In Anchor Childcare we recognise that our Staff are our most valuable resource, and every effort is made to ensure that they reach their full potential. The policy of Anchor Childcare is that all childcare staff are either training to be qualified or are fully qualified to childcare FETAC level 5. The centre puts a large emphasis on training and has adopted a training programme with an additional four days training per year in which the centre closes in order to ensure consistency in quality and approach.
Anchor Childcare Centre recognises the need for further training and development in order to maintain a best practice approach.
When recruiting, in addition to FETAC qualifications, we look for qualities that will help individuals communicate with children, parents and staff.

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The Centre closes for four days per year, which are exclusively assigned to mandatory training and development.
In addition to this the Centre provides in house training and funding where appropriate for staff to partake in further education and development outside of working hours.

At Anchor we believe in investing in staff as it is only through the retention of qualified motivated staff that we can commit to a best practice approach, ensuring quality of service to those entrusted into our care.

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