Just let me take care of the puppeteer.Also any reports on how the monster classes play out in your games will be greatly apreciated! It also gains the (Reptilian) subtype, wich means it's cold blooded and has scaly skin.
One of the base rules of this project is making the monster classes with a number of levels equal to their CR, but obviously I cannot do so if I don't have a CR to convert.So how many levels would you like the Shade to have? At first glance it seems like it would be at least 3 CR, specially with the crazy free-action long-range teleport trough shadows on top of all the other bonus. For beings depedent on light to see, this decreases the effective range of vision for them by the same percentage. Troglodytes instictively know how to speak draconic, but they don't know how to read by default as their civilization is specially primitive. So for example, a Shade 3 who took 1 level of sorceror could choose to have CL 4, get 3 2nd level spell slots, 1 1st level spell slot, 1 2nd level spell known and 1 0th level spell known.

The creature never regains enough control to actually remove the puppeteer itself, but may try to ask others for help or more drastic measures like throwing himself in a fire. Host Protection:A puppeteer in control of a host is treated as an attended magic item for the purpose of making saving throws, even if the puppeteer is specifically targeted.
The Troglodyte can keep up the stench for a number of rounds equal to it's Con mod per hour, wich may be divided among several uses. A puppeteer that is attached to its host is treated as a creature in a grapple for the purpose of striking at the puppeteer instead of the host (but the host is not considered grappled in turn).
Anyone who eats the anti-musk (a fullround action) becomes immune to that Troglodyte's stench for 24 hours. This was initially developed by Troglodytes to keep domestic animals and warbeasts, but is also used by adventuring troglodytes to don't hinder their allies. Also blindsense and telepathy, with the first eventually upgrading to blindsight (because blindsight 60 feet at 1st level whitout the puppeteer being blind itself was kinda ridiculous honestly).

Creatures striken by that weapon or ammunition are affected by the Trolodyte's stench.
This is a very specialized monster, with powerfull abilities and powerfull drawbacks, but hopefully it all balances out. Opinions specially welcome here.As for what to take with your other levels, anything psionic probably should be good. CommentsThe Troglodyte is literally a foul monster, able to release a foul stench able to cripple its oponents.

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