SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (SAP APO) supports supply chain network related planning, decision making, execution, and optimization.
In depth courses in Performance Management, Supply Chain Performance and KPI Metrics Definition.
Comprehensive training and skills development is key to the supply and provision of performance management services.
We have training programmes in a range of areas including Balanced Scorecards and Functional Performance Management, to full Dashboard and Visual Intelligence courses.

Our recently introduced courses on Collaborative Environments for new generation Strategic Navigation Centres are a welcome addition to our portfolio. You’ll find practical approaches to these challenges as well as useful answers to your questions in this highly-effective seminar, Management skills for warehouse supervisors.  Learn how to schedule work, how to make your workers want to work, how to delegate effectively, and even how to capture the attention and respect you need from upper management. When you attend management skills for warehouse supervisors, you will also receive a comprehensive participant manual.  This extensive reference book will contain an overview of the course topics, as well as handy charts and checklists, corresponding articles, how-to lists, and execution forms to help you immediately implement the course techniques in your own company.
Trainer has an excellent combination of experience as a manager and as a warehouse operations expert and has searched out the answers to the types of problems you face every day.  Make the most of that experience!  Plan to attend management skills for warehouse supervisors.

This program will provide a career development model to the logistics workforce, and it will enhance the professional skills and abilities of professionals within VA.
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