Myriads of stress management guides have been developed to help relieve stress and offer personal stress reduction and relaxation methods. Extensive research has been conducted on the causes of stress and how to reduce stress both at home and in the workplace.
After they had received over 14,000 responses they sat down and began the arduous task of sorting through the data. They had to see if the breakthrough concepts they discovered actually worked in the real world. Reinforce the information learned with these powerful handouts, distilled into the most potent points. Complete, step-by-step instructions for facilitating an informative, immediately useful stress management workshop that applies the personality concepts. Indispensable, up-to-date, information about how your personality relates to stress helps you separate fact from fiction. Includes signs of stress, what helps, what makes it worse, and how to reduce stress for your personality style. Vibrant, colorful slides hold your participants truly captivated while providing essential information about stress and personality styles. Present with competence and confidence when you use these incredibly informative slides formatted with delightfully colorful, eye-popping graphics. Easily connect the Personality Lingo® concepts to your favorite personality system for easy bridging of previously learned concepts and easy application to stress management techniques and tips. Keeps you on track so you remember key points and specific details about stress and the four dominant personality styles, while guiding your participants through each step of the workshop.
Offer participant material you are proud to distribute with these delightfully attractive, full color handouts – with DUPLICATION  RIGHTS! Provides a reference for attendees to put the stress and personality information they learned to use outside of the workshop environment.

When you purchase the Navigating Stress Trainer’s Kitwe will include the Stress Quiz Mini Kit ($79.95 value)for FREE!
Employees constantly encounter conflicts with bosses, changing responsibilities, financial pressures and many other situations that can lead to stress.
No, positive stress is what people experience when being extremely creative, physically active, or feeling excited. Organizational stressors are discrimination, overly strict rules and regulations, ineffective communication, poor teamwork, unclear direction, too much or too little to do on the job, and lack of control over one’s job.
Yes, stress can take a toll on a person physically by causing muscle tension, headaches and migraines, insomnia, fatigue, frequent illness, stomach or digestive issues, over or under-eating and uncharacteristic clumsiness. The symptoms that affect you mentally and emotionally are anxiety, depression, apathy, trouble concentrating, social withdrawal, loss of sex drive, irritability and hostility, emotional outbursts, forgetfulness, and paranoia.
Our courses are being translated into multiple languages for use in safety and operations training programs worldwide.
Our entire course catalog is currently being professionally translated into the most common global languages. Each of our computer-based courses is designed to be compatible with the popular SCORM standard. Stay up to date on our products and offerings and get safety, compliance, and training administration tips in our free monthly newsletter. Stress management PowerPoint techniques are the most efficient way of training employees, but you don't have to be an expert to train employees.
In the 1950’s researchers coined the terms “Type A” and “Type B” personalities to distinguish a personality style that was more prone to stress and one that was less inclined to stress. Not only has the MBTI and other personality system researchers investigated the different reactions of personalities under stress, personality expert Mary Miscisin and Family Practice Physician Ed Redard have as well. Redard took the concepts to his medical practice and began instituting the methods with his patients.

When you purchase the Personality Lingo Navigating Stress Trainer’s Kit, you acquire duplication rights to make copies of these fabulous personality stress handouts again and again! Workplace stress can negatively affect a company due to decreased attendance, proficiency, and productivity. You can do this by identifying the primary stressors; keep a stress journal to help pinpoint causes and reactions, analyze coping strategies, examine situations and decide if they need to be avoided or altered, eliminate things that cause stress as much as possible, think positively, take time to relax, and exercise or consider the advantages of meditating. Plug and play any Convergence course into any SCORM-compatible training platform, like the Convergence LMS. Store quiz results in your learning management system for easy easy qualification reporting. You can use the notes from the same script as the PowerPoint show format to deliver your PPT on stress management. In 2011 after numerous requests from clients and patients for stress management material related to personality styles they designed an online personality stress survey, asking respondents how they perceived, reacted to, coped, and reduced stress according to their personality. Time and time again respondents proclaimed that the tools and insights they learned made a profound and lasting impact in their lives. Just as he suspected, the results were patients with reduced stress, increased satisfaction, and generally more “happy”.
This course will help workers identify potential stressful situations, become aware of the effects stress can have on their health, relationships, and careers, as well as list ways to manage stress. Companies began asking for the trainings, and asked if their in-house trainers could become certified in the methodology.

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