360 Degree Feedback is a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. 360-degree feedback or multi-source feedback is an appraisal or performance assessment tool that incorporates feedback from all who observe and are affected by the performance of a candidate. As I have learned over the my freshman year, time management is a skill that is necessary to college life. Once you get into the semester, it often is hard to reorganize all of the material you have received if you don’t have a system in place to begin with. At the beginning of the semester, take your syllabi and write down all important due dates and tests in your planner.

I also advise entering important dates and times into a calendar on your phone or tablet so you always have your schedule handy.
Tutoring is a great resource to make sure you are prepared and caught up in classes as well as understanding material far before finals. Let me tell you, proper organization and time management will help make your day-to-day routine go a lot smoother as well as reduce stress and anxiety. I know because I didn’t have a good system for balancing school and social life when arrived at WSU, and I am still working on managing my time better. Here are two more articles that have really great strategies for time-management: 8 Ways to Take Control of Your Time and Top 12 Time Management Tips.

It’s also important to find a process that works for you that is efficient but not overwhelming. This way, you will manage your time and stress levels better for a more successful semester.

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