Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The Registrar UOG Dr Tahir Aqil welcoming the guests of this seminar said that stress begins when we want to achieve targets beyond our reach.
Director Social Sciences Dr Freeshullah Yousafzai addressing the audience said, “I welcome all the guests to this seminar. Dr Asad Mehmood Butt, Consultant Neurosurgeon of Butt Hospital & Neurosurgical Complex Gujrat giving a presentation on “Stress, Its Consequences and Management” said that stress is very dangerous for human life.
Dr Nadeem Saffan, Chairman Faculty of Management Sciences said that Stress is of many kinds; physical, mental and behavioral. Dr Abid Nazir, Assistant Professor Surgery NSMC talking on the subject of Stress Management said that sources of stress in our society are of many kinds. Dr Taqaddas Bashir and Ms Maria Hasan, the organizers of the seminar thanked all the guests for their participation. If we should be able to change our personal attitudes towards life, we can make it better and stress-free.

Mirza Zahid Fayyaz talking about stress said that everybody in a workplace has to face some problems. The Registrar UOG Dr Tahir Aqil distributed shields to the guest speakers, organizers and the members of the organizing committee. I have had the opportunities to work as civil servant as well as a teacher; I have come to the conclusion that it is very difficult to run the world according to one’s own ideas and interests. I appreciate the efforts of Dr Taqaddas Bashir and faculty members of Management & Administrative Sciences for organizing this seminar. When you make a promise with two persons at a time and you can accomplish only one, you become a victim of stress.
But negative stress is harmful for the human body and creates many physical and psychological problems. In the beginning of the seminar, a video about “Stress in Daily Life” was screened for the awareness of the subject. Communication skills between an employer and employees at workplace are necessary to reduce stress.

But negative stress attacks our nervous system and we become victim of many diseases; psychological as well as physical.
Stress has become a big issue in our society because of the prevailing bad social situation.
It is our social responsibility to overcome stress and also help and advise others to overcome it.
We all want to achieve quality life and the race for quality life is creating stress in our society.

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