Do you ever feel like you have so much to do, and there’s just not enough time to get everything accomplished in your category management role?  I think that most of us do, and in part, it’s the nature of most jobs in this day and age. So how do you complete this self assessment?  Our suggestion is to complete a “Personal Activity Diary”, where you track the outcomes of all of the activities that you complete over a period of time (we suggest one month), including the number of hours spent completing each activity, and classifying each outcome on the type of work, and the value of the work.  At the bottom of this blog is an example activity diary for you to download so that you can get your own personal assessment completed. Don’t Procrastinate:  Don’t put off things that you don’t feel comfortable doing, but you know need to get done. Develop Action Plans:  Use standard approaches to tackle larger-scale projects, including the steps to follow in any analysis project, and how to create a critical path. In this everchanging and busy world, we need to slow down once in awhile and take a good, hard look at how we’re doing and how we can improve – both from a professional and a personal perspective.  By following the steps above, you have the opportunity to become more effective in your category management role, and continue to learn and grow in the future.  Good luck with your future personal action plans! Aca puedes hacer tus calculos con los costos de costo de los dos turismos y cifras de consumo. Check out our popular blog post on "8 Ways to Move to More Advanced Category Management Analytics" Category Management Knowledge Group's blog is moving!

First, succession planning ensures a common language of leadership that is learned and practiced by all management positions. Finally, taken as a whole, succession planning creates pools of existing talent and emerging leaders that work together effectively to carry the organization forward for years to come.
Our methodology has been honed from a variety of best practice research – small and larger businesses, private industry and government settings, large family-owned organizations, and a variety of business sectors such as utilities, manufacturing, the service sector and government.
Whether you are just beginning a Succession Planning program or trying to revitalize a program that has stalled it’s good to know there is someone to help. Contact us today and ask for a free Succession Planning Readiness Assessment designed to help you get going on the right footing with your succession planning efforts.
And some work that you do may be low value, but part of a larger process that ultimately produces higher value results. Not just for those replacing executives, but for managers to engage the workforce in a more productive and fulfilling work life.

To some, succession planning is about identifying replacements for vulnerable executive positions. But that limited focus is often the reason many succession planning efforts stall out all too quickly. High-potential employees quickly recognize that unless someone retires there’s nowhere to go (but out)!

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