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In January 2010, I fell in love with Leo (formerly Ginger), and he immediately bonded with my mom's cat, Joey. The hardest moment for me was letting go of my sadness after my 23-year-old cat, Nala, passed away. Losing my beloved kitty companion, Martini, after nearly 18 years left a big hole in my heart. When my cat of six years died suddenly in November 2011, I didn't think I would ever have another cat as amazing as he was. In September 2011, I adopted two beautiful bi-color kittens, Ruckus and Riza (formerly Christian and Dior).
We adopted Gracie (formerly Primrose) from Small Miracles in April 2012, and she has come a long way. One night I was laying in bed in a half awake-half asleep state, when this image appeared in my mind. I remember asking God what this image of light was in my dream when all of a sudden pictures of people’s faces began flashing in my eyes and flying past my face.
The reply I heard in my spirit came immediately before I got the last word out.  “You are not to write in this book. I don’t know about you, but as an organized person I know what happens to me when a ‘monkey wrench’ gets thrown into my plans.
I decided to put up a page for the book submissions on my website so people could submit their stories.  I dragged my feet on promoting that link to anyone, however, until one day I put it up on Facebook and told people what it was about. Questions raced through my mind like, “How in the world would I have time to read all these stories!?”  “How will I know which ones to publish and which one’s to set aside?” “How would I tell those who’s didn’t get selected that they didn’t get selected?”  No answers came. WOW!  It didn’t take long before I realized that in my previous questions to God there was a little bit of “I” trouble. There are things being established for you without you knowing it because if you did know it you’d make it all about you too! Soon after, a team of reviewers came along.  Then an editor, a graphic artist, an assistant, a team of brain stormers, someone who wanted to write the forward for the book, someone to convert the book to Kindle format, on and on came the people I needed right when I needed them! If you believe there is a God who loves us, or even if you don’t believe there is a God who loves us but you want to be inspired, you will want to read these powerful stories.  You simply cannot imagine what the human body can go through and how God can intervene on our behalf in spite of the decisions we often make that are not in our best interest.
About Latest Posts KellieFounder at Connecting LLCAfter persevering through a traumatic brain injury and death of family members in 2007, Kellie Frazier was blessed with what she calls a miracle.
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We had recently lost our 14-year-old calico, and my daughter convinced me to "go look at" the cats at the rescue. Her best bud is a 149lb rotti, who she rules, and her favorite place is on the arm of the sofa, looking out the window. I was smitten by Small Miracles' description of her: a small, quiet girl in need of a little exercise and attention. Brother Hunter Sanchez Thompson (Sanchez for short) is amazingly sweet, funny, cute, mellow and tolerant of my kids :) We have twins in kindergarten who carry the little guy around in their arms, in baskets, whatever, and he rolls with it. In July 2012, I found my two precious little kittens, Jasmine (formerly Micayla, on the left) and Serena (formerly Kyla) at Small Miracles. They were brother and sister, and I couldn't stand separating them after seeing them snuggled up together in that little cage. Our family had adopted a girl kitty named Savannah six months earlier, and we were not entertaining enough for her. Percy was at Small Miracles for about three months before he telepathically got a message to us to come and meet him. It was of a cloudy sky with a very bright white light, shining through the night against a dark sky.
Pictures of people I knew, relatives and friends, and then pictures of people I didn’t know, but who appeared to be from all over the world.  I didn’t understand why I was seeing these faces or what it meant. If I’m being totally transparent I’d even go so far as to say I don’t like to write because I’m not great with grammar. On a plane from Hawaii to Michigan I wrote the entire book in fourteen hours.  Surely this would happen in the same manner – right?
I was glad but figured it was going to take many more stories as I had seen about 101 different faces.  A few weeks later I had 15 more stories, a few more weeks and I had 30 more stories. More every day people who’ve experienced God in ways others only dream about but need to be reminded is very, very, real.
I will find something to do thats just for me, and I wont worry about what I should be doing. At least twice a week, she goes to work with me, where she has appointed herself sentry to my cubicle.
She is the sweetest little dog, so affectionate and friendly, and she gets along with her new sister really well. I had just lost my beloved cat of 16 years and was looking for a cat to try and fill the void. I remember all too well those big red ink C-’s I use to get in high school on every essay I ever tried to write.  I definitely wasn’t interested in writing another book! When my daughter and I sat down, Frankie came up between us, curled up, began to purr and went to sleep.

I had no idea how big and wonderful her personality would be once she came out of her shell! Luckily, my friend Kim referred me to Small Miracles, and there I found my precious baby, Cinnamon. I have always had cats and am a big animal lover, so I can say with some authority that he is way cooler than your average cat.
He will jump up and catch a ball and bat it back to us, and if we toss a pipe cleaner downstairs, he will play fetch with it.
Particularly one that others from all around the world were suppose to write because I’ve heard so many stories of how tough it is to do a collaborative work on that level.  Besides, I was quite certain Chicken Soup for The Soul Series had already done it! Even right now, at this very moment, though you are unaware, healing, joy, wealth, knowledge, all these things and more are being added unto you. Jasmine enjoys sitting in front of the sliding glass door "birdwatching," and Serena likes to place her favorite toy in her water dish after she finishes playing with it (for safe keeping)! She knows where her treats are, props her head up on my legs at bedtime and loves to snuggle. Sheena is a lovely black kitty who likes to stand on her back legs when she is waiting for dinner. Frankie has made friends with our 100-pound Lab, our husky mix and our 13-year-old female cat who likes no one.
I can't say enough good things about Moira and her staff for all they do for the beautiful babies they rescue. She doesn't like to be held as much as her brother, but she loves to snuggle and bury her little nose into you. When my husband sneezes, she always says something which must be her way of saying "Gesundheit." She also likes to be combed. Our sincere thanks for rescuing this sweet boy and allowing us to make him a perfect new member of our household. Any time I know someone looking for a new fur baby, I always tell them to check out Small Miracles! We've been inseparable since the car ride home from Small Miracles (she spent it curled up in my lap), and I can't imagine why this sweet girl was ever given up. Small Miracles made it very easy, and since he already had all his shots, he was ready for adoption that day. She also loves going to the groomer and traveling to Nana's house, where she is a hit with all of her new family.

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