Online colleges have become popular in the 21st century, a time when even thousands of miles can’t keep someone from getting the education of their dreams.
The first step in ranking cheap online colleges was to create a list of all the online schools in the United States. The last two indicators were given the least emphasis in the ranking because the data was not available for every school. Each of the schools was given a score based on its performance and how heavily the category was weighted. If you need more convincing about their quality, take a look at the list of honors, awards, and rankings we included with each school. The Southern Hampshire University — its main campus is located in the picturesque town of Manchester, N.H.
SNHU is a fully accredited online college: In addition to a regional accreditation in New England (NEASC), the university also holds specialized program accreditations for business (ACBSP), hospitality administration, teacher certification, and sport education (NASSM). Upper Iowa University offers 17 Bachelor’s degree programs in more than 100 different subjects with the benefit of rolling admissions for online students.
Financial aid is available in the form of scholarships and grants for online students, as well as through the university’s Corporate Advantage program. With more than 14 bachelor’s degrees in over 100 subjects to choose from, IWU’s online school division seeks to empower adult learners with degrees earned on their own time and on their own terms. The college assigns each online student an academic advisor to provide information, advice and support in navigating the school’s online education experience. A whopping 81% student satisfaction with their school choice on College Prowler is in no small part due to the range of courses offered, a talented faculty and the bevy of financial aid options available to students.
The nation’s largest, private online college, LU offers more than 55 bachelor’s programs in 120 different subjects with a firm base in Christian values. The university honors its students’ life experiences and prior learning by offering transferable course credits, in addition to credit for military training. LU’s affordable tuition rates can be further lowered by taking advantage of the various financial aid options available, including public service discounts and corporate affiliate benefits.
UNC Charlotte is committed to accessible higher education for all through its SACS-accredited and USDLA-certified distance education division that caters to the educational needs of those uninterested in traditional campus education. UNCC is a member of the Electronic Campus, a conglomerate of online universities and a comprehensive source for higher education opportunities and services across the South, as well as the University of NC Online, a group of 16 accredited online universities in the state. Part of what makes UNCC one of the best online colleges is that it also offers a Summer School, where visiting students pursuing other degrees may take courses at the university or online for course credit to advance their educational or professional aspirations. With over 40 degree programs available entirely online, New York’s Mercy College is a leader in nationally recognized and accredited online colleges. For online students, a robust IT department is always on call to offer technical support and resolve issues for an obstacle-free learning environment. WCU’s undergraduate distance education program works on a “degree completion” model specifically geared toward individuals with prior course credits who are now looking to complete an undergrad degree. Offering a slew of online degrees and certifications in more than 100 different subjects, WCU offers a cheap online college option while being current, award-winning but accessible, accredited, and certified by nationally recognized agencies.
On top of an affordable tuition rate, WCU offers many of the other standard financial aid options in the form of scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs.
Named one of the “Best Regional Universities” in the South and ranked #15 on the list of public southern universities by U.S. Environmental Studies and Computer Science students won grand prizes at the 2014 Appalachian Energy Summit in Boone, N.C. Regionally SACS-accredited and well-regarded Florida Tech University is a top online school offering a variety of undergrad and grad degrees in subjects ranging from accounting to marketing, homeland security to criminal justice.
Florida Tech’s success in the online education community is in part because of its highly personalized and customizable programs — particularly evident in its MBA and Business degrees.
As an accredited online college, Kaplan holds several specialized certifications and has been a pioneer in education since 1938. Kaplan’s especially military-friendly mandate, which includes reduced tuition and course loads for military personnel depending on their military occupations, makes it an ideal choice for service people returning to civilian professional life.
Student satisfaction ranks highly at Kaplan: 89% recent graduates profess satisfaction with their degree and 83% would recommend the college to others. For a top tier education at an affordable price, FHSU is a serious contender in online college circles. FHSU has agreements with several educational institutions to enable students to transfer prior credits toward their degree. The online school also offers user-friendly course options, the services of a personal academic advisor and continued access to professors via various media. Founded in Europe in 1970, American InterContinental University (AIU) offers 30 Bachelors programs covering 60 different subject areas. Penn State World Campus, a top online college according to many sources, works hard to make your experience at this affordable online college as close as possible to a Penn State on-campus experience.
Online students have access to the same resources as on-campus students as well, such as career advising, help desk support, and the 8th largest research library in the continent. Since the World Campus began offering online courses in 1998, it has grown to comprise 23 Bachelor’s programs across 86 subjects. National American University is a for-profit online college, regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. NAU offers 26 Bachelor’s programs online, in such areas as management information systems, healthcare management, accounting, entrepreneurship, supply chain management, tourism and hospitality management, human resource management, criminal justice, and computer security and forensics. As graduation looms closer, Career Services help is available for identifying job opportunities and learning techniques for job hunting.
When the Washington State University Global Campus says, “online doesn’t mean alone,” they really mean it. Online Bachelor’s programs include accounting, MIS, management, human development, humanities, social sciences, criminal justice, and psychology, and many of these offer specific fields of concentration. The University of Nebraska at Kearney is one of four UN campuses and is regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
Online courses are designed and led by instructors, with heavy interaction among students and professors through chat, discussion forums, and emails.
UNK Online students enjoy discounts on hardware and software, including free anti-virus software.
Online courses at the University of Minnesota Crookston are designed and supported by the university’s Center for Adult Learning. Online college courses mirror the on-campus schedule, with two 15-week semesters and a shorter summer semester.
The criminal justice program is designed for students who have already earned an Associate’s degree in this field. Herzing University is the only for-profit, accredited, woman-owned university in the country.
Where applicable, many programs prepare students for certification exams related to their field of study, and some programs incorporate practicums or internships that build knowledge and experience. Students who are interested in information technology and also want to obtain a leadership position at work should consider earning an online master’s degree in network management.
True to form, our research in this area has focused on the schools that are the best value. Northeastern University’s online MBA with a specialization in High Technology Management emphasizes the intersections between technology and business management. The Florida Institute of Technology offers an online MBA in Information Technology Management that is ideal for those looking for senior positions in information technology firms. The online MBA in Technology Management at SUNY Polytechnic Institute is designed to prepare graduates for corporate management careers in a variety of industries. Globe University offers a cheap network management degree online for students that don’t have the time to step onto campus. Globe University’s online MS in Management Information Technology is designed specifically for professionals who are already experienced in IT but want to move into management positions.
Ideal for students that want to learn from home, the University of South Florida offers networking degrees. Capella University was ranked as the 23rd Best Online College in the nation and it offers an affordable degree in networking. Webster University provides an online MA in Information Technology Management that gives students a broad foundation in the skills necessary to succeed in an upper-level position in the information technology industry. The University of Maryland University College offers a premium and accredited network management degree at affordable rates. Colorado State University was recognized as the 60th Best Public School in the country and offers a masters in networking degree at affordable rates. Colorado State University offers a top online master’s degree in network management that centers on topics related to information technology.
American Sentinel University’s Information Systems program, much like an online graduate degree in network management, is tailored to help graduates take on the challenge of managing information systems and networks. The MBA in Information Technology Management at Western Governors University is a unique, self-driven program that gives students total control over their education. Grantham University offers an online MBA in Information Management that is perfect for information technology professionals with a background in the military. Iris Stone began her writing career when she started working as a freelance writer and researcher in 2011. When you reach the Dashboard page, click on room opened for your subject to enter room and work with a tutor.
Over the past few decades, schools offering distance education programs have sprung up all around the country, opening their virtual doors to students in all 50 states and many other countries.
To qualify as an “online college,” an institution might be entirely online, offer a separate wing or division of its school (such as a “world campus”) through distance education, or simply offer a large number of its degrees online.
For the last indicator, the College Prowler student polls refer to surveys that ask attendees to respond to questions regarding professor performance, academic support, efficiency of technology, selection of online classes, and more.
For example, the school with the least expensive tuition would get a score of 200 in that category (the higher the score, the better), while the school with the highest College Prowler academic rating would get a score of 100. Specialized accreditations for nursing and sport management programs are currently in the works. Current students rate UIU’s online program highly on College Prowler — most “strongly agree” that there are plenty of good online course options. Owing to the school’s collaboration with various companies, a student may be entitled to a tuition discount through their employer. Following IWU’s 2013 collaboration with Pearson education, online students are offered an enriching experience with award-winning digital content, single-sign-on eBooks, a cloud based learning management system, and online course design and development services – all of which contribute to the university’s ranking as one of the best online colleges.
An estimated $146 million in financial aid was distributed by the university in 2013-14, while the university was granted a $3 million grant in 2014 to help students find jobs in Indiana. Earning a rare A- academic ranking on College Prowler, and an even rarer A+ for technology, this accredited online college boasts several regional and specialized accreditations including in Athletic Training, Business, Nursing and Engineering disciplines among others. A particularly useful LU online feature is the Degree Completion Plan — an individual goal plan that keeps track of online college students’ courses and their credit value towards a degree, as well as provides documentation of when a course is completed and the grade received. The online college’s academic excellence is reflected in its illustrious alumni, one of whom has been recognized by Forbes magazine as an under-30 “game changer” while another made it to the Christianity Today readers’ choice “33 under 33” list. A low online student-teacher ratio, high student retention rate, and a large number of subject options make this top online college’s distance education an attractive, accredited option for higher education for many.
Its geographically diverse student base — from 34 states and 21 countries — brings out the best in a talented faculty and contributes to academically challenging program offerings.
Smart boards, smart classrooms, mobile support for various droids and Apple devices, and How-To tutorials ensure a technologically advanced but supportive online environment for optimal learning outcomes in the absence of F2F interactions. Its 1- or 2-year fast track AMCF-member MBA program, for example, is taught by a faculty comprised of field experts and consultants who offer students networking opportunities with Fortune 500 companies like IBM, PepsiCo and E&Y, among others.

Credit requirements can be met through life experiences such as military training or job experience, by passing proctored exams or by transferring prior school credits earned elsewhere.
In addition to traditional online specializations offered by other universities, WCU has branched out into largely unchartered territory by offering unique degrees, such as the nation’s first Baccalaureate Emergency Medical Care program, offered both on-campus and online, making it one of only 14 universities in the nation to offer that degree. External grant funding for the university has risen to 5.5 million in recent years allowing WCU to enrich its programs and initiatives making it a lucrative education choice for its virtual students. For graduate professionals looking to advance their careers, Florida Tech also offers graduate certificates that can be completed in as little as 8 months, with special discounts and tuition assistance for military service men and women.
Most of its online programs can be completed 100% online without the need to visit campus (except, potentially, for the commencement ceremony!) or have F2F meetings with faculty and advisors. In 1999 it became one of only 15 schools nationwide to offer its first distance education courses.
Financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships is also available for other applicants; independent student reviews indicate “good” financial school support for those requiring tuition assistance.
The university’s Enterprise Learning Solutions initiative has formed collaborative relationships with community employers looking to train their existing employees or to hire new team members.
Online students particularly rate the convenience and user-friendly technology as close to excellent on College Prowler.
Grounded firmly “in the lowest 2% nationally in terms of online tuition,” FHSU nonetheless prides itself on its faculty excellence and student services egged on by academic rigor. FHSU Online’s most popular undergrad programs include business studies, nursing, education and I.T. If desired, students can mix online with campus learning, or they can change how quickly they move through coursework.
Within those departments, degrees are varied, including such areas as entrepreneurship, project management, digital investigations, and instructional design. Online courses cover exactly the same material as campus courses, and your diploma and transcript will look exactly like those of an on-campus graduate.
Of course, some support features are tailored to online learning, such as extended working hours for technical support and academic advising, online tutorials, exam proctoring, tutoring, and an optional course called Transitions to ease students into online learning. Programs include business, education, homeland security, nursing, energy and sustainability studies, technology and sciences, and others. For military students, spouses, dependents, and retired veterans, NAU offers a reduced tuition rate and waives some fees, making it an even more affordable online college. The online division complements the traditional campus, often rated as a top online college in the south.
Students give academics high praise in College Prowler polls, and 82% of survey respondents on College Prowler “rated the general knowledge of professors as above average.” eTROY uses Blackboard as its learning management platform, and students may avail themselves of online help and a technical help desk that is available for extended hours. Online students at WSU even elect their own student government representatives, the Associated Students of Washington State University Global (ASWSU Global).
WSU Global even holds an online career fair through which students can interact with employers. While many of its 30+ online degrees and 200+ online college classes are part of its highly acclaimed graduate education program, UNK Online also offers undergraduate degrees in business administration, criminal justice, sociology, early childhood, and organizational and relational communication.
Some courses require proctored exams, and students are responsible for locating an approved proctor. This group is tasked with ensuring that the university meets the needs of a variety of adult learners, including nontraditional students, groups, working professionals, and senior citizens, among others. Students never need to set foot on the campus until graduation, if they choose to attend, but their transcripts and diplomas will be identical and equivalent to those of traditional campus graduates. Students access learning management tools through the Vancko Hall portal and use Bronco Web to manage enrollment, grades, etc.
This type of support helps sustain SUNY Delhi’s 69% freshman retention rate and 39% graduation rate. The school’s 600+ instructors are industry experts, and graduate professors hold doctorate degrees. Herzing prides itself on providing online students with the same personalized focus enjoyed by its campus students. This graduate program can help train IT professionals for advanced positions at some of the nation’s most prominent tech corporations. We tracked down every school in the country with an online master’s degree in network management or a related field, and organized them by their average annual tuition. The program teaches graduates about intellectual property and business law, teamwork and team management, and entrepreneurial finance in regards to technological ventures. Times Higher Education recently ranked FIT as one of the top 200 universities in the world, guaranteeing the program’s excellence.
The program is extremely versatile, with courses covering everything from Managing New Product Design and Development to Multinational Economics of Technology.
The curriculum emphasizes practicality through case studies and real-life applications of newly learned information. News has ranked CTU’s as having one of the best online programs, it offers a premium network management degree at affordable rates. The curriculum covers topics from Organizational Behavior to Basic Finance to Information and Communications Security. The curriculum builds leadership skills through unique classes such as Innovative Solutions in Complex Organizations, Ethical Considerations in Managing Information Technology, and Effective Communication and Business Alignment of IT Initiatives, and encourages graduates to become leaders who stand out in the field.. Designed specifically for those in the healthcare industry, the program is dedicated to preparing its students for careers in the continually expanding world of medicine, insurance, and healthcare technology. Instead of basing their degree on classes or credits, Western Governors uses a system of assessments to measure students’ competency.
The university makes its already low tuition rates even more affordable with a significant number of scholarships for military students and families, and Military Advanced Education has named Grantham a Top Military Friendly University for six years running.
Her freelance business soon took off and she now owns and operates a writing and editing firm that works with clients all across the country. These schools make use of the best that technology has to offer – such as video lectures, group chats, multimedia presentations, and interactive software – to provide distance education students with a quality of education that mirrors the traditional experience. Theoretically, if a school had the highest possible score in each of the eight categories, it would garner a total score of 1075.
SNHU bolstered its claim to making higher education affordable and accessible to all students by announcing an online tuition freeze in 2014 for the third consecutive year. In addition, UIU’s Self-Paced Degree Program offers students a unique opportunity to attain their degree with maximum flexibility — more than 100 courses, each to be completed in 6 months or less — a useful resource for distance learning students with other life commitments. UIU’s current Corporate Advantage members include both in-state and out-of-state companies like Toyota Financial Services, Louisiana Troopers Association, etc.
News and World Report as one of the best Master’s universities in the Midwest, IWU nonetheless offers a variety of options for students preferring to take the non-traditional education route ranging from undergrad to postgrad to certificate and associate degrees. Delivery methods for course content can be a combination of online, site-based and interactive TV. Mercy College has strong Social Sciences and Allied Health programs with Business and Management programs coming in at a close second. Distance education students, like their on-campus counterparts, are assigned personal mentors through Mercy College’s PACT initiative, who will inspire, guide and advise you to reach your educational goals amidst a smooth transition to online college education.
In addition to a SACS accreditation, WCU also holds 21 special program certifications and membership in more than 30 regional and national professional organizations. This is not to say that regular students can’t avail themselves of the university’s financial aid program; according to school statistics 9 out of 10 applicants receive some form of aid upon application, making FTU an even more affordable online college. The university also does not require any entrance examinations like SAT, GRE or GMAT for enrolment.
Today, Kaplan offers more than 140 exclusively online degrees and certificates that can be completed via various media formats, such as through online classrooms and mobile apps and with remote access to course material. In addition, this affordable online college offers international students a 25% tuition reduction upon acceptance. The Virtual College offers more than 40 online undergrad and graduate degrees specifically designed for adult professional learners. Veterans and military personnel are eligible for special tuition benefits in addition to several special scholarships and assistance programs reserved for men and women in uniform.
A full-time option covers 13.5 credits per quarter, while an accelerated option covers 18 credits per quarter and a decelerated option covers 9 credits per quarter (one course each for five weeks). Students might major in solar energy, educational leadership, IT security, agribusiness, employment relations, or turfgrass science, among many other fields. Students have easy access to faculty at NAU, thanks in part to a very low student-faculty ratio of 12:1. Assistance in navigating education benefits by branch is available online and the school even has a dedicated military Facebook page. Troy University is an accredited online school, regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. One learning resource available to students is the WEBCAT public catalog containing 100,000 complete journals and 400,000 complete books. Blackboard offers online help in starting your career search, and each undergrad student is provided with an academic counselor. You can get involved by running for office, participating in a webinar, or attending on-site events like parties, lectures, or the Global Case Competition.
Online students have a free, dedicated career counselor, and they may also take advantage of the broader university career services such as resume reviews and on-campus interviews. Outside the classroom, WSU helps you succeed with a wellness website and student health insurance. Most professors have PhDs, and 86% of College Prowler survey respondents say that professors’ general knowledge is above average. Online college graduates and traditional graduates receive identical diplomas and transcripts, as the online coursework mirrors what takes place in campus classrooms. Some support staff within the center are dedicated specifically to the 1000+ partly or fully online learners at UMC. Once enrolled, you’ll use a learning management system called MOODLE to manage your classes, assignments, and communications (in addition to email).
SUNY Delhi offers a wide variety of coursework online in 78 subjects, including two fully-online Bachelor’s degrees in nursing and criminal justice (a Master’s in nursing education is also available).
The regionally accredited online school is certified by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and comprises 11 campus locations in addition to its online learning programs.
Online classes make it easier than ever to pursue all of your goals without sacrificing your time or sanity. After weeding out the schools without accreditation or reliable reviews, we were left with the 15 most affordable master’s degree programs in the nation. In addition to the 3 specialization courses, the curriculum includes 13 MBA courses and 2 electives, suggesting that it is more business-focused than the average online master’s degree in network management. Its curriculum focuses on management skills, both in general business areas and in specific topics like information systems and databases. Full-time students often fly through the program in just two years, and have the opportunity to customize the curriculum according to their individual career goals.
In addition online classes use ebooks in place of traditional textbooks, making it possible to study anywhere. Students, who are expected to have experience in either information technology or business, can design their curriculum to best reflect their educational needs. Capella’s online degrees have an option called FlexPath, which lets students pay one flat rate and take as many classes as they would like per semester. Functioning very similarly to other comprehensive master’s degrees in network management online, the program is structured to teach graduates how to analyze the needs of a business, design network infrastructure, and implement networks to unite the various arms of widely dispersed organizations. Students have a high level of independence in choosing their classes, with an equal number of required courses and electives making up the degree.

The affordable online master’s degree in network management includes 6 core classes in addition to specialized training in subjects like Industry Structure & Environment and Satellite Communication Systems. Students can also choose from a wide variety of specializations, from Healthcare Administration to Criminal Justice Leadership. However, the curriculum gives a solid foundation in basic information management, meaning that graduates are prepared to work in a variety of industries if they ever decide to leave the healthcare field. Students pay a flat rate per six month term and can choose how much of their work they would like to complete in that time. The school’s Information Management is focused on keeping up with current technology trends while developing graduates’ business and managerial skills. The Trident program teaches graduates how to manage systems IT development, implementation, and emerging technologies, in addition to many other skills. Despite the time it takes to run a business she still does much of the writing herself, and her work has included a variety of content related to education policy, colleges and universities, academic programs, and graduates’ careers. None of the schools reached this mark, but the University of Maryland University College came close (see below)! The SNHU Advantage Program is a proprietary financial aid program offered by the university to help students who wish to pursue an education without committing to a traditional undergrad day program.
Accredited by the HLC as well as by other state agencies, this top online college is an active member of various educational organizations, including the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.
Employment opportunities at graduation also abound thanks to UIU’s strategic partnerships within the community, including the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce and others. Being a comprehensive Christian university, IWU’s mandate allows it to offer unique majors, such as in Theology and Ministry and Biblical studies. Opportunities for acceleration are provided in the form of Intensives — weeklong getaways focusing on work and engagement with peers and faculty. One of six state universities in the Kansas Board of Regents system, FHSU ensures quality vetted online education in keeping with the Board’s mandate of facilitating and promoting distance learning through its Kan-ed program initiative. Services for Virtual College students include an online assessment, a virtual bookstore, several media–friendly course completion formats and Smarthinking™, a free online tutoring service. You can manage your coursework right from your mobile device, including viewing grades and assignments. You will also be invited to participate in Penn State traditions and social events whenever possible, including the dance marathon called THON, which is the “largest student-run philanthropic event in the world” and raises millions each year for pediatric cancer causes. While online college courses exactly mirror the traditional courses, they are designed for adult learners and are interactive. While some students choose to complete all coursework online, others may choose to complete some of their course requirements at one of more than 35 campus locations throughout the Midwest and South. The Learner Services department helps to support students in selecting classes and succeeding in their coursework. Students with documented special learning needs can receive adaptive learning accommodations.
You can even represent WSU by doing a service project in your community anywhere on the globe.
Such a wealth of support services is likely one reason why WSU Global enjoys an 80% freshman retention rate and a 65% graduation rate. Online students are therefore held to high academic standards; enrollment is not open to all applicants. Degrees at this affordable online college include accounting, IT, health management, quality management, communication, finance, and sports and recreation management, among others. The online university offers technical support for its learning management systems, academic advising, and tutoring as provided by partner organization Sharing Technology & Academic Resources New York Consortium.
Not only do they manage networks, but they most also have the skills to build, troubleshoot, and improve them.
Network management programs are no exception, and numerous schools offer master’s degrees in this area online, knowing full well that those in need of advanced training are even more likely to already have career and personal commitments. We have listed them from most to least expensive, and you can see right away that even the most expensive of our selection is still less than $16,000 a year to attend. The online classes are small and individualized, meaning that students get plenty of attention from professors. Students also take two foundational courses that help them build a fully-developed business plan. With concentrations in Accounting and Finance, Health Services Management, Human Resource Management, and Marketing Management, this online master’s degree in network management boundless potential. Students usually complete this degree in 18 months and can earn credit for previous professional experience, helping them earn an accredited online master’s degree in network management even sooner.
The program delivers a broad range of skills and prepares graduates for jobs in software development, management consultancy, information services, and MIS departments.
The most ambitious FlexPath students earn their entire online master’s degree in network management in just one year. Students also learn how to take advantage of innovative technologies such as virtual servers, cloud computing, and the newest software. This allows learners to craft an online master’s degree in network management that will best prepare them for employment. Students can individualize their degree by choosing to concentrate in Computer Networking Management, Digital Communications Technology, Information Security, or Web Technologies. Graduates who would like to improve their communication skills have the the option to take a course in Academic Writing.
Students who reviewed the university on CollegeProwler said that they enjoyed the classes and the work-life balance the online format allows. The cheap online master’s degrees in network management program covers topics in IT Project Management and Managing Human Capital, among others. Curriculum highlights include a final Capstone Project, which gives students a practical application for their newly learned abilities.
Students can choose to concentrate and get certified in four related subjects, including Information Security & Digital Forensics, IT Business Intelligence, IT Project Management, and IT Systems Analysis and Design. Her interests actually span far beyond writing, and she is currently studying to be a physicist!
We did many, many hours of research to compile a list of the best affordable online colleges in the U.S.
The scores as well as overall rankings are included for each school so you can get an idea of their performance. Hailed by the Boston Globe as “a revelation for recessionary times,” this program offers significant tuition savings, small class sizes, online tutoring options and access to teachers and advisors.
Apart from an HLC accreditation, IWU boasts specialized program accreditations for many degrees including the Wesley Seminary, BA-Music Therapy, among others. Top-notch field experts and mentors at Florida Tech share their knowledge and expertise while guiding their mentees toward achieving their career goals and aspirations.
Programs include business, anthropology, criminal justice, history, political science, psychology, finance, marketing, human resource management, and sports management, among many others. By your graduation from this top online college, you will have earned a diploma from WSU equivalent to those of traditional campus learners and join the same vast alumni network. School administrators have been known to hold online feedback sessions to answer your questions and hear what you have to say.
Applicants must have a high school diploma equivalent, and students from the top half of their class or with strong test scores are desirable. Some of the majors are also available for students to pursue as a minor or a double-major, if it complements their primary course of study.
The undergraduate program in nursing is an RN to BSN degree, intended for professionals who are already registered nurses.
Examples of Bachelor’s programs include accounting, business management, criminal justice, graphic design, health information management, healthcare management, information technology, homeland security, legal studies, nursing (RN to BSN), and software development.
They help keep both internal company members and outside affiliates connected and working together efficiently. Given that full-time students can often earn a degree in just 18 months to two years, this is quite the bargain! Most students complete this top online master’s degree in network management in two years or less. Online students who ranked the university on CollegeProwler said that they appreciated the flexibility of the classes and the helpfulness and accessibility of the professors. In 2013, BusinessWeek recognized the university’s MIS program as one of the 25 best online master’s degrees in network management in the nation. By the end of the program, students are able to manage risk mitigation, design enterprise architecture, manage enterprise information systems, and evaluate data to create business intelligence models. The Computer Networking Management focus in particular mirrors other accredited online master’s degrees in network management.
The degree also gives students the option to double major in Business Administration or Cybersecurity with just a few extra courses. The United States Distance Learning Association awarded the innovative university the 21st Century Award for Best Practices in Distance Learning for 2014.
Despite its quality programs Grantham keeps its tuition prices below $4,000 a year, putting even the most affordable online master’s degrees in network management from other schools to shame. Students who reviewed Trident’s online courses on CollegeProwler were positive and appreciated the individual attention they received from the professors.In addition, many note TU’s practically unbeatable tuition as a reason to choose this university for their cheap online master’s degree in network management.
They are also listed according to affordability so you can scroll right to the schools that are in your price range. The adaptive Intellipath™ technology also tailors students’ content by continually assessing their demonstrated knowledge to present less of what they already know and more of what they don’t.
Students can pursue concentrations within their majors, such as homeland security, hospitality management, and international politics. Both the BSN and Master’s in Nursing degrees require practicums, to be arranged by the student at an approved partner facility, whether a new or existing relationship. Ambitious students may opt for an accelerated program, such as completing a Bachelor’s in two to three years or a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s in four years. USF students also get access to highly useful resources, including the school’s Center for Entrepreneurship, Business Communications Center, and the Center for Cybersecurity. In 2012, the university database Online U ranked the university as the 23rd Best Online College in the nation. News has already ranked CTU’s Online Graduate Information Technology degree among the Best Online Programs for 2015, guaranteeing its continued excellence.
Students can also choose between a thesis track, practicum track, or comprehensive exam in the final semester of their degree. UMUC is a great choice for military or veteran students; Military Times named it a Best for Vets School for 2015. Yet CSU retains its affordability by guaranteeing that students’ tuition rates will not increase for as long as they are enrolled. In 2015, the School enrolled approximately 305 Accounting majors, 521 Business Administration majors and 165 . Because of the methodology used, these schools are not all the cheapest online colleges out there, but the ranking is meant to introduce you to schools that are a great value – in other words, they blend extremely high quality with overall affordability. Students should secure a practicum location before matriculating, though they should wait a few semesters before starting the practicum courses.
The university’s virtual campus also lets students learn on the go with a CTU Mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

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