This course provides asbestos removal supervisors with knowledge and understanding of asbestos removal procedures. For individual courses, the PDF certificate is only $13, the original certificate is $17 (shipping extra), and the PDF & original certificate is $22 (shipping extra).
This course presents OSHA's general requirements for controlling hazardous energy during service or maintenance of machines or equipment as detailed in 29 CFR 1910.147, Control of Hazardous Energy.
It is not intended to replace or to supplement OSHA standards regarding the control of hazardous energy. Employees can be seriously or fatally injured if machinery they service or maintain unexpectedly energizes, starts up, or releases stored energy. The provisions of Part 1910.147 apply in conjunction with these machine-specific standards to assure that employees will be adequately protected against hazardous energy.
After you have studied all of the course material and taken the module quizzes, you can take the final exam.

Fact sheets are written and produced by business communication experts, employee assistance, and licensed mental health professionals. This training is designed to be tailored to client’s own specific requirements and is available as individual modules. The programme provides security staff with the necessary search skills and information to enable them to carry out security searching to a standard that fully embraces the National Occupational Standards for Security Search Operations.
All refresher training will be subject to ATL Safety Limited bespoke training needs analysis which will dictate the subjects to be covered, taken from Chapter 4 Modules 1 – 19, 24 – 27 of HSG 247. These standards, as well as other relevant resources, are identified throughout this course. In addition, some standards relating to specific types of machinery contain de-energization requirements - such as 29 CFR 1910.179(l)(2)(i)(c) (requiring the switches to be "open and locked in the open position" before performing preventive maintenance on overhead and gantry cranes).
Helps supervisors motivate employees to accept a referral and reduce frustration with the referral process.

Delegates are introduced to the threat from terrorism including recognising improvised explosive devices and their component parts and also the means used to carry out an attack. The standard addresses practices and procedures necessary to disable machinery and prevent the release of potentially hazardous energy while maintenance or servicing activities are performed. The training excludes the use of technical equipment and concentrates on human skills and knowledge required to search in a systematic way. Delegates will be trained to the new National Occupational Standards for Security Search Operations.

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