Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s “The Bible” has received a plethora of press and attention since its debut on March 3. In various interviews over the course of the past few months, Burnett and Downey have been open about their view that the project was blessed by God and that they could feel his “hand” throughout the filming process. 1) Jesus Speaking to Nicodemus: As they were filming a scene depicting Jesus Christ (played by actor Diogo Morgado) speaking with Nicodemus, a priest and a central character in the book of John, an intriguing thing happened. 2) Jesus’ Crucifixion: When TheBlaze met with Burnett and Downey to screen scenes from the film late last year, the two explained the difficulties surrounding the crucifixion scene. Burnett and Downey had hired a “snake wrangler” to round up any dangerous reptiles throughout the filming.

3) Jesus’ Baptism: Christ’s baptism scene was yet another one that yielded a bizarre happening. Which Hollywood Power Couple Penned This Surprising Op-Ed: ‘Why Public Schools Should Teach the Bible’? But one of the elements surrounding the television series that hasn’t been discussed much is the fascinating set of miracles (some might simply dismiss them as odd occurrences) that took place on set — a series of events that, at the least, are both curious and stirring. Just as Morgado (obviously channeling Jesus) said that the Holy Spirit is like the wind (referencing John 3:8), the wind where the cast and crew were filming literally picked up on its own. As Morgado was acting out the famous Biblical story, an irreplaceable piece of his costume floated away. Likely assuming they’d never see it again, the producers were astounded when a child appeared a few days later to return the article of clothing.

But outside of these dangers, there was a potentially-calamitous natural occurrence that stunned the cast and crew. But on the day of filming for the crucifixion scene, he rounded up 48 potentially-lethal snakes on the mountain (i.e.

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