Today, the supply chain is one of major backbone of the organization and without having the proper procedures the supply chain is not possible.
When goods are purchased, many people visualize the complete transaction as one that occurs exclusively between the purchaser and the supplier of the products. Licensed by the State of Florida Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education (Lic # 5000).

This Diploma of Supply Chain Management training will give you the edge and strong your position in the corporate World. In this thinking, the purchaser of a product pays for it, and the supplier or manufacturer delivers the product to the consumer. While this is ultimately an accurate description, it is over simplified to a high degree. The reality is that there are many steps involved in delivering a product to a consumer, and there are numerous organizations involved in making this happen successfully.

If you have wondered what is supply chain management and why is it important, it is crucial to understand the various components necessary when it comes to supplying consumers with the products they have purchased.o.

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