Go over the two lists above to take notes and ask questions as we listen and prepare for each analysis of the conviction (or lack thereof) behind the remaining speeches.
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Filler words as in "like" and "you know" definitely take away from the impact of your speech good pt. .
May 31, 2015Samuel Reisman left a comment for kizelnk"I know Kiz was so inspired by this course and misses the late honorable Professor Green. Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use Storytelling and Song For English Language Learners. I need to learn how to construct sentences like he does, and to say them fluently and with emphasis.

Each must support the other.* Logos – using logic to persuade* Pathos – using emotions to persuade* Ethos – using personality and character to persuade 4. I'm just wondering what a guy like that has to do with Mos Def who does not speak with conviction. I guess being a people scattered in many lands enriches you because you are exposed to foreign nuance that becomes an integral part…"Jan 13, 2015Tzvi left a comment for Yehuda Greenfield"True. Yisroel Najara, author of the popular Ya Ribbon Alom sung on the Sabbath, was persecuted by leading rabbis for adopting Arabic tunes for his poetry. Know the evidence available to both the affirmative and negative positions to be able to judge its validity. We have lightened up over…"Jan 7, 2015Aronie Slansky commented on Richard Green's videoSurvey of Human Communication, Self-Introduction, September 22, 2014"Oleg thank you so much for your wonderful speech.

The following types and tests of evidence help document a position to build a persuasive case based on logical and emotional appeals. Develop Types and Tests of Evidence to Support Your Convictions and add to the lists below.
It would be more becoming and demonstrate more…"Jan 4, 2015kizelnk commented on Richard Green's video20140309_202511"The quality and content of your speech is superb.You have the ability to transform yourself into a charismatic and professional speaker. Just a bit more confidence and conviction while delivering your speech.Just believe in yourself.

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