Free NHS stress management training sessions are being offered to members of the public in Cumbria from next month.
The sessions are designed to educate people about stress and how to put in place strategies to cope with it. The stress management sessions aim to give people more information, provide positive ways of dealing with stress and, importantly, educate people to become aware of things that they may be doing which will increase stress.
The vast majority of people who have already attended the course would recommend it to others. If you are interested in participating, or would like more information, please call: 0300 123 9122. Working pressure is very common among the working classes and emotional stress has become part of the career. Contact Talent Professional today for your best suited EQ and Stress Management solution for your staff to transform emotions and stresses into driving force on goal achievements!

While the existence of social media provides us with faster and more information, it also requires that we be stay particularly in touch with both our own mental health and how it affects those around us.
And while it may seem rudimentary to refresh ourselves on the signs and symptoms of stress, it is often hardest to see stress symptoms in our own lives. If you are feeling any of these symptoms, know that you can and should reach out to people you trust to talk about these feelings.  It is okay to seek out professional help.
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These sessions will be delivered by practitioners from Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. We all experience stress and a certain level of stress can keep life interesting; however there are times in our lives when stress can cause problems. However, those interested need to complete a short telephone assessment first to ensure that they are appropriate for the course, i.e.

I work regularly with folks who can easily spot stress in the work of others, but when it comes to reflecting the mirror back on ourselves, it can result in blind spots that we are slow to admit.  And, it can be even harder to admit that online connectedness can result in stress. The source of pressure is formed by the divergence between individuals' perception of the ideal situation and the reality.
As long as there is no right or wrong about the pressure, we can transform it into driving force to help achieve goals.

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