In this new booka€”the follow-up to the authorsa€™ best-seller, Influence WithoutAuthoritya€”Stanford GSB Professor David Bradford and coauthor Allan Cohen offer practical advice about how to turn your relationship with your boss into a partnership in which both parties benefit. Day One begins in the classroom where you'll interact with world-class Graduate School of Business faculty and peers from around the globe. Professor Tiedens' research is primarily in two areas: (1) the psychology of social hierarchies, and (2) the social context of emotion.
Join faculty director Larissa Tiedens and past participants to learn how Stanford's Executive Program in Leadership: The Effective Use of Power (LEADER) will teach you how to both use power and empower others.
The ability to function effectively within a hierarchy is a crucial component of leadership, yet many people struggle with "authority issues" that make certain hierarchical roles and positions difficult for them. The Executive Program in Leadership: The Effective Use of Power will help you take your leadership to the next level.
Professor Bradford is truly outstanding; he does an excellent job of involving people, making his points crisply and moving on to the next issue. I enjoyed the practical application of vision, the interesting real-world application of theory. The Stanford campus is world renowned for its natural beauty, Spanish mission-style architecture, and temperate climate. Program tuition includes private accommodations, all meals, course materials, and an Apple iPad. For over 60 years, global business leaders have come to the Stanford Executive Program to learn from over 30 world-class GSB faculty, Silicon Valley business leaders, Stanford professors, and each other. Join Faculty Director William Barnett to learn how the Stanford Executive Program will impact your career and organization in both the short and long term.
SEP gave me tremendous exposure to executives in diverse industries from all around the globe allowing me to learn from them within Stanford's rigorous academic setting and in compelling discussions outside the classroom. The Stanford experience allowed me to step outside my role as a scientist and to see the business environment in a new light.
When you come to Stanford, you have to be willing to have your traditional way of thinking challenged.
At Stanford, I found an environment that fosters collaboration and provides an opportunity to really engage with your fellow participants and discuss and learn from each other's challenges.
I was impressed by the unique Stanford experience created by the professors, the program content, and my fellow participants. To help you put your learning into action once you return to work, you have the option to purchase executive coaching. New for 2016: Receive information and advice about family accommodations and programming options.
The Stanford campus is located at the center of a wealth of local attractions, which participants can explore on weekends and during the mid-program break. All participants are encouraged to take part in the optional physical health component of the Stanford Executive Program. For many participants, attending the Stanford Executive Program entails a difficult personal choice as they must spend time away from a spouse, partner, child, or other loved ones. The LGBT Executive Leadership Program gives you the strategic insights, personal leadership skills, and powerful network to accelerate your career.
Best of all, youa€™ll share this experience with other LGBT executives and build a powerful and personal network to support you and your career for a lifetime, wherever in the world your career takes you. Your week will be filled with interactive classroom sessions, hands-on experiential workshops, small group discussions, roundtable forums, and guest speakers. Voted Most Admired CEO by Management Today and knighted in 1998, Lord Browne is author of The Glass Closet, a commentary on the acceptance and inclusion of LGBT people in business. Jeff Sheng is an American artist whose photographic work involves the visualization of LGBT communities. This presentation describes an approach to power and influence that involves getting out of your head and into your body.
Design thinkinga€”a human-centered, prototype-driven process for innovationa€”can be applied to product, service, and even business and organizational design.
SELF-REGULATIONIn this session youa€™ll analyze how self-regulation can be used as a tool to deal with threats ranging from consumer backlash to the threat of future governmental regulation. STRATEGIC CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITYIf only successful engagement with interest groups was about doing a€?good deeds.a€? Ita€™s much, much more.

LGBT Executive Leadership Program is ideal for LGBT executives preparing to take on more significant leadership roles. The Stanford LGBT Executive Leadership Program provides an opportunity to join a first-of-its-kind, very high quality, global, business-focused LGBT network of leaders. We know that the first year of the program will be foundational to its development, so first-year attendees will look back with pride in ten years at a unique program and powerful network that they helped to shape and launch. This program will help you understand how your LGBT identity impacts and enhances your leadership style, giving you invaluable insights, both personally and professionally.
The book provides valuable, actionable tools you can use to win the cooperation and confidence of your boss and other senior managers, and advance your business and career goals. You'll explore the sources and uses of power, learn new methods for developing personal influence through collaboration, and understand the role of coaching to empower your teams.
She is specifically interested in the psychological processes involved in the creation and maintenance of hierarchical relationships.
This session draws on the craft of acting and the concepts of psychology to help you learn how to use them to develop the characters that can play these roles effectively. These two sessions will introduce you to coaching fundamentals (listening, inquiry, reframing, and setting up experiments) as well as provide an opportunity to practice and further develop these competencies. It inspired a lot of thought about how to motivate organizations and get the best from people. I recommend this program to any executives looking to improve their skills and techniques in managing people. With more than 8,180 acres (3,310 hectares), Stanford's campus ranks as one of the largest in the United States. Participants will take classes at this new state-of-the-art campus, which features tiered classrooms with extensive floor-to-ceiling glass, the latest in audiovisual technology, numerous breakout and study rooms, outdoor seating areas to encourage informal discussion, and an open collaboration lab that employs hands-on and design thinking techniques.
Sharing ideas and experiences with such a diverse and dynamic group of colleagues develops connections that last a lifetime.
Siebel Professor of Business Leadership, Strategy, and Organizations, Stanford Graduate School of Business; and Affiliated Faculty, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, focuses on competition within and among corporations and how competition affects the founding, growth, performance, survival, and innovativeness of organizations. The professors are the foremost thinkers in their fields and my fellow students brought tremendous experience from a wide range of industries. All of us left with ideas that have powered us through the year, and will last for years ahead. The faculty are true artists that combine their expertise with a wonderful ability to set the stage for maximum learning. I gained a new global perspective that was not only induced by the highly qualified and seasoned faculty, but also was expanded by the interaction I had with my classmates, who came into the program after already achieving much success in their careers. An open mind and enthusiasm to participate will lead you to a truly transformational experience. The insights and new approaches I have acquired will be of great value as I develop a new global vision for my organization. Then, put learning into action with weekly sessions designed to help you apply new insights to the specific challenges of your organization. The city of San Francisco lies less than an hour to the north by car or rail, with the world-famous vineyards of Napa Valley just beyond. Based on strong evidence that a healthier lifestyle benefits executives in many ways, the program features daily outdoor morning exercise sessions administered by a team of professional fitness instructors.
Recognizing the gravity of this commitment, the directors of the program incorporate several family-friendly aspects into its design. This is the only Executive Education program of its kind offered by a leading business school to address the significant gap in leadership for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people in the C-suite. All in a stimulating environment on the Stanford campus, led by world-class Graduate School of Business faculty. Soule is the Morgridge Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Professor of Sociology (by courtesy), School of Humanities and Sciences. Ming has the unique experience of engaging in the professional world as both a male and female theoretical neuroscientist, technologist, and entrepreneur. His photo series Fearless, about LGBT student athletes, has been seen at over 70 different venues since 2006, and his series, Dona€™t Ask, Dona€™t Tell (2009-2011), about closeted United States military service members, was profiled in 2010 by the New York Times, ABC World NewsTonight, and CNN, among other places.
Soule and Tom Wurster to hear more about how this unique program is designed to impact participants, and organizations.

Many people assume that the best way to have impact is to focus on demonstrating intelligence and perfecting the quality of their arguments.
We believe that innovation is necessary in every aspect of business, and that it can be taught. Youa€™ll also consider several obstacles that arise as firms and industries try to engage in self-regulation.
Additionally, the program will expose you to Design Thinking in a hands-on exercise focused on developing innovations to accelerate your internal and external LGBT networks. Throughout the week you'll use the results of the questionnaire and new insights to develop a leadership action plan tailored to your personal objectives and the needs of your company.
Her work on emotion is concerned with the effects of emotion on social judgment and with relations between social roles and emotions. Participants in Stanford's Executive Programs become part of a quintessential university setting, residing together, walking or biking to classes, and enjoying access to Stanford University facilities.
The unique environment and amazing weather at Stanford will also energize your health with full access to Stanford athletic facilities, exercise classes every morning, yoga and meditation in the evenings, award-winning food, and enriching extracurricular activities. The robust nature of the coursework, activities, study groups, and individual conversations along the way allowed me to push myself both personally and professionally, maximizing my future contributions in the workplace.
SEP is truly a professional and personal growth experiencea€”an opportunity to step out of your day-to-day life and focus on learning, networking, and expanding your horizon. To the south lie the scenic Pacific beach towns of Santa Cruz, Pebble Beach, Monterey, and Carmel. It all starts with a pre-program leadership assessment and on-campus debrief to guide your own personal development. He has more than thirty-five years of experience consulting to leading companies with a specialization in technology and media. This experience has provided her a valuable perspective on issues of inclusion and human potential. Yet research shows that argument quality has little effect on who is most influential in organizations. You will first have the opportunity to experience how the design thinking process works in a hands-on exercise. Youa€™ll learn about recent successes and failures in self-regulation covering issues like privacy, consumer credit, movie ratings, and conflict minerals.
The Executive Program in Leadership: The Effective Use of Power explores the sources and uses of power and teaches influence strategies to help you become a more successful, more collaborative leader.
Six weeks at the Stanford Executive Program will expose you to new ways of thinking and new perspectives that will catapult your career and company to a whole new level. The rule in our class is that if you travel to the vicinity of a classmate, you've got to give him or her a call, and get together for lunch, dinner, or a drink. Instead, people tend to defer to others based largely on non-verbal dynamics and body language. Youa€™ll also develop a network of worldwide relationships and earn Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) alumni status.
In six weeks of immersive, thought-provoking learning, you’ll experience cutting-edge research and Silicon Valley innovation.
Classroom learning will draw on 20 years of research into the psychology of power, plus insights from acting and the theater, to illuminate the specific physical actions and dynamics that are associated with having power and influence.
Wurster received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Mathematics with distinction from Cornell University, received his Master of Business Administration degree with honors from the University of Chicago, and received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Economics from Yale University. This highly-specialized, one-week program combines personal leadership assessments and insights with design thinking innovation. And, regardless of whether the goal is to benefit shareholders or a broader set of stakeholders, how should a firm assess the effectiveness of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives?

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