Here's where a lot of the coaching takes place, you'll be working with your clients on a goal they've chosen.
How is the energy between what your clients have chosen to do and how they feel about doing them? What did your clients get out of the process?This step is a recap of what's been worked on during the session. Announcing: The Coaching Bootcamp by Evercoach Nov 16, 15 11:19 AMDo you want the experience of five world-class coaches in a completely free event, where you will be able to ask any questions you might have on building your own successful coaching practice?
Free Book (Only For The Next 5 Days) Sep 17, 15 06:02 PMDanny Iny, from Firepole Marketing, has just published his new book "Teach and Grow Rich," and he's giving it away for free on Amazon Kindle, but only for the next five days. 5 Costly Mistakes That You Should Avoid In Initial Coaching Sessions Sep 07, 15 06:07 PMSome time ago, I shared with subscribers of What-IS-Coaching, 5 costly mistakes that coaches tend to make in their initial sessions. My coaching model is especially helpful for clients who are frustrated with unmet goals or who have tried and failed to make key positive changes in their lives.  The very nature of a goal emphasizes the gap between where one is now and where one wants to be, and can seem beyond reach. While there are many, many strategies for achieving success that feature a stepladder approach, I believe the reason that most people fail to reach the desired goal is that the strategies themselves lack a support foundation. The CLIENT side of the ladder is a 4 step process that allows the client to be self-directed. The COACH side of the ladder demonstrates how the coach supports the client throughout the climb, primarily with the skillful use of powerful questions, active listening and feedback, clarification and sincere encouragement.

Not only does this model work with students to overcome obstacles, but it also uses positive psychology to improve student success.
This step, completed prior to sessions, will give structure to what would otherwise be a disorganized process. Obviously, you'll be asking a lot of questions trying to help them move forward toward achieving their goals. You're helping them figure out what specific opportunities exist or they can create to accomplish their goals. In fact, you could even consider setting up small tasks that your client is to achieve in between sessions. My A+ Coaching Ladder Model combines an effective 4 step strategy with key coaching skills to create a solid foundation to help clients reach their goals.
The client is always in the center having all the resources necessary to put the wheel in motion. Here are some ideas for things you can ask clients to consider in their "planner": - What actions will they commit to? These steps are Awareness, Action, Accountability, and Acknowledgement, and the process is explained below. Our model of student success coaching integrates the ideas of developmental and intrusive advising with those of positive psychology.

Your client will want to be consistent with what they're committing to, so it'll will help them further.
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Our student success specialists ask, what excites the student, and in the student’s opinion, what makes their college experience worth continuing?
These clarifying questions allow you to keep the momentum going and also help your clients to focus on what's important. By integrating this model into what you're using, you add a deeper dimension to your strategy of achieving change. Find the commonalities between your model and this one, extract what is useful and add it to your coaching repertoire.
I work with my client for clarifying these values, then to set goals that she can really feel and take responsibility for. If she forgets, I ask my client about it in order to be sure that she is still focused and determined to move forward.

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