An end-of-life celebration brings life back into the funeral by remembering the deceased in a positive and uplifting manner. More and more people, particularly baby boomers, are planning end celebrations as a way for their loved ones to celebrate their life, rather than focusing on their death. More than half of the population (54%) would rather have a celebratory send-off than a simple church service, and almost half (48%) opt for their funeral to reflect their favorite music or football theme.
As a tribute and final remembrance of their Dad, a family in York, PA drove through a Burger King driveway for one final Whopper Jr.

These days nothing is too much “outside the box.” Billy Jones, of Bridgend, UK, who died at 83, drove a JCB yellow digger, also known as a tractor in the US, for 40 years.
For those who want to personalize their casket or urn, more and more funeral homes are catering to the demands by creating idiosyncratic casket designs. Have you thought about personalizing your end celebration with a special theme, such as a favorite sports team, rock band or color? This memorial may seem out of the ordinary, but it was a compliment to what represented David S.

His end-of-life celebration idea was, his body to be carried in a yellow digger as his final passage.
Requests over the last five years have included fireworks, live jazz at the graveside, and even a Jimmy Buffet-themed funeral.

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