Rather than focusing on ineffective teams, Larson and LaFasto (1989) looked in the opposite direction by interviewing excellent teams to gain insights as to what enables them to function to a high degree. While there are several Team Leadership models, Hill's Team model is perhaps one of the best known ones as it provides the leader or a designated team member with a mental road map to help diagnose team problems, and then take appropriate action to correct team problems (Northouse, 2007).
Guide the decision-making process so that better information is obtained, coordination is better, focusing on issues, etc.

Matrix Teams: geared towards organizational members from different functions or departments (matrix) collaborating to achieve a common goal. Top layer: Effective team performance begins with leadera€™s mental model of the situation and then determining if the situation requires Action or Monitoring? Bottom layer: Correctly performing the above three steps create high Performance through Development and Maintenance functions.

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