Stanford University is on a roll lately offering a wide variety of free online courses to anyone, either through iTunes U on topics like iOS 5 Development, or through self-contained courses conducted entirely from the web that are free to enroll in. Free courses from Stanford University is a freakishly good deal, where undergrad tuition alone is about $40,000 a year! I enlisted in a couple, however, I did not receive any confirmation e-mail… Can anyone confirm? If the other courses are as good, I wish I could take all ten, but with work and all, it would be impossible. Stanford University professors who are now two years into teaching Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) say they are starting to realize some of the promised potential of the online innovation.
Some also are reporting that they see less drop outs then they did in the first year of MOOCs. Much of the adjustment for professors has been the same as it is for anyone who teaches courses online – they must learn the role of a the professor in an online classroom environment, according to an article from Inside Higher Ed. Keith Devlin, a Stanford researcher, told Inside Higher Ed that the number of students who stay in the course past the first two weeks has increased.
Devlin told Insider Higher Ed that the changes he has made to his classes are “about putting students in a position where they feel comfortable forming communities.” He also has changed the focus of the course from getting a good grade at the end to participating.

Some other additions to Stanford classes have been a community teaching assistant and a Linked In group for former students. This Stanford online schooling is totally free of cost and registered students also get certificates.
The other online colleges may charge you money but this initiative from Stanford online university is free of cost.
The latter is the case here, with Stanford offering 10 new online courses that are completely free to the public. That class is wrapping up so if you enrolled in that one, these classes are a great opportunity to further relevant knowledge.
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For someone who couldn’t in their wildest dreams afford an education at Stanford (and who is still paying off student loans from a state school!), this is simply fantastic. Many have discovered it is not that different than teaching classes with a large amount of students. Devlin said he has learned that MOOCs can be a lot like multiplayer online role-playing games.

The game is designed in such a way that you cannot win the “really cool stuff” unless you work cooperatively with others.
Those who do so get a certificate, and those who complete a further “test flight” program get another certificate as well as finding out what percentile of students they tested into. Well now you can learn computer courses free from online schools while staying at home. Computer is today brain of the world and its study is very important for every field. Each class is taught by a renowned Stanford professor and is focused on technology and computer science, although two concentrate on the entrepreneurial side of things as well. He said the same thing can be applied to online classes – students benefit by working with other students, perhaps collaborating on a project or studying together. I’ll highly recommend to study at least basic course of computing so that you can later know how websites work, how pc works and how big software work in back end.

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