The class will be run by a certified clinician trained by the staff at the Rutgers Youth Sports Research Council.
The clinic focuses on five aspects of coaching, including medical, legal, first aid, training and conditioning. After completion of the class, the coach will be registered as a certified coach with the Sports Research Council. The most important part of this weekend is normally held Monday mornings as towns across Bergen County honor local residents who died in battles by reading off their honor rolls.

Register now and be part of interactive sessions where you will explore different subjects tied to coaching in Athletics.
The 4-day Performance Coach NCCP Course has been re-shaped and can now be offered in multiple provinces, multiple times a year!
The Planning for Performance NCCP Workshop is intended to assist coaches in enhancing their ability to design and implement a developmentally appropriate yearly training plan (YTP).
Participants in the FREE Jumps Technical Modules can choose to purchase the Theory Modules (Friday night and Sunday afternoon) to receive their full NCCP Club Coach Jumps Training.

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