The secret that man, opening his mouth for the first time, saying the first word in his life, loses the natural setting vote. When talking trash, whether it be to belittle an opponent in sports or making the douche-bag giving you shit at the bar look like a jabroni, it’s important that you guys follow these key tips and guidelines to make you a shit talking king! This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Arguments, Fights, Insults, Jokes, manliness, Manly, Shit Talking, Trash Talk, Trash Talking, up your man level, Yo Momma.

Get in their dome: a truly skilled trash talker can really get in their opponents head!  The key to this is saying extremely random insults that make no sense and repetition, you keep calling someone a gingerbread faggot and maybe he is a gay redhead but either way he’s gonna go home that night thinking what the hell is a gingerbread faggot?!? Yo Momma jokes never go out of style: even Fez knew it’s a straight up fact nothing pisses someone off more than talking trash about their momma!

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