Over the past 15 years K&M Development has built 40+ luxury homes in some of the Bay Area's top residential neighborhoods (Hillsborough, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Saratoga, and Cupertino).
We are expecting another full house today for the next event in the series, PowerPoses: Exploring Effective Nonverbal Communication. The Staff Center is also hosting two sessions titled Moving from Compliance to Meaningful Evaluations: Performance Management. We are looking forward to providing you with the skills you need to be an effective supervisor. We couldn’t provide these valuable learning opportunities without your collaborative spirit!
Learn more about the Supervisor Development Program on the Staff Center for Training & Development website. Are you looking to learn more about the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to be an effective supervisor? Learn more on the Staff Center for Training & Development Supervisor Development Program website. I challenge you to take some time to visit the Adaptive Technologies Lab in FLITE and use the JAWS screenreader software to review your pages. NOTE: If you register the same day as the workshop, contact the Staff Center to get the link. The audio portion of the conference will not begin until 5 minutes before the workshop begins or when someone joins the Adobe Connect session. If nobody has joined the Adobe Connect session within 5 minutes of the beginning of the workshop, the Adobe Connect session will be terminated.

Since this is a new service being offered by the Staff Center, we appreciate any feedback you can provide to make this service work well for you.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Utilizing well established relationships with key contractors, K&M Development consistently produces high quality custom homes for sale as well as for residential owners. This session was inspired by the work of Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist and author of the book Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges. Several women in leadership roles at Ferris will be sharing their story about their journey to leadership roles in academia. This session will focus on skills to improve the conversations supervisors have throughout the year with their direct reports. Today Angie and Jody will be hosting the first session, Uncovering Your Supervisor Strengths to kick off the program. Register for sessions that are part of the Supervisor Development Program track that begins in January 2016. If you would like to register for the program sessions, follow the directions for accessing the registration system. It is exciting to see how many people are interested in improving their supervisory knowledge and skills. Participants were able to experience how the JAWS screenreader software worked as they navigated the Ferris State University website. Please remember to complete the survey that will be sent to you after each workshop you attend.

Or maybe you aspire to be a supervisor someday? There is another opportunity this summer for you to participate in any many of the workshops.
Marr, Teaching and Faculty Development Fellow, engaged an audience of 25 students and employees during PowerTalks: Making Connections through Cross-Gender Communication. This year Administrative employees will notice some changes to the process and improvements to the forms. The participants learned a few things about website design and how important it is to design a website for accessibility.
If the workshop includes a group discussion, you can un-mute your phone to participate at that time. All Administrative employees, supervisors and staff, are encouraged to attend one of the six Administrative Merit Pay and Performance Evaluations sessions being presented by Jerry Scoby.
Participants are not required to attend all 13 sessions, but those that do will receive a certificate of completion and a special program pin for their Staff Center lanyard. Those who complete all 13 sessions will receive a program certificate and will be invited to a graduation celebration at the end of the year. Programmes and the australian national lifeguard certification to produce a construction-specific training.

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