There is often a disparity in ‘what’ and ‘how’ many staff training and development organisations’ courses try to teach and ‘what’ and ‘how’ they really should be teaching. For staff training and development to be effective, one must identify the most critical skills to teach, and then allow learners to use the skills under realistic usage conditions.
Many approaches to staff training and development do not address what is difficult about applying the knowledge or skills in the right ways.
For example, when it comes to learning how to effectively communicate, a person could read every book ever published telling them how to be a good communicator. Staff training and development should be enjoyable but it should also have a significant impact on the learners and give them simulated experiences they can rely on when they need to deploy them in real life. This is why adaptas have brought the most experiential learning and deep reaching techniques together to create effective Interactive Training Services, which create new habits and patterns in communication. In our view, the purpose of staff training and development, is to make staff significantly happier and more productive, to increase profits as customers return over and over, and to improve staff retention so, less budget is spent on recruitment and training of new recruits.
At adaptas™, we aim to save each organisation we work with money and time by making everyone more effective at what they do. What amazed the team most was how well adaptas™ understood our business.One of the Worlds Largest Search Engines! New employees are provided with an induction at both department and corporate levels to enable the individual to feel as comfortable as possible in their new role. Competency FrameworksThe Council has established competency frameworks for all staff, to support the continual development of our people and the services they provide. The competencies within the frameworks have been substantially derived from the Council's People Strategy, the Staff Opinion Survey, and consultation with senior managers, and are focused on ensuring we have the capacity to deliver the strategic objectives of the Authority and make Blaenau Gwent a better place to live and work.
Please refer to the Related Documents panel below for information on each Competency Framework.
These objectives (as well as overall performance & development) are then monitored throughout the year at regular performance coaching meetings.

Research consistently proves that empathy is directly linked to business success and profit.
Many people find requirements to be empathic as profoundly uncomfortable, but for most people it can be learned over time.
Road sign with the words Staff Training written in white on a green background set against the sky. The above image is licensed for reuse by it's creator under a Creative Commons license which permits the free use of the image for any purpose including commercial use and also permits the image to be altered. How can a trainee learn something new if they are not learning how to actually ‘do’ the ‘what’ they are covering in the training room? Staff training must be so compelling as to absorb participants in its realism in a way that engages more than the intellect. They make it difficult to remember or use the information appropriately once the training is over. Experiential learning engages the learner at a more personal level by addressing the needs and wants of the individual, even when learning as one of a group. Did you know that to hire one new person costs approximately the equivalent of one year of their annual salary?
Studies correlating empathy with increased sales, with the performance of the best managers of product development teams and with enhanced performance, means organisations have to seek new recruits with healthy levels of empathy.
Of course, some people do not have the capacity to experience empathy due to damaging events and insecure attachment to primary caregivers during infancy, and sometimes due to brain and genetic disorders. Most of what we really know how to do we learn by ‘doing’, so any training must involve ‘doing’! Therefore, all the books in the world or classroom learning where someone imparts theories and models on how to communicate is never going to be effective in teaching somebody to sell or influence customers, or how to work effectively in a team. By developing people as individuals, rather than simply transferring arbitrary capabilities, we develop people’s confidence, self-esteem, personal strengths, and crucially a rounded sense of purpose and fulfillment, which fundamentally improve attitude, life-balance and emotional well-being.

For this reason we insist on agreeing at an early stage, the desired results and how to measure them.
Even though empathy is a soft, sometimes abstract tool in a person’s toolkit, it can lead to hard, tangible results. It must be relevant to the complexities of the work life of participants, and most importantly, it must provide a memorable, lasting experience. Furthermore, we all operate from a place of habits and patterns, most of which are learnt early in life, and which no longer serve us.
These immensely important outcomes are just as important for sustainable productive work as the essential skills and knowledge typically represented in conventional education and work-related training. People who are naturally and consistently empathetic – the people who can easily forge positive connections with other, are people who use empathy to engender trust and build bonds. The bad news is that they need to want to learn, as it takes practice and commitment to get it right. Cultivating empathy has its own rewards: The more you do it, the better your relationships are and the more you want to continue.
Most of us are unaware of these patterns and how many of the patterns are effecting how we interact with everyone; family, friends, colleagues, and customers etc. On the other hand, lack of ability to experience empathy is the reason for a lot of organizational based bullying, employee and team distress and failure to sell and retain clients.
If you can see the problem from the other person’s point of view, you are much more likely to be able to get through the issue without conflict.
Sitting in a room, talking about how it should all be done will not bring our awareness to these patterns of behaviour.

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