from Anywhere in the World with Online Distance Training! When finding a specialized therapist in your area is not possible, Speech and Voice Enterprises offers live online training through SKYPE.
Elizabeth Peterson, your accent reduction training specialist, speech therapist and executive speech coach for over twenty years, is a nationally recognized expert. We are proud to offer a variety of accent reduction classes to accommodate busy people at affordable rates. Other important details include learning how to breathe on a full breath to reduce force and speed. Elizabeth Peterson is a speech therapist, accent reduction specialist and executive speech coach. Accent Reduction 101 (student manual) is the best program available on the market for busy people who need to reduce their accent quickly. Can your potential instructor talk to you about your unique accented features and how it compares specifically to your style of American English pronunciation?Have them profile your specific cultural traits, not just missing consonant and vowel sounds.
After that, it is obvious that there is a communication barrier and it feels uncomfortable for both speakers. This is a 4 session private accent reduction class in which we teach you how to speak English in the American melody and cultural style.
This 12 private session accent reduction class is the full training that covers melody, all consonant sounds, and training on vowel sounds.
Longer programs allow for learning how to breathe, improve voice skills and allow time for practicing presentations or role-playing for leading a meeting or other parts of your job.

Learning where the voice is placed is a cultural reflex and American speech is produced in the center of the oral cavity.
The majority of an accent is due to the cultural nuances such as intonation, muscular force and resonation. If they are skilled, it will be very obvious on how they can compare your speech patterns to American English. When moving forward with a program, your materials will be sent and your training will be scheduled.
This is the first and most important step to reducing your accent and making your speech sound clear. After you learn how to speak your English in the American style, you will be ready to learn the most important missing sounds from your speech. When a second language is learned like English it is natural to speak it in the melody style of your first language. When you learn how to speak English in the American cultural style the muscular force will be significantly reduced.
In some languages like Russian, the voice is placed in the back of the throat or French speakers high in the nasal cavity. Our accent reduction training is in our Denver or Aurora office and online classes are also available. All lessons have clear directions, multiple examples and the auditory support provide examples for all sounds and lessons. At least 24 hours before your appointment you must ask your therapist or speech coach to accept you as a contact.

The first step in our accent reduction training class is to teach you how to speak your English in the American melody and cultural style. When you learn how to apply the right amount of force your speech will be clear, smooth and more comfortable. Speech-language pathologists have specific training in those areas and also hold a license and have national certification from the American Speech Language Hearing Association.
If you want to change your speech to sound more American and less foreign or regional, the cultural behaviors and intensity must be the larger part of your program. We offer online accent reduction to improve English pronunciation and public speaking for effective communication and presentation classes. This program targets the main sounds missing from your speech that can bring immediate clarity with this smaller program. Hold them accountable to identifying your specific habits and patterns you bring into your American English.
It is not hard to learn and is the first step to reduce your accent and sound more American.

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