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Teaching offers a clear career path, and certain subjects, such as the sciences, have a strong and consistent demand for teachers, giving significant levels of job security. For primary teachers, where you will need to teach a broad range of subjects across the curriculum, a BEd may be preferred, with less emphasis on a single subject and more time spent on teaching techniques and general education.
All teacher training courses will involve some placement in schools, getting hands on experience of the day to day lives of teachers, and showing you just what it is like to be in front of a class.
During your work experience you will learn from working teachers and will have a professional mentor to guide your progress and answer any questions. The image you may have of teachers from your experience as a pupil is not necessarily an accurate or realistic one, so it is worth doing your research before deciding to enroll on a teacher training course. Most schools will be happy to let prospective teaching students spend a few days with the staff to see what teaching is really like. CoursesDirectorate of Technical Education and Industrial Training Punjab, Chandigarh Chandigarh runs course(s) in ITI stream(s). 1.The PIO-cum- Deputy Director states that the requisite information, running into ten sheets excluding one sheet of covering letter, has been supplied to the Complainant vide Memo. 2.The Respondent-PIO hands over information running into seven sheets to the Complainant in the Court today in my presence.
3.The Respondent-PIO states that necessary action is being taken by the Government to revert Shri Baljit Singh from the post of Head of the Department as some irregularities have been found in his promotion as Head of the Department. 4.The file relating to the selection of Senior Lecturer Architect is produced in the Court today.
5.The Complainant states that he has worked against the post of Senior Lecturer in the Polytechnic College, Jalandhar and he may be given due consideration for promotion as Head of Department in the general cadre.

The APIO says that the requisite file is not being traced in the Directorate of Technical Education and avers that it could either be in the office of Secretary Technical Education or in the office of the Minister concerned.
2.In view of the above clarifications by the department, the complete information has been furnished to the complainant. 3.A copy of the query of the information-seeker was handed over to the respondent with the direction to furnish the information within 15 days free of cost.
Heritage House Montessori Center – is Nigeria’s pioneer and leading Montessori Teacher Training and Montessori resource centre, offering a fully comprehensive and up-to-date international standard Montessori teacher training programme since 1998 and providing Montessori materials and resources for the establishment and support of Montessori Schools. OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY POST UTME AND PRE-DEGREE TUTORIALS NOW IN PROGRESS at Akahi Tutors. These popular and stimulating  methodology courses offer teachers the chance to extend and refresh their teaching skills under the guidance and tutelage of our experienced and dedicated teacher training team. Yes, the job can be tricky at times and you need a real aptitude and interest in working with young children but the working hours and the holidays are good. Firstly, you can study a first degree BSc or BA in a specialist subject, such as Physics, and complete your teacher training alongside this to gain your Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).
For secondary education, where teachers teach a single subject, a first degree plus QTS course may be preferred, providing expert knowledge in a given subject that will allow you to teach it to all levels, including GCSE and A level. BEd courses will usually devote around a third of their time to work placements, though naturally this will be less for standard degrees with an additional teacher training element. 1, Sector 36-AChandigarh (District Chandigarh)Chandigarh, IndiaDirectorate of Technical Education and Industrial Training Punjab, Chandigarh Chandigarh is a State Authority under the control of State Government. He pleads that since the requisite information has been supplied to the Complainant, the case may be closed. It was also directed that the Department will bring the file relating to the requisition sent to the Punjab Public Service Commission, Patiala for selection of Senior Lecturer Architect for Government College, Jalandhar.

After perusal of the file, the information running into 8 (eight) sheets has been handed over to the Complainant in my presence in the Court today relating to the selection of Senior Lecturer Architect in General Cadre. PIO states that Shri Pathania, Complainant has been recruited against the general cadre of the Polytechnic College in the State of Punjab. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you get all the school holidays off to do what you want though, any teacher will put you right there.
Alternatively, you can study for a Bachelor of Education, or BEd, which is a specialist teaching qualification that automatically results in you achieving QTS.
Directorate of Technical Education and Industrial Training Punjab is situated in Chandigarh of Chandigarh state (Province) in India.
The PIO also hands over a copy of the instructions and criteria including the noting sheets running into 12 (twelve) sheets for the promotion as the Head of the Department. His claim for the post of Senior Lecturer in the Polytechnic College Jalandhar cadre cannot be considered.
From the Cert TESOL, the initial qualification, through to the advanced Dip TESOL, as well as the Cert IBET for Business English and PTLLS for state sector ESOL work , we have here is something for everyone at SGI the teacher training specialists. ? English Teacher Refresher CoursesChoose from an exciting range of refresher courses for teachers of English. Fax # of Directorate of Technical Education and Industrial Training Punjab, Chandigarh Chandigarh is +91-172-2614622. He pleads that since the information has been provided to the Complainant, the case may be closed. Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Directorate of Technical Education and Industrial Training Punjab, Chandigarh Chandigarh are 92572-09340, 80546-28821.

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