Today’s business professionals are becoming actively engaged in one or more of the online social media.
Sad to say, but appreciative recognition is often the first casualty in the rush and stress of deadlines, new initiatives, making the numbers, hiring, firing, and reorganizing. WelcomeI launched Coaching Mojo for Managers as a place for business professionals to share experiences and to learn about coaching in the workplace. Cobbs, Allen & Hall, Incorporated (CAH), Birmingham, Alabama, has been around since 1887. Grantland Rice was in the corporate travel business with his dad until 1991 when “my dad got a good offer for the company. At some point, Grantland and Bruce changed from agency managers to leaders of an agency dedicated to remaining independent and continuing to grow. This year’s recipient of the Grizzly Award, given to the person with the most growth over the year, is Jack Welbourn, ARM. Rough Notes is proud to add one more recognition for Cobbs, Allen & Hall, Incorporated.
Some may just be dipping their toe into the water, while others were early adopters, and daily messaging is now part of their quotidian routine. From the classroom to the boardroom to the White House, it is being invoked as a mantra for leadership and success.

Come here for the latest research, resources, and best practices to grow your own coaching skills, and spread the word about coaching's impact on business success. The photo is proudly displayed in the agency’s foyer and represents one of the charities to which CAH is committed. Since that time it has enjoyed a good reputation in its community and that, along with good service, helped it to survive.
Bruce, who was at McGriff Seibels & Williams, was brought into the agency on January 1, 1993.
It is one of the largest contributors to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and to the Big Oak Ranch in Springville, Alabama, which provides a home for abused, abandoned and neglected children.
Some even find it harder to recognize a colleague’s contribution than to offer negative or corrective feedback. A senior executive might see it as an opportunity to help an individual or team resolve an issue. The agency also is one of the largest contributors to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, as well as Big Oak Ranch.
Mike Carraway and Hal Cohen started the Augusta agency we acquired in 1999 and they’ve been terrific.
But how does one foster an environment that encourages new thinking and nurtures the pioneers who will exercise it?

We’re competing against some major brokers for some large prospects and this gives us a leg up. We’ve brought in claims and loss control people to help our clients manage and mitigate risk. Crawford McInnis runs our national accounts operation and has helped us land accounts that often went to the big brokers. We also have an interest in a wholesale operation in Atlanta that produced approximately $3 million in revenue.
Grantland gets involved in administration, keeping the day-to-day operations running smoothly.
When we looked at our goal to reach $50 million, we realized that we would need 100 production people to meet that goal.
Crawford has experience in the captive area and we anticipate that could be important in the future, especially when the market hardens. We also reinforce this with quarterly sales meetings and an annual awards dinner, which all 150 people in the agency attend.

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