PARENTS will be encouraged to improve their childrena€™s reading and writing under a scheme launched recently. Figures just released have shown that almost all of Swansea Metropolitan University students who have all studied for University of Wales degrees find work or are accepted onto further training courses within six months of graduating. Early Years Matters: Unfolding the Future 13 May 2016The Future of Professional Learning in Wales 9 May 2016To be or not to be! If the resource you need for your research is not held in the Library, you can make an interlibrary loan request through our Document Supply Service. We are able to obtain journal articles, loans, book chapters, some UK and American theses and conference papers from local, national and international suppliers. Requests can only be made by the individual who requires the material for their personal research or study.
New requests can be made online via the Document Supply Services webpage, or via the blue paper forms that are available from the university libraries. You will receive an email and you can collect the physical item from the library branch you selected when you completed your request. Some lending libraries do permit loan extensions for library books but there is usually a charge associated with a renewal.
Many UK libraries no longer permit inter-library loans of higher degree theses, but we can check with the institution on your behalf.
Go to EThOS, the British Library e-theses online service.You can download many British PhD theses directly from this service once you have registered your email address.
If the owning institution does not pay you can choose to purchase a scanned copy from EThOS. Access our full suite of OA Discovery ToolsUsing repositories as sources of supply for free online access to scholarly publications. Material Availability: All items are lent for a period of six weeks and are renewable for a further six weeks unless otherwise indicated. It was frequented by Dylan Thomas and was used as the set of the 1960s Peter Sellers movie Only Two Can Play a€“ and it has also been the backdrop for modern Doctor Who episodes and the hit series Sherlock.
Please check the iFind library catalogue before making an inter-library loan request as we will not normally get an item from another library if it is available from our own physical or online library stock. Please check our iFind catalogue before submitting a request to ensure the item is not held in stock either electronically or in print.

Items obtained from other universities can take up to two weeks and some complicated or international requests can take longer.
You cannot automatically renew your inter-library loan books as you would with other library books on your library account.
You should also check to see if the item you require is an open access full text e-thesis, available from the owning University’s repository. You will be required to create a personal account and pay by credit card for first time digitisation of a thesis. Increasingly full-text peer reviewed research articles are available through institutional and subject repositories. Now Swanseaa€™s historic former Central Library is taking on a new 21st century role as an £8m international Institute of Sustainable Design.
Swansea University business tenants are reminded that any copying which contributes to activities which are directly or indirectly income-generating is classed as commercial.
Open access resources can be used to find published information swiftly and often without cost.
Swansea councila€™s cabinet has agreed to sell what is one of the citya€™s best-loved seats of learning so it can be transformed into a world-leading centre of design excellence.
Open access material includes journal articles, scholarly and scientific monographs, educational resources, metadata, digitised material and research data. The former library on Alexandra Road has gone to Swansea Metropolitan University which will invest £8m into the project.
In addition, 100% of part-time students who attained an undergraduate degree were in work or training within six months, against a benchmark of 94.7%. It will involve the refurbishment and repair of the original building and its architectural features, as well as the creation of extra space and an exhibition area. In 1962 Peter Sellers starred with Mai Zetterling there in Only Two Can Play, a movie about a bored librarian based on That Uncertain Feeling, a novel by Kingsley Amis who spent many years as an English lecturer at Swansea University.
This figure rose to 99% for part-time students on similar programmes, topping the benchmark of 98.2%.
BBC Wales used the library as a location for the Doctor Who episodes Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead. And it was also used for scenes in the TV series Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Since Swansea council established a new seafront library at the citya€™s civic centre in 2007, the Victorian building has been home to Swansea Met Universitya€™s Welsh School of Architectural Glass.
As part of the new proposal, the Universitya€™s School of Industrial Design, which offers programmes in product and automotive design, would also be located in the building. Swansea Meta€™s plans will see an international centre for research and design focusing on automotive design, sustainable product design and an architectural glass centre.
Each course offers a real-world experience, guided by lecturers who have worked within their related industries.
Gareth Sullivan, Swansea councila€™s cabinet member for regeneration and planning, said: a€?We are absolutely delighted these exciting plans to transform the former Central Library into such an important educational facility have taken this important step forward. I’ve no doubt that this has had a significant impact on the success of our graduates. The University of Wales Alliance works collaboratively to enrich and enhance Higher Education in Wales. We will retain the grandeur of the buildinga€™s original facade and dome, ensuring any new additions complement the original design. The 65,000ft office building will become a Business and Innovation Centre, based upon the transfer of staff, students and programmes from the Swansea Business School.
The former library was designed by Henry Holtom of Dewsbury in the Italian classical style.
The buildinga€™s circular reference library, 86 ft in diameter, has a distinctive domed top, 25 feet high in the centre.
The collections based there provided a repository of source material for research on Swansea in particular and Wales in general. The Dylan Thomas Collection, established in the early 1950s, consisted of over 3,000 books and periodical articles written by, or about, the Swansea-born poet and author who was himself a regular visitor.

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