And too, the water lotus is the international symbol for yoga ~ a life-long practice of mine, both off and on the mat. Over twenty years ago, my newlywed dreamy visions led me to moving 3000 miles away from home (Ottawa, Canada) to San Francisco, a magnificent city I had only briefly visited once before. I had two suitcases, a University degree in French and a pile of hope. My first american job was teaching Berkeley boys to pass the high school reading exit exam. After moving to Southern California for a high school teaching job (French Level 1 through AP), I would fly back up to San Francisco on my weekends to earn my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. It was also during this period, every hard experience and negative emotion that I had buried away inside myself bubbled to the surface: Imbalance. Over the next four years, I won three marketing awards for my writing, two community choice awards (for amazing classes by the most incredibly talented teachers) and too, I did gain another strong circle of friends, my yoga family.

I was also an entrepreneur during this time continually digging through business processes, marketing, writing, exploring new venues to help people have a better day, offering classes to help people live more completely, and all the while I was assisting teachers to heighten their own careers.
Because you are here at the end of this page, smiling and feeling good eh?, you and I are in alignment! This is a flower that grows up and out of the murkiest muddy water to bloom in full sunlight.
If my words, intentions and photos resonate with you, then we are truly meant to work together. We will dive into your limiting thoughts and fears, clarify your dreams and take steps to make them your reality.
This was my beginning as a Life Coach, diving in with teens and their families to help them all find their way.

I’m getting divorced and now, I have two little ones and fear has completely taken me over. And too, I love that my mentor and I both revel in creative and unique tools that help women find their own personal magic.

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