Commencement, 2013: Brian Gerich receives honorary doctorate from MetropolitanTikhonIn fall 2012 St. CPE training focuses on active listening, reflection, and reevaluation in pastoral care settings. The job of a school leader has never been more challenging; the role has never been more critical. Teachers21, a non-profit organization in Massachusetts, is known for its professional development, public policy work, and educational research.
As part of its Race To The Top planning, the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) decided to launch an Academy for Transformative Leadership to strengthen leadership for low-achieving schools across the state.
NYCHS thanks the Mills family for generously sharing its memories and memorabilia.Additional images from the latter will be added to the presentation as the research progresses. Massachusetts, New Jersey and the federal prison agency were among the first to follow NYC DOC's lead, and eventually its prison keeper training school concept came to be adopted and adapted all across the country.
The school was formally established on paper in late December 1927 but first classes actually began in late January 1928.
Initially NYPD housed the Prison Keeper School classes and provided the instructors, but Patterson pushed to have DOC assume increasingly more instruction duties, streamline curriculum to fit prison keepers' real on-the-job needs, and have classes held in a DOC facility.
In 1930, the year the graduate and trainee class photos in this presentation were taken, those goals were reported by Patterson as having been met.
Click underlined link line to read Commissioner Patterson on "the death of the head of our school" (1931 annual report excerpt).
Head Keeper Mills' granddaughter Jackie and grandson Ted in Ireland during family tree research visit.
Mills' granddaughter, Jacqueline, and grandson, Ted, have generously made available to NYCHS copies of photographs and a newspaper clipping reflecting his Correction career of more than 20 years. Terence’s mother Ellen had been born in Ireland (possibly Cork) in July, 1856 and was a naturalized citizen. Ironically, the one obituary clipping in the Mills family album had his age wrong, the place of death wrong and the cemetery wrong.
Terence and Mary had five children: Veronica, (June 4, 1905), Geraldine (August 6, 1906), Terence John Mills, Jr.

Mills' death certificate lists the place of death as the Correction Hospital, Welfare Island (now Roosevelt Island), Borough of Manhattan; the date of death as May 6, 1931, and the cause of death as "cardiac failure," with "acute lumbar pneumonia - bilateral" listed as a "Contributory (secondary)" cause. At the time of his death of a heart attack at the age of 49 in 1931, Terence was Head Keeper of the Tombs as well as supervisor of the keepers' school. It is family lore that Terence John Mills is buried in the grave next to or very near that of John (Legs) Diamond in the cemetery. Also, Mix Editor-in-chief Tom Kenny moderates a discussion with super-producers Bob Clearmountain and Chris Lord-Alge, where they discuss their careers, technology and mixing. Later, audio supervisor Mark Edward Lewis and sound designer and supervisor Frank Serafine talk about the sound inside Marvel's Avengers STATION (Science Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network), an interactive multimedia exhibition in NYC. Finally, the July issue's Regional covers Atlanta, where we get news about Bravo Ocean Studios, Icon Studios and The Blue Room Recording Studios, as well as session news from Tree House Studios, Southern Tracks, Doppler Studios, Spotlight Studios, and 11th Street Studios.
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Vladimir's Seminary began requiring all incoming Master of Divinity students to complete one full unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), as a means to strengthen their pastoral abilities. SVOTS seminarians are required to complete 400 hours of hospital visitation and related self-reflection under a certified supervisor, and besides earning one full CPE unit from an accredited CPE program for their work, they may simultaneously earn six academic credits towards their Master of Divinity degree. Adrian Budica, speaking in Three Hierarchs Chapel"And, seminarian placements for this summer will include a really diverse mix of institutional cultures," he continued.
The quality of a school’s leadership affects all elements of learning, from the kinds of resources available to the caliber of teachers attracted to a school. In 2011, they identified a statewide need for a program that could develop and prepare a pipeline of outstanding school leaders to address the needs of the most challenging schools. RIDE selected NYC Leadership Academy to assist in the design and launch of a variety of new school leadership programs as part of this initiative. Patterson, NYC Commissioner of Correction who in 1928 founded the Prison Keepers Training School, the Correction Academy of its era, the first of its kind in the U.S.
Mills, who held important NYC Correction uniformed posts during the 20th Century's early decades, may well have been the first commanding officer of the city's Prison Keepers Training School. Clearly Mills headed the Prison Keepers School in 1930, its first year as an all-DOC operation -- in staffing, in instruction, and in location.

Patterson, the agency-initiated training school was the first of its kind in the nation and the forerunner of the Department's present Correction Academy. The school moved from the Police Academy to its own quarters, a large room in the Penitentiary on Welfare Island (now Roosevelt Island); two specially selected, carefully screened and heavily trained keepers became the physical ed. Granddaughter Jacqueline recalls that her father, TJM II, always joked that her grandfather's spirit and that of "Legs might have a few sips of spirits over the tombstone in the afterlife." Head Keeper Mills was buried on May 9, 1931 and "Legs" was buried in December 1931.
Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, a member of the Mount Sinai Health System, NYC, in this year's Annual Report. His grandson Terence John Mills III graciously provided NYCHS with a high-resolution digital image of the pen (below, shown in reduced version). Mills, on horseback in New Hampton, NY, where he was a supervisor of uniformed NYC Reformatory staff.
23, 1928 reported that the first class of 30 was set to begin the two-month series of courses at the Police Academy in Grand Central Palace the next day. 3, 1926 attempted escape at the Tombs that ended in five deaths: Warden Peter Mallon and Keeper Jeremiah Murphy and the three inmates who had tried to break out with guns that had been smuggled into them. Perhaps the clipping was given special attention by the family precisely because members repeatedly found themselves having to deal with the misinformation in it. On June 14, 1928, the Times reported that graduation ceremonies for the first 50 who successfully completed the new school's seven-week training program had been held the previous evening in the Palm Garden, 306 W.
Al Rossi directs Field Education a year for the next few years to underwrite the fees, which can exceed $1,000 per student.
Students who have successfully completed their CPE training from the spring 2014 forward and have demonstrated need, may apply for the funding.

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