A researcher at the Guiyang Big Data Industry Innovation and Development Center in Guanshanhu district shows visitors the latest facial recognition system. Global business leaders and experts in the information technology industry will gather in Guiyang later this month to discuss the future of big data technologies and hash out cooperation opportunities with domestic companies.
The Guiyang Big Data Expo 2016, which includes an exhibition, the China Big Data Summit and the China E-Commerce Innovation and Development Summit, as well as dozens of other activities, will be held from Wednesday through Sunday in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province. A number of renowned business leaders from major international and domestic companies will be present at this year's event. The big names include Qualcomm President Derek Aberle, Dell Chairman Michael Dell, Foxconn Chairman Guo Tai-Ming, Tencent Chairman Ma Huateng, Baidu Chairman Li Yanhong and JD CEO Liu Qiangdong. More than 2,300 experts from Chinese and foreign universities and institutions will share their insights about big data and related industries in seminars and forums, according to organizers.
Major activities at the five-day event will be the big data and e-commerce summits, the exhibition and a so-called tongker-maker competition.
Tongker is a new concept proposed by the host city of Guiyang and refers to a person or a team of individuals who have the capability of finding solutions to problems in all aspects of life, such as a company's specific logistics issue. Well-known domestic and international companies, including Dell, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Foxconn, Huawei, Tencent and Alibaba will display their products, technologies and services during the exhibition. Forums and seminars on various topics will be held at the event's main venue, the Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Center, as well as at other sites in Guiyang, the neighboring Guian New Area and Qiannan prefecture. Big data, intelligent technologies, smart manufacturing, e-commerce and internet-led innovations will be among the focuses of this year's event, said Xiao Lu, deputy chief of the Guiyang Industry and Information Committee, which is organizing the forums and seminars during the expo. The public, in addition to participating in the tongker competition, will have access to publicity events on big data and related fields.
Xiao said a major goal for the expo is to explore new ways to commercialize big data and related technologies.
He said there will be a forum on big data assets, where government officials, experts and industry insiders will discuss measures on property rights protection as well as facilitations for big data transactions.
Seeing the great potential of the industry, the Guizhou provincial government has designated the big data industry as one of the three strategic sectors in its 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20). The provincial capital Guiyang aims to pilot the development in Guizhou and become China's "data valley", according to local officials. Guiyang has planned to build an experimental area for big data technological innovation and the plan was approved by the Ministry of Science in July last year. Zhang Lijun, chief enterprise technologist of Dell's division in the Asia-Pacific region, works six months out of the year in Shanghai and the rest of the year in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province, promoting a new cloud computing project by the company.
Since July 2015, Dell and Guizhou Wing Cloud High Technology have been working to construct a cloud service platform designed for China's small and medium-sized companies and local governments, the first of its kind in the country.
The "Dell-Wing Cloud Hybrid Cloud Platform" will provide cloud computing resources and support to the development of the province's big data and cloud computing industries, Zhang said.
The joint cloud platform went online in February for public testing, and more details will be released by Wing Cloud during this year's Big Data Expo held in Guiyang late this May. Guizhou has carried out a number of measures to deploy a strategy to develop the big data industry since 2014, such as the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Dell in January last year.
Wing Cloud has invested 300 million yuan ($46 million) to set up a 8,800-square-meter cloud computing data center called "Guiyang No 1".
The company finished construction of the first phase of the center, which not only supports the running of e-government affairs and the provincial capital's educational and traffic control systems, but also answers demand for IT services from about 100,000 SMEs. With advanced technologies, the center promises in its service-level agreement that any downtime of its servers will last at most four hours within a year.
Wing Cloud will also establish a cloud computing incubator for innovation startups, which will get resources from Microsoft, Intel and Dell. Guiyang is ready to offer talented troubleshooters and problem solvers entrepreneurship platforms to help them start their own businesses to meet increasing social and market demands. Chen Gang, Party chief of Guiyang, introduced the platforms at a news conference on March 1 in Beijing to announce the city's "tongker plan" and a nationwide "tongker" competition in Guiyang. Tongker is a brand new concept proposed by the city of Guiyang, and it refers to a person or team capable of identifying problems in all aspects of life and finding solutions to those problems. Chen said, however, people who are good at identifying problems and proposing solutions don't always have sufficient business acumen to formulate a viable business plan for their ideas.
Effective entrepreneurship platforms, such as "maker spaces" where potential tongkers can meet makers, and easier access to funding are crucial in helping tongkers start their businesses, according to Chen. The Party chief said Guiyang will make use of its advantages in the big data industry to offer platforms to, and mobilize social and market resources for, tongker-related entrepreneurship and innovations. Gao Weidong, deputy mayor of Guiyang, said the city's tongker competition aims to gather potential tongkers from all over the country and match them with makers and investors. Following the preliminary competition that ended on April 18, a panel of judges selected 30 proposals to advance to the final from the 2,700 submitted candidate proposals. The final competition will be held on May 29 during the Guiyang Big Data Expo, which runs from Wednesday through Sunday.
A maker who is interested in a particular tongker's proposal can arrange a meeting with them to discuss possible cooperation. At the final competition, the top 10 tongkers can team up with their maker partners to present their joint business plans. According to local officials, the competition is just the first stage of Guiyang's tongker plan, and the city will offer tongkers a "constant" stage. During the Guiyang Big Data Expo, an online maker space called Guiyang Tongker Dreamwork will be launched, with the aim of connecting more tongkers and makers.
The Qingdao west coast new area was approved by the State Council, China's cabinet, as the ninth national-level new area in China's "new district strategy" in June 2014. Last year, the area's gross domestic product was 260 billion yuan ($39.68 billion), up 12 percent year-on-year. The area has unique advantages in boosting its economic growth - its location, ocean technology, international logistics, industry concentration and policy environment. The area is in the intermediary zone between the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city cluster and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and is the main outlet to the sea for areas along the Yellow River.
The new area plans to build an international ocean talent training center, an international ocean information processing center and an international ocean property-rights exchange center. The new area has nine universities with 150,000 students, and nearly 400,000 graduates of high education. Qingdao Port is the world's seventh-largest, and has trade connections with more than 700 ports in over 180 countries and regions. The west coast new area is an industry zone of advanced manufacturing industries and emerging ocean industries. The new area has six national-level parks and zones: the Qingdao economic technology development zone, Qingdao Qianwan bonded port area, west bank export processing zone, new technology development experiment zone, Sino-German Ecopark and Phoenix Island resort zone. The area also has four provincial-level zones and parks: the Qingdao Jiaonan economic development zone, Qingdao port-neighboring economic development zone, Langyatai tourist resort zone and Lingshanwan tourist resort zone.
The Qingdao Qianwan bonded port zone has applied to the Chinese central authority to become Qingdao Free Trade Port Zone. The area has attracted 210 projects in technology research and development and manufacturing industries, of which 14 are national-level institutes, 16 are universities and 110 are technology enterprises. The new area has attracted 39,000 talents in the fields of marine technology and industry since 2012, among whom 52 are from abroad and over 300 are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yangtze River Scholars and Mountain Tai Scholars, China's national and provincial-level senior talents. The Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology in the park has built eight labs in which 1,000 scientists and engineers work, and has 28 scientific investigation vessels and 12 scientific databases.
According to the plan, the area will become an urban region that can accommodate 700,000 residents and provide jobs for them. The central government also listed the development of the Qingdao area in its 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) to boost the development of China's marine economy. Xiangyanghong 09, carrying the Jiaolong, a manned deep-sea research submersible, anchored at the National Deep Sea Base in Qingdao on March 17, 2015, symbolizing the base's opening.
More than 300 delegates from the ministries and enterprises of high technology, advanced manufacturing, technology services and finance attended a conference at the Qingdao high-tech zone in March aiming to attract investment from Beijing.
The high-tech zone in the port city of East China's Shandong province has experienced rapid economic growth and development in recent years.
Sun Lijie, vice-mayor of Qingdao and Party chief of the high-tech zone, said during the meeting that the zone will focus on industrializing research and development results from State-run institutes, as the cooperation between Qingdao and Beijing enters a golden period as the Shandong peninsula's ocean economic zone is upgraded as a national strategy. The Qingdao high-tech zone signed agreements on 36 projects in finance, software, intelligent manufacturing, new materials and bio-pharmacy with partners in Beijing during the meeting, valued at 12.7 billion yuan. Ge Ke, chief executive officer of Beijing Kingsoft Office Software, said: "Qingdao not only has an ideal living environment, but also an ideal business environment fit for founding new ventures.
Small and micro enterprises will play an increasingly important role in China's national economy, and innovation, Sun added. Sinochem Group plans to invest $5 billion to build a software industry park in the high-tech zone.
The high-tech zone's venture capital investment company has established eight equity investment foundations and supported more than 30 projects in the zone.
China's Ministry of Commerce and UK Trade & Investment jointly held a China-United Kingdom local investment and trade cooperation forum in Birmingham on Feb 26. Sajid Javid, secretary of state for Business, Innovation and Skills and president of the Board of Trade, and Gao Hucheng, China's commerce minister, gave keynote speeches at the forum. Qingdao actively cooperates with partners from the UK in trade, environmental protection, energy saving, cultural industry and finance.
According to Liu, Qingdao looks forward to deepening its cooperation with the UK in high-end business affairs, environmental protection, cultural industry, marine technology, consultation, exhibitions, tourism, education and public health. As a national-level wealth management financial pilot zone, Qingdao will invite financial agencies, wealth management organizations, and training organizations from the UK to set up their branches in the city. The Qingdao government sent a delegation to the UK in early April to transform a series of bilateral cooperation agreements inked by state leaders into concrete projects.
Regional integration, transportation and, in particular, economic coordination, will be priorities for the Yangtze River Delta urban cluster as a new development plan ramps up economic transformation and looks set to grab global attention, experts said.
After nearly two decades, the cluster has expanded to 30 cities in Shanghai and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces. The region accounts for just 3.69 percent of China's land area, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in economic clout. At the executive meeting on May 11, the State Council, China's cabinet, approved the new plan to further promote the Yangtze River Delta urban cluster to achieve a global reputation by 2030. Six years ago, the central government decided the Yangtze River Delta region was to be a center for modern services and advanced manufacturing and a gateway to the Asia-Pacific region by 2018. The plan also targets forming an integrated market and enhanced innovation for the financial, technological research and development and logistics sectors. The cluster will prosper if it can overcome several obstacles that stand in the way of regional integration, said Lyu, who was one of the specialists to assess the plan, formulated by the National Development and Reform Commission, before it went to the State Council, China's cabinet, for approval. So far, 13 of the 30 member cities in the cluster are in Jiangsu, 11 in Zhejiang but only five are located in Anhui.
Experts said intercity transportation will be key in overcoming this gap and more high-speed railways should be built to facilitate travel within the cluster. Ge Jiong, a 30-year-old salesman, commutes between Shanghai and Kunshan, a city in Jiangsu neighboring Shanghai. The salesman enjoys his daily trips but it is an unorthodox mode of transport for most city dwellers in the Yangtze River Delta because of the inconvenience in intercity transportation. Lyu said decision-makers in the cluster should consider many factors, such as disparities in economic output and growth rates.
Lyu's views were echoed by Xiao Jincheng, vice-president of the Region Science Academy of China, who said the urban cluster has improved cooperation among cities that previously competed for investments or expertise instead of cooperating. The Yangtze River Delta region holds an annual coordination meeting, which is attended by the executive deputy heads of government of Shanghai and the three provinces. Lyu said he is optimistic about the urban cluster's future, because the region has the country's most qualified people and soundest market mechanism. Departments and ministries under the State Council, China's cabinet, have responded to a wide range of public concerns during the past week, in areas that include food safety inspection, violence against doctors, the lack of children's healthcare facilities and information leakage.
The price of pork, which recently surged to record highs in several parts of China, prompted some slaughterhouses and enterprises to sell low quality and even contaminated pork products to consumers, some of whom were later found to have food-borne illnesses.
In response, the China Food and Drug Administration, the nation's top food safety regulator, pledged to strengthen the supervision and inspection of pork products' quality and safety, and to enhance efforts to crack down on illegal business activities.
In response to another public concern, the National Health and Family Planning Commission on Thursday strongly condemned the fatal assault of a doctor in Shaoyang, Central China's Hunan province, that happened the day before.
The commission and the Ministry of Public Security pledged to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and urged the local government to ensure the safety of medical personnel.
Following worries about a lack of access to children's healthcare facilities, the State Council said a guideline released by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and other related ministries on Wednesday is expected to ease the shortage of children's medical care resources by the end of 2020. After claims were made about people's personal information being leaked when they completed online registration procedures for national professional and technical qualifications, the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security announced on Thursday on its website that it was carrying out an investigation, along with other departments. Taxation offices in Shanghai and Jiangsu province announced last week that no written documents are required in order to get a value-added tax invoice.
At Wednesday's executive meeting, which was presided over by Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council, China's cabinet, decided to intensify efforts to press ahead with reforms of the commercial system to create a better market environment for mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The reforms, which were launched in March 2014, aim to simplify administrative procedures and lower the benchmarks for business registration. In the meantime, the cabinet pledged to help State-Owned Enterprises improve their competitiveness, enhance productivity, and accelerate the restructuring and integration process. The State Council issued a guideline on Monday to promote the development of cultural products by cultural relic protection units and related institutions - which include museums, art galleries, memorial halls and other groups with cultural resources. Pilot programs will be carried out at some national- and provincial-level museums, art galleries and libraries, with the aim of making them innovative in product design and supporting profit-making mechanisms.
The State Council issued a guideline on Tuesday to boost the aviation industry, as part of efforts to promote industrial upgrades and transformation.
According to the guideline, China is expected to have more than 500 airports and in excess of 5,000 aircraft by the end of 2020.
The State Council, China's cabinet, on Wednesday issued a guideline to restructure the industrial materials sector.
According to the guideline, China will further trim overcapacity of industrial materials through measures including not approving new projects in sectors with overcapacity and eliminating inferior capacity.
The State Council, China's cabinet, released a circular on Thursday aimed at improving the sci-tech commissioner system to boost mass entrepreneurship and innovation in rural areas. The circular urged the system to help improve technology development and services in rural regions, and to play its role in poverty alleviation and mass entrepreneurship.
The circular also urged more policy support and the development of innovative business and service platforms that help develop both vocational and entrepreneurial skills among rural residents. Premier Li Keqiang recently held an executive meeting of the State Council, China's cabinet, to find ways to streamline the group of centrally administered State-owned enterprises so as to improve their competitiveness, enhance their productivity and accelerate their restructuring process. Excessive ozone gas has become the prime pollution problem in Beijing in recent days, replacing the notorious PM2.5, and it's likely to linger for a couple of days, the capital's environmental monitoring authority said on Monday. Because of the sunshine, many residents may not have noticed that ozone reached an alarming 242 micrograms per cubic meter at 2 pm on Sunday, according to the Beijing Environmental Monitoring Center.
On Monday, when clouds blocked the sun, PM2.5 particles returned as the dominant type of pollution in Beijing, the center said.
Different from the protective layer of ozone in the upper atmosphere, excessive ozone concentration at ground level is tied directly to health.
Every summer, ozone concentration typically soars from May to August in Beijing, overtaking PM2.5 as the prime pollutant. Last year, the capital saw fewer than 60 percent of days with air quality meeting national standards in the four-month period, and only 35 percent of days in July had good air quality, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Summer ozone pollution is not a problem only in Beijing; it has grown into a thorny issue nationwide, the ministry said. The complexity of air pollution is increasing and the problem requires more comprehensive efforts, the ministry said.
In Beijing, the environmental watchdog has taken strict control on the emission of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides, the key ingredients in ozone's toxic stew. In addition, the ministry has pushed measures to reduce ground-level ozone and promoted the success against ozone made by Shenzhen, Guangdong province. The revised Environmental Protection Law has performed well in reducing pollution since taking effect on Jan 1, 2015, by providing new enforcement tools, including higher fines and other legal sanctions, according to an assessment released on Monday.
The revised law, regarded as the strongest version ever in China, allows environmental authorities to levy fines on polluters on a daily basis with no cap, which has brought swift corrective action, the assessment said. At least 85 percent of the companies surveyed after being fined said they had stopped their excessive emissions.
In 2015, environmental authorities fined 715 companies a total of 569 million yuan ($86.9 million), the Ministry of Environmental Protection said. The assessment was co-conducted by researchers from the Institute of Environmental and Resource Law at China University of Political Science and Law, environmental groups and experts at other law schools.
More than 2,600 complaints of excessive discharges were made in 2014 against the 100 companies surveyed. Experts conducted a series of surveys looking at 100 major companies that were being closely monitored by State or provincial environmental watchdogs from December to March, said Wang Canfa, the team leader and a professor at the institute. In addition to the daily fines, the revised law also give stronger tools to the authorities - for example, tougher legal sanctions under which polluting companies' managers can be detained or transferred to legal organs quickly, and the forced suspension of production. Minister of Environmental Protection Chen Jining said he, too, has seen weak implementation at the grassroots level because of such things as a lack of vehicles in some areas. Inspectors check a construction site that had been asked to halt operations on a smoggy day in Beijing's Tongzhou district in November. Repairs to a broken section of elevated highway in Shanghai will take about two weeks, the Shanghai Road Administration Bureau said on Monday.
The section of the city's Middle Ring Road, a major arterial, was damaged at midnight by an overloaded truck, the bureau said. Steel pipes and lifting jacks will be used to prop up the damaged section to that a safety assessment can be made.
At around 12:30 am, one of four overloaded trucks from Shanghai Jianjing Logistics Co, each 10 meters long and carrying heavy concrete pipes, overturned on the Middle Ring Road near Hutai Road in Baoshan district. A section of the highway was dislodged and at least one of the pieces moved, resulting in a height difference of 40 centimeters. The truck's cargo fell onto the surface and some concrete pipes even struck the ground below the elevated highway. Nearly 5 kilometers of the highway - from Gulang Road to Gonghexin Road - will be closed to traffic during repairs. Traffic within 1.5 kilometers of the accident site was crippled during the morning and evening rush hour on Monday.
An overloaded truck overturns on the Middle Ring Road in Shanghai's Baoshan district on early Monday morning. Three children died in a fire on Saturday at a building used by a private tutoring company as a childcare facility in the Changxing Island Economic Zone in Dalian, Liaoning province. The blaze broke out as 24 sixth-grade primary school students were attending an English class.
One male student and two female students died at the scene and another student was slightly injured, the fire department responsible for the economic zone said on Sunday. The zone's public security sub-bureau said on Monday four people had been detained in connection with the fire, including two owners of the tutoring company. A teacher who was giving a lecture at the time helped to organize the students' evacuation. The fire department said it took 25 minutes to put out the flames, which engulfed 80 square meters of the two-floor residential building. According to a preliminary investigation conducted by the police, the father of a man who rented the two floors had been frying chicken wings with an electric frying pan at his stationery store on the ground floor and had forgotten to switch off the pan when he left to look after his son's business. After the man returned and found the pan had caught fire, he allegedly threw it to the ground and set the wooden floor on fire and the blaze spread to the second floor where the classroom was located. The father and the two owners of the private tutoring company are being held on suspicion of being responsible for the three deaths, the police said. The city's education bureau has set up a work group to probe the matter and the bureau head has visited the zone to assist with the investigation. A woman surnamed Jia, who is the sister of a 12-year-old female victim, said the tutoring company collected students from schools each weekday at 4 pm and took them to the classroom to supervise them in finishing their homework until 6 pm. Investigators believe the private tutoring company may have broken regulations prohibiting the setting up of a classroom in a residential building. Childcare facilities and tutoring services are supposed to be registered and must meet certain standards but many consider the costs too high and unregulated providers of such services have become increasingly common.
China will begin a nationwide safety inspection of sites where dangerous chemicals are stored, according to the top safety watchdog on Monday. A man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 20,000 yuan ($3,000) for dealing drugs, the people's court of Jing'an district announced on Monday.
More than 200 women delegates from around the world will gather in Xi'an on Tuesday to mark the opening of the Women 20 (W20) meeting.
The use of antibiotics in Chinese hospitals has dropped by 40 percent since the top health authority began to curb their overuse, said a senior expert.
The measures include stricter control over public access to antibiotics, overhauling their overuse by hospitals, and monitoring of antibiotic resistance.
A recent global review by the UK's Lord Jim O'Neill on anti-microbial resistance estimates that by 2050 antibiotic resistance could result in 1 million premature deaths annually in China.
Antibiotic resistance occurs when a microbe evolves to become more or fully resistant to the anti-microbials that previously could treat it. According to the report, China uses around half the world's antibiotics, of which 48 percent are consumed by people and the rest are used in the agricultural sector.
Weak regulation on the use of antibiotics in agriculture also further encourages overuse, it said. Huang Liuyu, director of the Institute for Disease Prevention and Control of the People's Liberation Army, said excessive antibiotic residue might be passed on to humans through meat consumption, increasing the possibility of antibiotic resistance in people. Also, they could "contaminate" other parts of the world due to increasing international travel and exchange, he said. Worldwide, anti-microbial drugs are becoming less effective and the world is not developing enough new ones to keep up, the report said. Worldwide, anti-microbial resistance by 2050 could be responsible for the deaths of 10 million people a year, the equivalent of 1 person every 3 seconds - more than cancer kills today, it said.
The cumulative economic cost of the world not acting would be around $100 trillion, O'Neill said. Efforts to improve the livelihoods of people in Tibet are seeing good results as the autonomous region celebrates the 65th anniversary of its peaceful liberation on Monday. In 2015, the county started a new medical insurance program, with the local government paying a major portion of the medical bills for local farmers and herdsmen. In the past five years, Tibet has spent about 525 billion yuan on public expenses, with more than 70 percent of that on areas such as agriculture, education and healthcare, according to the regional government. Thubten Gyatso, a student at Peking University, managed to enter college thanks to government support. Thubten, who lost his parents when he was a child, grew up with his sister in Magarze county, Shannan prefecture. This year, Shannan prefecture has begun to increase subsidies for college students like Thubten, with each student outside and inside the region receiving 10,000 yuan and 8,000 yuan each year respectively. Speaking of his future career, Thubten said he plans to work in Beijing for a few years and then return to Tibet to make his contributions. Lang Fukuan, head of the regional government's department of finance, said a total of 16.7 billion yuan will be allocated to improve government programs offering subsidies to Tibetan farmers and herdsmen this year. The gun tower, now empty of weapons and refurbished was built by Japanese imperial forces after their occupation began in 1939.
The two reminders of history are just a few meters from each other, and easily attract the attention of inquisitive passers-by. The Xisha and Nansha islands were returned to Chinese sovereignty under the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation, and the Chinese government retook the islands in 1946. The history of the islands, and their recovery, remind me of Foreign Minister Wang Yi's remarks when he was asked about the South China Sea in June last year at the World Peace Forum in Beijing. Zhang Haiwen, a leading Chinese expert on international maritime law with the State Oceanic Administration, said that one of the most valid measures to confirm China's jurisdiction, in terms of international law, was publicly recovering the Xisha and Nansha islands by dispatching troops and prominent figures there. To demonstrate China's sovereignty, officials and officers organized celebratory cannon fire and raised flags marking the return of the islands. In addition to the United States, Japan has increased its profile concerning the South China Sea in the past two years. As Japan frequently campaigns for reinforcing military cooperation with countries such as the Philippines, and boosts its military presence in the South China Sea, peace-loving people like to ask: What is Japan's ultimate purpose? A 1-meter-tall stone stands on Yongxing Island, marking the return of the island to Chinese sovereignty. When Su Chengfen started his fishing life at the age of 13, there were no traces of foreigners in the Nansha Islands. Fishermen from the mainland stopped going to the remote islands in the mid-1950s, due to security and political concerns, as troops from Taiwan were active in the region.
In 1956, the Philippines said it had "discovered" some islands at Nansha and started claiming them. A larger wave of island claiming by the two countries occurred in the 1970s and 1980s, against the background of the discovery of oil and gas resources beneath the sea floor around the Nansha Islands, as well as the negotiations and signing of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.
As temperatures start to climb, the incidence of allergic reactions begins to wane, as Yang Wanli reports. The most difficult part of the year for Zhou Yan ended with the official start of summer on May 5. The problem has been a hot topic recently on Baidu Tieba, a community-based group discussion, and Zhihu, an online question-and-answer forum where informed users provide accurate responses to users' queries. In a recent discussion called "Westerners and Easterners: who has the higher incidence of allergy?" nearly 80 percent of Chinese respondents opted for Westerners.
Chen Yifu, a general physician at the Beijing United Family Hospital, said allergies are caused when people come into contact with a trigger.
The symptoms depend on how people are exposed - through the air, the skin, food or even an insect sting.
China's health department has not yet conducted nationwide research into allergies, but based on data collected from hospitals around the country, it's estimated that the incidence rate has tripled in the past 30 years, according to a recent report by China Central Television. The report also showed that more than 40 percent of Chinese people younger than 18 have some sort of allergy, and about 10 mill-ion people have allergic rhinitis, which affects the nose and nasal passages, making it the most prevalent allergy in China. Yang Zhen, a doctor at the immunology department of the Shanghai Children's Medical Center, said an individual's genetic makeup not only determines which allergen will trigger a complaint, but also the severity of the symptoms. Despite general improvements in the quality of life and increased healthcare provision, China's rapid rate of urbanization is believed to have resulted in larger numbers of people being exposed to significant amounts of chemicals, both in the home and the workplace. Liu said research shows that house dust mites are related to about 60 to 70 percent of allergic cases in China, including primarily asthma, eczema and perennial allergic rhinitis.
The problem seems certain to get worse, because urbanization is taking place at an unprecedented pace and is set to continue in the coming decades.
Last year, the asthma clinic at the pediatrics institute in Beijing treated more than 25,000 child patients, according to Sha. Allergy treatments include medication and, increasingly, immunotherapy, under which patients are given gradually larger amounts of the substance, or allergen, to which they are allergic.
Despite the improvement in treatments, it is still impossible to cure the condition completely, according to Hu Jin, director of the pediatrics institute's dermatology department, who said intervention can only reduce the frequency of the ailment and control the symptoms. According to Hu, one of the most important stages the human immune system experiences is puberty (ages 10 to 15 for boys and 8 to 13 for girls). The institute has run an annual summer camp for children with asthma for more than 20 years. To encourage the children to play more outdoor sports, the hospital also holds the Children's Asthma Olympics every year. In addition to watery eyes and itchy skin and nose, the allergy also caused severe headaches, so for several decades Shoda took medication from May to June - the pollen season - to alleviate the condition. The problem started in the 1950s and 60s, when the Japanese government planted mill-ions of cedar trees as part of a national reforestation program.
A rice-based peptide vaccine that combats cedar and cypress pollen allergies is now available in most clinics in Japan, he added. More than 40 million people in the United States have allergies, which are the sixth-biggest cause of chronic illnesses, and treatment costs more than $18 billion every year, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition to the public health sector, many nonprofit organizations in the US are making efforts to raise public awareness of allergies, and some also raise funds to accelerate world-class research, produce educational resources and establish priorities. Tibetan culture is filled with folk tales about special relationships between humans and animals, and the connection continues today in the form of a 62-year-old woman's "deer club" in the Tibet autonomous region's Qamdo city.
Changchub Lhamo lives on a Riwoche county pasture called the Nadenthang that is home to Tibetan red deer, an endangered species in China. Every winter, the deer come down the mountains for food, knowing they will find Changchub Lhamo and a meal. The bond forged between Changchub Lhamo and red deer dates back to the 1970s, when as a 16-year-old, she adopted three fawns and treated them like her own children.
The deer grew up healthy, thanks to her care, and another 10 deer eventually join the herd.
The Riwoche Tramoling Tibetan Red Deer Reservere, a deer habitat established by the government 40 years ago, has been expanded over the years to its current size of 64,000 hectares. She said she intends to continue to feed the deer as she grows old, even though the subsidies she receives from the local ranger station are not nearly enough to pay for the food the deer herd consumes.
Changchub Lhamo keeps an eye on the flock of Tibetan red deer on the Nadenthang grassland in Riwoche county, the Tibet autonomous region. A farmer in Huichun encountered a tiger while collecting wild vegetables from a mountain near his village. A woman in Huixian got a divorce because she mistakenly believed her high school sweetheart had impregnated her during a class reunion. A man in Hohhot kept his dead wife's body in a freezer for three years because of a dispute with the woman's relatives.
A man from Jiangxi province has paid 3,000 yuan to a hospital in Guangzhou for an operation he underwent 14 years ago. A goat that has learned to walk on two legs at a farm in Xinping county has been praised for its strength and fortitude. A man in Shayang county was detained by police after he attempted to rob a bank with a toy gun. A man who killed his hunting companion with a nail gun has been referred to the procuratorate for further investigation.
A nurse in Jintang county has been hailed for her bravery after she climbed out of a third floor window to prevent an elderly man from jumping. Today marks China's Tourism Day and the opening of the first World Conference on Tourism for Development.
Travel and tourism makes part of the human pursuit for a better life; it opens a way to the new and the unknown world.
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She thought a few moments of silent reflection in front of the Christmas tree the family had decorated the night before would help, so she made her way downstairs.
In the sliver of morning light coming through the curtains, Kevin could see Sherry’s face was drooping. Fear began to set in because she was unable to communicate her suspicions to her husband or to the emergency medical personnel, who arrived within minutes. A moment of relief finally came, she says, in the ambulance as they transported her to Mayo Clinic’s Comprehensive Stroke Center in Jacksonville. Typically, doctors can use an intravenous clot-busting medication for patients who arrive to the hospital within four hours of symptom onset. Dogged determination – and a little help from a speech therapist – and today, Sherry is back to her old self – lecturing in class, running daily and reading to her children every night.
Although doctors cannot be certain that it was the cause of Sherry's stroke, they discovered that she suffered from a patent foramen ovale, a hole in the heart, which can increase one’s risk for stroke.
Over the past six months, Sherry has become an advocate for stroke awareness and shared her story with media and as part of American Stroke Association outreach events. In June 2014, Jim traveled to Mayo Clinic and underwent surgery to remove almost all of the right half of his pelvis and the head of hip femur. When Jim returned to his home in Annapolis, Maryland, in August 2014, he still had plenty of recuperating left to do.
Jim hasn't required any treatment beyond his surgery, and there's been no sign of the cancer returning.
At the local hospital, doctors diagnosed Lucy with atrial fibrillation, a condition in which the upper heart chambers, the atria, beat irregularly. Lucy visited a local cardiologist, who prescribed several medications to regulate her rapid heartbeat and her thyroid levels.
Patients with atrial fibrillation are at an increased risk for stroke in part because as the atria beat chaotically, blood clots can develop in the little pockets of the atria and travel up to the head. Becuase of her condition, Lucy’s ejection fraction, the percentage of blood the heart squeezes back out with each contraction, was 20 percent, less than half the normal rate. The physician tweaked Lucy’s medications and recommended follow up every 30 days until her heart rhythm was under control.
Less than two weeks later, though, Lucy ended up in the emergency room again after passing out and hitting her head on the kitchen counter. That seemingly innocent ailment, however, would eventually lead to a series of tests and ultimately a diagnosis of a rare disease known as amyloidosis for which he required a bone marrow transplant at Mayo Clinic's Florida campus. Relatively few oncologists or hematologists have experience in treating amyloidosis over the course of their careers. After a full evaluation, Stefan received a diagnosis and was informed he'd need chemotherapy treatment and possibly a bone marrow transplant, a procedure which wasn't without its risks. During July 2014, Stefan began a series of what was expected to be six to eight chemotherapy cycles. Stefan was admitted to the hospital and had his bone marrow transplant on Christmas Day 2014. He had a difficult recovery period for a week or two immediately following the transplant, which is a common occurrence for bone marrow transplant recipients, since their immune system is compromised for a period of time. Today, Stefan's disease is being carefully managed and he is doing well, enjoying his work as a chef and spending time with his wife, two children and three grandchildren. Marlow Cowan, whose playful piano duet in our Mayo Clinic atrium with his wife, Frances, became a YouTube sensation and led to national and international TV appearances, has passed away at age 97. One of the last questions a week ago my Dad asked me was, "Do you think there will be a piano in heaven I can play?" (Of course our Dad could never pass up a piano without playing it). Seven years years ago last month, we saw Jodi's video and included it here on Sharing Mayo Clinic, and also posted the link to Facebook and Twitter. The Cowans also were interviewed (via something akin to Skype) for a story on the Japanese TV network, NHK, and were featured in many other news stories. We've stayed in touch since then, as I had opportunities to visit with them in Ankeny, Iowa, and as they also have returned to Rochester for some medical appointments and even a couple of concerts.
We're honored that the Cowans chose to do their last major public performance at Mayo Clinic, an after-hours concert in connection with a health care social media conference we hosted in 2011.
Due to Brennan's extensive injuries, doctors were concerned he might not be able to walk again.
Brennan and the out-of-control truck careened down the incline and ran out of road at a T-intersection. Paramedics arrived to direct his care and guide the task of cutting Brennan free from the wreckage.
The injuries required Brennan to be in an intensive care unit at Mayo Clinic's Saint Marys Campus.
During his stay, Brennan's spirits were buoyed by his care team, especially Mike Diekmann, one of his nurses.
That extra step, he says, was crucial, as he was working through memory issues resulting from his injuries. One of Brennan's first exercises was to sit on the edge of his bed three times a day for 20 minutes. That determined attitude helped as Brennan and Kayla planned a special surprise for the guests at their wedding in January. At the end of the service, the happy couple walked out to thunderous applause, cheers and tears. Even though he still has a lot of rehabilitation ahead of him, Brennan is hopeful he will be able to return to work soon. As Kayla reflects on all the people involved in Brennan's care, she sums up the experience in one sentence. For six months, Chad Thompson slept sitting up to ease debilitating headaches caused by a tumor growing on a nerve in his head. Purchased with philanthropic support from the Setzer family of Jacksonville, Florida, the Anatomage machine looks like a table-size touch screen, and it renders the human body and anatomy in three dimensions.
Chad's case may be the most extensive example to date of the Anatomage’s application for patient care, says Dove. Determined to find answers, Vivian reached out to a family friend who is a cardiologist in the United States.
In June 2015, Vivian came to Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota, for an evaluation and diagnosis.
Vivian underwent surgery in September 2015, supported by a rotating cadre of family members and friends, including her loving mother, Ruby. The high-quality care Vivian received is made possible through the generosity of benefactors who previously gave to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy research and education. The family's gift, in honor of Vivian's parents Paul and Ruby Tsai, recognizes medical excellence and innovation at Mayo Clinic. Learn more about the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases and the Division of Cardiovascular Surgery.
These treatments could help correct the severe spinal curve that had developed quickly during a growth spurt, her doctors said.
The Christophersons learned about Camden's condition shortly after a family move put her in a different school district. Designed to treat moderate to severe scoliosis, vertebral body tethering typically is recommended for adolescents during puberty who are still growing. Teresa's investigation took her and Camden to the Philadelphia Shriners Hospital for Children. In Philadelphia, Camden and Teresa met with surgeons that had pioneered vertebral body tethering. Although it's possible vertebral body tethering may be the last treatment Camden needs for scoliosis, the long-term results for the surgery aren't clear yet because the procedure is so new. From Teresa's perspective, it wasn't an easy road, but the effort to find an alternative solution for her daughter was well worth it. For 33-year-old Tara Brigham of Jacksonville, Florida, living with a heart condition since birth wasn't something that was going to get in the way of living an active normal life. A Minnesota native, Tara was diagnosed with enlargement of the heart during a routine checkup when she was 1 year old. We would like to invite Agile Practitioners to Agile Coach Camp Canada - West, an Open Space Conference to be held in Vancouver, BC on the weekend of June 17-19, 2016.
The annual gathering at Agile Coach Camp creates opportunities for our Agile community to share our successes, our learning, our questions and our unresolved dilemmas a€“ all in an energizing and supportive environment. The Open Space Technology, Unconference format, encourages participants to join the conversation. Each of us can make a contribution to the art and science of helping people and teams be their best as they deliver valuable software. As you probably know the Exposure Draft of the PMBOK v6 Guide is making its way through review at the moment. Looking through my web site visitor statistics it is clear that one of the popular resources is my PMBOK v4 Guide to Agile mappings.
I get the feeling that DSDM is considered by many people outside of the UK as the uncool, out-of-touch great-uncle of agile. On the one hand I applaud any approach that helps bring the benefits of iterative methods and increased collaboration to organizations, especially those that have previously resisted them. If your project is simple, visual and being undertaken by a small, co-located team then an agile approach is likely a good fit.
Also, given the complexity of large systems, the chance of getting something complicated done right through a sequential process is very small. These benefits coupled with others around an increased sense of ownership and accountability by the team for having been involved more in the planning and ongoing steering of the project, I believe large complex projects need agile techniques more than small simple projects. I am not saying large projects should be run purely with agile methods, they need additional layers of rigor and communication, but there are some great scaling frameworks like Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) that do this without losing the benefits of iterations, adaptation and empowered teams. The next stage after Denial and Anger is Bargaining, where people try to avoid or minimize the impact of a change by making some highly visible or not really substantive bargains.
As an example Gartner states their Mode 1 approach that is traditional and sequential emphasizes safety and accuracy, but I would feel much safer and confident in a system where the highest priority features were developed first and have been reviewed and tested in every iteration since, than an approach that had lots of careful planning and then testing performed towards the end of the project.
If it has a redeeming feature it is that it could lead to the introduction of some iterative based projects, that then open the door to more agile projects, in organizations that had up until then resisted agile methods. Following the update to the PMI-ACP Exam with the addition of the new a€?Agile Principles and Mindeseta€? domain I updated my PMI-ACP Exam Prep book and have now just finished the new questions for FASTrack Exam simulator.
As an early release bonus you can receive 30% discount off my book and the FASTrack exam simulator.
2) Your upcoming project will be the organization's first use of agile, and the sponsor asks you about tailoring the new methodology. Adapting the new methodology will be a good way for the team to learn about agile practices. The team should become comfortable with the new methodology before we consider changing it. We should wait to adjust our practices until we see where the team runs into difficulties applying them.
In trying out the product increment, the customer thought of another feature to add to the backlog.
In the demo, the customer decided that the team hadn't completed one of the items selected from the backlog for that iteration. 4) Your cutting-edge project has several major risks that the team wants to eliminate as quickly as possible. 5) You ask the product owner to allocate the financial return expected from the project across all the product features. Just make up some numbers as a starting point, we'll refine the exact amounts as we proceed.
We need this information to do a cost-benefit analysis of the product features and prioritize the backlog. 8) If your progress toward the sprint goal is being threatened because you haven't yet gotten the website copy from marketing, what should you do? 10) After several months, the agile team you are leading has finally reached the Performing stage. 11) As team coach, what should be your attitude toward your team membersa€™ individual goals and personal motivations? Cultivate them; personal goals are an important reason why people want to be successful at work.
Understand them; try to align personal motivations with the teama€™s progress toward the project goals.
Leverage them; use individual goals to persuade team members to raise their performance level. 12) The developers have just finished building a product increment and will present it to Sara in a demonstration tomorrow. 13) A few months ago the members of the delivery team seemed to be arguing constantly, and they needed a lot of guidance from their team leader. 14) For iterations 1 through 6, the teama€™s velocity tracking chart shows 20 points, 35 points, 18 points, 23 points, 25 points, and 22 points. 16) You mention in a meeting that agile teams focus on people rather than processes and tools. If we get the right people on the team, the processes and tools they are using won't matter. Having an empowered team is more important for project success than the processes and tools being used.
A project's chances of success are heavily dependent on whether we can get the best people on the team.
17) When you are working with a Scrum team, who is primarily responsible for ensuring that value is delivered by the project? 18) The business representative for your lean team hasn't been available for a few weeks due to a crisis in a foreign subsidiary. 19) In the iteration retrospective, the team's coach reminds the pair programming teams that everyone owns the code, and it is important that all of that knowledge be shared. 20) You've found a more efficient way to analyze the lab test results that you and your teammates are evaluating in the current spike. Explanation: Daily stand-up meetings are typically the earliest source of warning signs or indications of potential problems, since these meetings occur every day. Explanation: Agile practices should be mastered and fully understood before we attempt to customize them.
Explanation: To understand this question you need to think about why we ask the product owner for this information. Explanation: Ideal time refers to how long it will take to complete a work item if there are no interruptions, impediments, delays, or distractions.
Explanation: Since sprints are timeboxed, when a sprint ends we stop working and return any incomplete work to the backlog for replanning. Explanation: One of the key functions of a daily stand-up meeting is to share information about problems and impediments to progress. Explanation: Agile leaders try to align their team membersa€™ individual goals and personal motivations with the teama€™s progress toward the project goals. Explanation: This scenario describes a team that is moving from the Storming stage to the Norming stage.
Explanation: The model that describes the stages of adult skill acquisition is the Dreyfus model.
Explanation: Agile teams follow Agile Manifesto value 1, a€?individuals and interactions over processes and tools,a€? because experience has shown that having an empowered team is more important to the success of an agile project than the processes and tools they choose to use. Explanation: The product owner has the primary responsibility for ensuring that value is delivered by a Scrum project. Here is a link to my slides from the recent PMI-SAC Professional Development Conference.
It was great to catch up with old friends at the conference and receive such positive feedback about my presentation. It is interesting to note that sub-steps 2 and 3, a€?Benefits Analysis and Planninga€? and a€?Benefits Deliverya€? are iterative. This is an aside, but a repeating pattern we often encounter is something I call the a€?Thick Sandwicha€?.
Middle managers and their processes are created to optimize the process, add rigor and controls, but often just hinder the process. Removing or lessening this layer of management interference is critical to ensuring benefits are delivered.
So it is the outcome a€“ the benefits and not the outputs a€“ the project deliverables that we should be focused upon. While numerical approaches do exist for trying to convert these benefits into financial measures (For instance: a€?Negative press around the Product X launch may deflate share price by 5%a€?) by definition these measures are harder to quantify. We have to be careful when using agile for projects targeting Reputation and Safety benefits.
The team may push rapidly ahead on new components and even on trying new approaches to development, but these are not the final solutions.
Projects undertaken primarily for Goodwill and Learning benefits are great candidates for agile approaches.
Benefits management focusses on the bigger picture view of why we undertake projects and programs. Benefits Management takes the longer term, not just scope, schedule and budget criteria view to track the Whya€™s of projects to delivered benefits.
I ran a couple of Calgary based PMI-ACP courses three years ago when the exam first came out. In October 2015 the PMI rolled out the updated version of the PMI-ACP exam, based on feedback from hundreds of existing credential holders and agile practitioners. I was a founding member of the steering committee that designed and developed the exam content outline.
The course will be capped to 15 people for better Q&A and will take place at historic Fort Calgary which is close to downtown on 9th Avenue and has free parking. The course has a 100% pass rate and uses Turning Technologies audience response technology. Even though several people reported receiving their books last week, Canada Post takes a little longer, but today I got my first look at the second edition of my PMI-ACP Prep book.
Ita€™s a hefty text book now, but the extra material is support, more explanation and feedback suggestions from hundreds of readers of the first edition. If we lose a team member and need to replace them; a job posting needs to be created and sent out to agencies and online forums. A point often overlooked is not this initial hire effort, but the subsequent, much larger learning cycle before becoming a productive team member. So, the cost of losing a team member and having to recruit and train another could easily be $5,120 + $60,480 + $40,320 = $105,920. The name is a play off the concept and title of maker, which in this case would convert a tongker's solutions into a viable business idea. Guizhou was approved by the central government earlier this year to be China's first big data pilot zone.
Companies in the incubator can enjoy several preferential policies provided by both the province and its capital. At the final, the top 10 tongkers, top three proposals and top three tongker makers will be announced.
It has 282 km of coastline and oversees 1,221 villages with a total population of 1.8 million.
China's main manned submersibles' propeller electrical machines are developed and manufactured by enterprises in the district, and its deep-sea maritime engineering equipment manufacturing level is considered to be world-class. Thirty-four academicians of the China Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 18 talents of the Chinese central government's Thousand Talents Program work in the new district.
It has a national crude oil strategic reserve base, and is the transit base for iron ore, crude oil, rubber and cotton.
It has six industry clusters: logistics, shipbuilding, household electronics, automobiles, machinery equipment and petrochemical engineering, whose annual production value is more than 100 billion yuan each.
In September last year, 1,650 finished automobiles were cleared by the customs department in Qingdao, as the port entered a new phase as an automobile port. The marine survey, marine organism and submarine resources are the lab's missions of strategic importance.
In November 2013, it took part in a regional marine technology development cooperation project in East Asia.
Qingdao plans to build high-standard infrastructure in the new city to satisfy the needs of its future development. Tsinghua Holdings has earmarked about 8 billion yuan to build a new-technology industry park in the zone.
Led by Liu Mingjun, vice-mayor of Qingdao, delegates of more than 10 enterprises from Qingdao, including Haier Group, Hisense Group and Tsingtao Beer Group, attended the forum.
That is why the Commerce Ministry made it one of the first batch of partner cities in Sino-UK local cooperation in trade and investment. It has the world's seventh-largest port, and 144 air routes to major cities at home and abroad.
In June, Qingdao will organize its enterprises to take part in the 2016 International Fair for Business in Liverpool. It generates more than 20 percent of the country's GDP, topping the rankings for China's three biggest urban clusters.
Each morning, he pays three yuan ($0.46) to take the 10-minute ride on the subway from his home to his office in Shanghai. That's why Lyu suggested smaller clusters of two or three cities be connected in a faster and more convenient intercity transportation system.
Therefore, coordination mechanisms are another key step to combat disparity among the four neighbors, which Lyu said caused variations in many fields, such as public services. The positive side lies in the fact that Anhui's growth rate has outdone them in recent years. This blocks integration and needs provincial governments to compromise for more balanced economic plans," Lyu said. In the incident, Wang Jun, a doctor at Shaodong County People's Hospital, died after he was severely beaten, allegedly by a patient's family members.
The move came after some candidates reported receiving text messages that included offers to help them to cheat or get a surrogate to take the State bar examination, according to media reports last week.
Some media outlets had earlier reported that people in the two regions had been asked to submit copies of their business licenses and tax registration certificates. Efforts will be made to increase aviation innovation and improve manufacturing capabilities in key aviation technologies, according to the guideline. China will further cut capacity in cement residue and sheet glass to "a reasonable range" by the end of 2020. Commissioners are professionals from urban scientific research institutions who will help and guide rural residents.
Therefore, experts strongly suggest that people stay indoors around noon to avoid the gas, which, unlike particulate matter, cannot be blocked by protective masks. It is closely related to other air pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides.
That number dropped dramatically to 205 complaints in 2015 after the revised law took effect, the assessment said. The ministry will take measures to resolve such issues and continue to push forward the implementation, he said. Repairs to the supporting piers and the road surface will follow the assessment, officials said at a media briefing. A preliminary investigation ruled out suspicions of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The move follows a fire at a chemical warehouse that killed a firefighter in Jingjiang, Jiangsu province, in late April, according to a statement on the website of the State Administration of Work Safety.
Named only as "Mike" from an unspecified West African country, the man had worked illegally in Guangdong province after entering China in 2014.
The three-day event, as the first outreach group meeting of G20 leaders summit, will discuss equal participation and innovative development, including gender perspectives in global economic governance, women's employment and entrepreneurship and social protection, women's role in the digital economy and an innovative women's network.
A 71-year-old villager surnamed Zhu was attacked and killed by wild Asian elephants near his vegetable shed at around 5:30 am on Sunday in the Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture, the prefectural publicity department said on Sunday. His second son, Tenpa, was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, with each chemotherapy session - costing 5,000 yuan ($764) - putting heavy financial pressure on his family, which depends on farming for a living.
In 2011, the region began to offer free high-school education, with high school and vocational students getting up to 1,650 yuan in subsidies for each semester.
Candidates for master's and doctoral degrees will each receive 15,000-and-20,000 yuan subsidies every year, according to Shannan's education and sports bureau.
The leaves of coconut trees, swaying in the breeze, cast fleeting shadows on them in an almost idyllic scene. Tokyo is also seeking to pass a strong declaration on the South China Sea during the upcoming G7 summit in Japan.
This may be ignored or glossed over by some in Japan, but wounds that were then inflicted are still sensitive. That signaled an end to her severe hay fever and conjunctivitis caused by poplar flowers and willow catkins, which floated in the air like snow during spring but gradually stopped as temperatures began to climb. When summer comes, the symptoms disappear and I don't have to wear a facemask or take any more medication, which is great," said the 32-year-old Beijing resident. They were planted to act as windbreaks and also to prevent soil erosion, but their spores have resulted in a rise in the number of people with allergic reactions. The result led a large number of people to suggest that many developed countries in Asia are less hygienic that their Western counterparts, which may produce "stronger" immunity in local people who have a natural resistance to allergens.
In response, the body begins to produce an antibody called Immunoglobulin E, which attaches itself to blood cells known as mast cells and causes histamine and other chemicals to be released into the bloodstream, prompting an allergic reaction. The symptoms of nasal or skin allergies commonly include itchy, watery eyes and skin rashes, while food allergies can cause stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. Most expat patients with allergies come to our hospital because they have already had the problem in their home countries," he said.
In addition to improvements in the Chinese health system, which means more people with allergies attend hospitals for treatment, Chinese people hardly have severe allergic symptoms even to the same allergen, compared with Westerners," said Sha Li, a physician at the asthma clinic of the Capital Institute of Pediatrics in Beijing. Moreover, it's widely believed that changing one's living environment is a major reason behind that," she said.
The use of air conditioners and carpets, and increased exposure to food additives and vehicle emissions raise the chances of a person aggravating an allergy," said Liu Guanghui, director of the anaphylaxis department - which treats potentially life-threatening allergic reactions - at the Tongji Hospital in Shanghai. Enzymes in their feces and exoskeletons are known to provoke allergic reactions, and urban lifestyles provide perfect living conditions for the mites, which are usually found in bedding, carpets, soft furnishings and clothing. In 1978, just 18 percent of the Chinese population lived in urban areas, but by 1995, the figure had risen to 30 percent and in 2013, it was 54 percent.
She added that studies conducted by the hospital show that the incidence of asthma among children younger than 18 is higher in the greenbelt surrounding the capital than in the urban areas. The incremental increases prompt the immune system to become less sensitive to the allergen. Some patients with skin allergies may find that the scale of their allergy may also diminish as they get older," she said, adding that her conclusion is based on more than a decade of clinical experience.
During this period, production of sebum, an oily substance that lubricates the hair and skin, rises under the influence of hormones. She pointed out that physical training can raise the level of immunity and help to control the severity of some allergic reactions, such as asthma.
Doctors provide about 20 children age 6 and older with training and guidance about treating their asthma at home.
The 54-year-old, who grew up in Japan's Gunma Prefecture, which is famous for its natural scenery, was diagnosed as allergic to the pollen of fir trees, rice and wheat in his early teens.
In some cases, it has helped people to avoid life-threatening conditions," said Chen Yifu, a general physician at the Beijing United Family Hospital.
Known as sha in the Tibetan language, red deer are native to the southern Tibetan highlands. She has been sharing her love for the small herd for the past 40 years by feeding them turnips and salt. Cao Bingguang was climbing the mountain one morning early this month when he spotted the tiger standing about 20 meters away from him. The 30-year-old woman, surnamed Xu, reunited with her old flame, surnamed Zhou, three years ago when they stayed together overnight in a hotel room.
The man, surnamed Lu, married his wife in 2008, but she died in an accident on July 3, 2013 at the age of 30. Huang Shishui, 44, came to Guangzhou for work in 2002, but before he could find a job he was admitted to hospital on Dec 12 with severe stomach pain. According to its keeper Li Tianlin, the goat was born on Dec 20 with malformed hind legs that were stuck to its body and later atrophied. The unemployed 27-year-old, surnamed Liu, entered the bank's business hall brandishing the toy gun at 9:10 am on May 15.
Song Wan claimed he stumbled over a tree branch while chasing a pheasant through a forest in Fushun county, which caused his nail gun to discharge and strike Zhang Youcai, who later died from his injuries in hospital. With the help of security guard, 26-year-old Li Qiulan stood on a 20-cm-wide windowsill and successfully persuaded the man back inside the hospital ward.
She had several blood clots, many in distal branches of her brain, which were affecting not only her speech but her entire communications center as well as the right side of her body. But since Sherry had arrived with what doctors refer to as a ‘wake-up stroke,’ and no one could be sure when her symptoms began, administering the drug would be risky.
Brown and his team would attempt to surgically remove the clot via a catheter-based approach known as thrombectomy. She’s recovered to the point that many guests at her recent 40th birthday celebration didn’t even realize she’d had a stroke. A urologist who specializes in cancer surgery, he has spent his career focused on helping people receive the cancer care they need. Chondrosarcoma can be hard to manage, because it tends to affect bones in the upper femur and hip.
Because of its complexity, this type of surgery frequently requires a multi-disciplinary team. He spent three weeks in the hospital recovering, followed by three weeks of rehabilitation. Over time, with physical therapy, he was able to progress from using a wheelchair to a walker, and then to crutches.
Looking back on his decision to choose Mayo Clinic for his care, he has no second thoughts. But one April morning in 2014, the Ormond Beach, Florida, elementary school teacher was barely able to walk from the parking lot to her classroom.
He advised follow-up every three months and once she turned 60, blood thinners to prevent a stroke. However, she learned that in addition to having atrial fibrillation, her heart was failing. Additional risk factors include high blood pressure, diabetes, and being age 65 or older, and females are at higher risk.

In some patients with atrial fibrillation the continual fast heart rate can lead to heart failure. 22, 2015, just a few days after her birthday, Lucy made the drive from Ormond Beach to Jacksonville to have Dr.
Augustine, Florida, noticed swelling in his feet several years ago, he didn't think much of it. Amyloid is an abnormal protein that is usually produced in the bone marrow and can be deposited in any tissue or organ in the body.
But after two cycles, he was told the treatments weren't working and that he'd need a bone marrow transplant to potentially improve his condition. Eventually his immune system stabilized, and he was well enough to be discharged from the hospital. Ailawadhi, and his protein levels continue to slowly improve to a manageable level, although his disease is not yet is full remission. I told him I was certain there was something similar to a piano but much more glorious and that I was sure he would be joining with the angels playing it for the Lord. Through it he brought joy to millions (more than 11 million on YouTube as of this morning, as well as countless others through live performances.) I have been blessed to know Marlow and his family.
That changed dramatically when a horrific vehicle accident landed the 30-year-old farm worker in Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus, for two months. But with the help of a supportive care team and the love and encouragement of his fiancee, Kayla, Brennan progressed enough in his recovery to go home in December 2015.
Driving a 30,000-pound feed truck near the town of Rollingstone in southeastern Minnesota, Brennan was at the crest of a hill when he tapped the brake pedal and came to a scary realization.
After nearly four hours of effort, Brennan was moved to an ambulance and taken swiftly to Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester.
His list of injuries included a crushed right heel, several broken bones in his right leg, fractured ribs, a damaged auditory canal, and a broken pelvis, tailbone and jaw.
Mike shared his artistic talents by drawing in Brennan's notebook and leaving him encouraging messages.
A nurse at Mayo Family Clinic Northeast in Rochester, Kayla wanted to help her fiance while he was in the hospital.
There, he met Brianna Skrukrud,  a nurse practitioner in Trauma, Critical Care and General Surgery, who he says was critical in aiding his recovery.
After seven weeks off his feet, he was able to walk 20 feet during his first day of rehabilitation. Brennan's parents pushed him to the front of the church in a wheelchair at the beginning of the service.
He and Kayla have delayed their honeymoon in anticipation of the progress he expects to make. Now, after a successful surgery at Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus in March, the 40-year-old Jacksonville resident is having conversations with friends and co-workers that he never expected. It was originally created to reduce the need for cadavers in anatomy training for medical education, but it can also be used for surgical planning and case study review.
Casler, chair of Otorhinolaryngology at Mayo Clinic's Florida campus, found a better way to remove a 5-centimeter schwannoma, a benign nerve-sheath tumor, from Chad's head. Casler thought of a different approach, one that would use an incision underneath Chad's upper lip and through the bone of his mid-facial skeleton to access the tumor. Casler got together five weeks after the surgery for a special live video broadcast on Mayo Clinic’s Facebook page demonstrating the Anatomoge table and reviewing Chad’s case.
With renewed resolve, she consulted with specialists, reached out to friends, and sought referrals. This procedure corrects the curve of the spine by connecting two or more of the spinal vertebrae.
Larson at Mayo Clinic, they discussed a variety of possibilities, including the VBT procedure. The surgeon attaches a cord to each of the screws and then pulls and secures the cord, so the vertebrae are cinched together on one side and splayed open on the other, correcting the curve. Shriners Hospitals for Children and Mayo Clinic have a close relationship that dates back to Mayo Clinic's founders. At this time, though, it looks to be an encouraging step forward in the scoliosis treatment choices available to teens like Camden, who is happy she had the opportunity to give it a try.
In fact, she says the heart transplant she received six years ago as a result of her condition has made her life even more fulfilling. I have been working with the PMI on some iterative, adaptive and agile content and look forward to when the non-disclosure agreements are lifted and I can tell you all about it. These were created many years ago to support a training course I used to run for project managers operating in environments governed by PMBOK v4 Guide processes. It is NOT a how-to-do-agile in a PMBOK based company, a project executed only through the steps discussed in the guide would be a nasty Franken-process that is neither agile or plan based. While somewhat related to modern agile, it is kind of forgotten about or dismissed as outdated or not applicable. Despite helping create DSDM 22 years ago I still sometimes struggle explaining its origins and role in the Agile Manifesto to people who are not familiar with it.
However, big, complex, embedded systems undertaken by large and distributed teams also benefit from an iterative approach to the early identification of risks, confirming true requirements and surfacing gaps in understanding. Likewise, we cannot expect a project manager to understand all the technology portions, project dependencies and estimation outliers. However, Bimodal IT steers companies away from many of the tools ideally suited for large projects. The first stage is Denial, we refuse to believe this is real, is happening to us, or applies to us. For example, a€?OK, I will use an iterative approach, how about I make my iterations 6 months long?a€? Here, the resistor is negotiating or bargaining terminology a€?I will use an iterative approach whena€¦a€? for an excuse to continue operating pretty much as they were before.
It appeals to organizational leaders who do not really understand or believe in the benefits of an agile approach, but are under pressure to keep up with the times, offer agile projects to their teams, appear responsive to their business community. The Atkins diet was very popular because a rule like a€?No Carbsa€? is simple and people liked that.
Simple rules like Mode 1 traditional and Mode 2 agile-ish are appealing since they are easy to follow. It polarizes project selection when we should be looking more at hybrid models for large projects. I think Gartner should not end with the Bimodal framework, but use it as a foot-in-the-door primer for the Next Steps of continued evolution.
Feedback from people taking the exam indicated more difficult and more scenario based questions were wanted. The new FASTrack exam features over 500 PMI-ACP questions with answers and explanations to get you ready for passing your PMI-ACP exam as quickly as possible. But now they seem to have worked through their issues and their team leader isn't as involved on a daily basis.
After doing the job for a little while, she is now gaining confidence and is able to make independent decisions.
Fortunately, the team has a good sense of the backlog priorities and has been able to continue making progress in her absence. Apparently there were some inconsistencies in the refactoring that was done between different teams, and as a result, there are some unnecessarily complex structures that will need to be reworked and simplified.
The third question in that meeting asks about impediments to progress, which could be signs of problems. If we change the practices first and then encounter problems, we won't be able to tell if those problems are due to the changes we made or other causes.
Although the customer might also think of another feature to add to the backlog, they would still approve the iteration if the work that was done meets the goal that was set. The team could also use risk-based spikes for their risk reduction efforts, and their latest risk-adjusted backlog would reflect the currently expected monetary value of the remaining risks.
The team needs to assign a financial value to each product feature as a starting point for creating a risk-based backlog, where the anti-value of the risks is ranked along with the value of the product features. Since this meeting is held every day, it gives the ScrumMaster almost immediate information about any issues the team is facing, which replaces the need for separate meetings to discuss issues. They do this by managing the product backlog and making sure the team has a correct understanding of the project vision, the project goals, and the product requirements. Although this team might conceivably be using a Scrum-XP hybrid, there is nothing in the scenario to indicate that.
The theme for the conference was Back to The Future and my presentation explained how projects throughout history have managed uncertainty and how we do it today.
It was a bit of a departure for me, delving into history, but an enjoyable one and I learned lots researching it. Work is prioritized with the highest business value items done early and definitions of a€?donea€? that focus on acceptance rather than completion of work help ensure benefits are truly delivered. It describes the situation where workers want to do the right thing and executives and senior managers want business benefits, but placed between them is a layer of middle management who, while well intentioned, tend to obstruct common sense and efficient delivery. In many large organizations too much emphasis is given to a€?are you following process?a€? rather than a€?are you creating value?a€? This is largely because it is easier to measure if a project is following process than if they are adding value.
Gate reviews, retrospectives and PMOa€™s have to be careful to focus on these outcomes and not the outputs to keep returning focus to benefits.
We can have projects to build transport infrastructure, create attractions and hire employees, but the benefits of opening a theme park only come about when all are accomplished at the appropriate times. They engage the business frequently and work iteratively towards what the business wants which may be different from what was first asked for.
The longer and larger an endeavor, the more likely it is that business, the market and sponsors will change. Rather than slicing a project horizontally into activities and doing all the requirement gathering, then all the analysis, and then all the design; agile projects slice vertically developing and delivering small increments of functionality.
I firmly believe the iterative nature of agile that delivers candidate solutions early, bakes the most significant elements in up front and employs far more review and feedback cycles leads to higher quality solutions. They go fast to uncover gaps in understanding sooner to build a better product in the long run. The frequent lookbacks at the benefits and process being used themselves foster goodwill and learning opportunities. Often project managers, who are rightly close to their projects, cannot see the bigger picture of what success looks like.
Agile projects take a business value driven approach that usually aligns with benefits but still needs higher level coordination. Since then the certification has grown in popularity from niche to mainstream with over 10,000 people now holding the credential. The new Exam Content Outline has been restructured with the addition of a new domain a€?Agile Principles and Mindseta€? to focus on thinking and acting in an agile way as opposed to simply implementing agile processes and hoping for improved results. We based the exam on what agile practitioners with a year or twoa€™s experience should know to be effective. Following the course each participant receives a personalized follow-up study plan based on their sample question performances. It includes the activities of recruiting, retaining, developing and rewarding people along with workforce planning. We then need to sift through replies and come up with a short list of candidates to consider further.
A convenient Tayloristic view of management believes one developer can be swapped out for another. The COCOMO II estimation model has Team Cohesion scaling factor that is used to a€?account for the sources of project turbulence and entropy because of difficulties in synchronizing the project participantsa€?. Makers are individuals or enterprises that can help tonkgers convert their ideas into viable business propositions.
Last year, its ocean-related GDP was 67 billion yuan, accounting for 38 percent of the ocean-related GDP of Qingdao. In December 2014, Qingdao's development plan for the Blue Valley was approved by the central government of China, and became the fifth national-level model base of marine technology in China.
The Beijing Science Park Development Group also plans to invest 6 billion yuan to construct a pharmaceutical industry park in the zone. The other two are the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cluster in the north and the Pearl River Delta cluster in Guangdong province in the south. As of the end of last year, China's general aviation industry had more than 300 airports, 281 enterprises, and 1,874 aircraft, official data shows. Exposure to ozone is linked to premature death, asthma, bronchitis, heart attack and other cardiopulmonary problems.
Levels of ozone typically rise at midday due to strong sunshine and higher temperatures, said Chen Nianliang, a researcher at the monitoring center. Companies will be severely punished if they fail to ensure the proper safe storage of chemicals, such as ammonium nitrate, nitrocellulose and sodium cyanide, according to the statement. When people visit China's Yongxing Island in the South China Sea for the first time, residents proudly point out these symbols of China's sovereignty: a three-story gun tower and a 1-meter-tall stone with red lettering that marks the return of the island to Chinese sovereignty after the war against occupying Japanese forces. Media reports show that hospitals in cities such as Beijing, Qingdao, Shandong province, and Changchun, the capital of Jilin province, have seen a rise of 30 to 50 percent in the number of patients with severe allergies during springtime. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences expects 60 percent of China's 1.3 billion people to be living in cities and towns by 2018.
Cao said later that he had never come across a living tiger and was unsure what to do at first, but then he remembered some advice he had once been given and shouted loudly instead of running away. Xu later discovered she was pregnant and divorced her husband, surnamed Cen, before marrying Zhou, who also had to divorce. The woman's relatives were convinced that Lu had killed his wife and demanded 300,000 yuan ($46,085) compensation.
He was treated for a gastrointestinal perforation, but had no money to pay for the surgery so the hospital let him go without paying. However, the animal has learned to stand and walk on its forelegs and live with other goats. He demanded money, but bank staff triggered the alarm system which alerted the police, who came and detained Liu five minutes later. On behalf of the Chinese government, let me offer warm congratulations on the opening of the conference. The Chinese have always believed that he who excels reads as many as 10,000 books and travels as far as 10,000 miles. You will have the option to renew, but you will not be automatically billed at the end of your subscription. This procedure would give Sherry the best chance at regaining her mobility and communication, though the outcome was uncertain. Often called a brain attack, a stroke occurs when a blockage stops the flow of blood to the brain or when a blood vessel in or around the brain bursts. The soreness lasted well beyond what he thought was normal, so he went in for an evaluation. The diagnosis: an uncommon type of cancer called chondrosarcoma that begins in cartilage around bones. Although he still relies on crutches, Jim has been able to resume his medical practice part-time. Not only do these return visits fill an important medical purpose, he says they also conjure personal connections from years gone by. Unfortunately, just a few months shy of her 57th birthday, she would need more than simple follow-up.
Today her heart is stronger, and she is able to do weight training and gardening, one of her favorite activities. After all, as chef at a local golf and country club, he is on his feet for hours at a time.
And to walk down the aisle at the end of his wedding ceremony a month later, with a little help and with his new bride by his side.
The truck vaulted into a nearby creek embankment, where it lodged itself about 10 feet into the dirt. One of the nurses on Brennan's care team, Rhonda Overkamp, saw opportunities for Kayla to put her health care experience to use. Mayo Clinic has used it in patient care applications nearly 30 times and is one of the first medical centers to use it for that purpose, according to Conrad Dove, an information technology specialist in the simulation center. Chad researched anatomy and surgical techniques and sought a second opinion at another medical center, but he didn’t find another alternative.
Casler and his team met with Dove in the simulation center and looked at – and manipulated – the 3-D images the Anatomage created from Thompson’s MRI. Instead of being alone at the hospital on Easter Sunday, Chad was surrounded by his family. However, she began to lose strength in her early 30s and went to the doctor with her father, Paul.
But as she watched another member of her family struggle with symptoms she recognized in herself, her own condition became harder to ignore. While eating dinner, Vivian would often have to lie down for half an hour before returning to her meal because she would become so tired and lightheaded.
Finally, she received a precise diagnosis — apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a disease in which the heart muscle becomes abnormally thick. Schaff immediately to discuss the possibility of the procedure she had been told did not exist — an apical myectomy. Not only will this generous gift benefit Mayo Clinic patients, but patients throughout the world, including East Asia, where the Tsai family calls home.
So when doctors told her, at age 13, that she had to wear a brace for 22 hours a day to combat scoliosis, and surgery to fuse her spine was likely in her future, Camden was devastated. And her mother, Teresa Christopherson, wasn't ready to accept that a brace and fusion surgery were her daughter's only choices. She was fitted for a brace, but due to the severity of her condition, her doctors were concerned it wouldn't be enough to correct the problem. Metal screws and rods typically are used to hold the vertebrae together, so they can heal into one solid unit. In 2015, Shriners Hospitals joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a national network of organizations committed to better serving patients and their families through physician collaboration. I think I can state, without saying too much, that people can expect to see a natural evolution of mainstreaming techniques that are now considered common practice.
Instead, it is a thinking tool and discussion guide only for people operating in environments with both plan-driven and agile type. While some Not Invented Here (NIH) prejudice is natural, there is a cruel irony in DSDM first being criticized for being too large and bureaucratic to be truly agile because it includes architectural elements and program management guidance, then 20 years later SAFe, LeSS and DAD adding these elements for large enterprise suitability. In Gartnera€™s words a€?Bimodal IT is the practice of managing two separate, coherent modes of IT delivery, one focused on stability and the other on agility. Engaging the team more through collaborative practices to better estimate, plan and identify risks produces much more robust plans.
Traumatic loss or change is often accompanied by a surreal, outside-observer feeling as we struggle to accept what has happened or is happening. By publicly adopting Bimodal IT, they can push the small, trivial projects through an agile methodology - appeasing critics while clinging to their more comfortable traditional, sequential model. Ask a nutritionist though and they will do two things, first they will explain that while it has some truth to it, the real makeup of good nutrition is more complex and varies depending on a large number of factors.
However, like any restrictive diet, they are at best an over simplification and at worst are potentially harmful.
You can plan in detail and analyze requirements with reviews and tools a€“ I spent 10 years of my software career working on very formal military projects a€“ but, I believe the best way to discover if software works is by working the software. It promotes more of a bargaining adoption of iterative methods and empowered teams than a serious acceptance of where these approaches can help all project types. So, while it currently has some use as a gateway or stepping stone to deeper thinking about project approaches, it should not be considered a destination for IS policy as it stands today. The FASTrack exam simulator complements the book and provides references to which page in the book to read if you need more information about a topic. However, there are now two work packages that haven't been approved yet--and at the end of this week there will be three. Someone suggests that the code standards should be updated once the differences are worked out, and you all nod your heads in agreement. Problems might also be uncovered in retrospectives and demos, but usually that isn't the earliest opportunity to discover them.
The other two options (missing refactoring, user testing, and QA testing) describe activities that should have been done during the iteration. For this purpose, it is most important to get the relative value of the product features right.
So here the team leader would have changed her style from Coaching to Supporting, rather than vice versa--but that switch would have been in response to the team, not the cause of the change. Also, although the business representative has switched to another focus, that isn't the main point being illustrated here. I also introduced a half-serious idea that the PMI accidently removed most of the theory on managing uncertainty in their attempt to simplify and serialize project management so they could document it in the PMBOK Guide and create multiple choice questions based on it.
So, we need to get benefits from them, or at least think we will get benefits from them, to start projects in the first place. This aligns them well for benefits tracking and management, but there is more to understand to truly integrate agile projects with effective benefits management. Agile is well aligned at CMMI levels 1 (Initial), 2 (Defined) and 3 (Managed), it also perfectly aligns with CMMI level 5 (Optimizing) that focuses on process improvement but runs afoul on the documentation and controls layer of CMMI level 4 (Quantitatively Managed).
Usually, this is a good thing, however for larger programs of work, we need to ensure these local optimizations do not compromise the integration and global optimization of benefits. Terminating a waterfall project 50% of the way through might yield lots of documentation but no usable solution.
Critical elements have more review, testing and usage within the project environment than waterfall developed components. They are human-centered, adaptive, collaborative endeavors and work well on humanitarian and process improvement initiatives that naturally follow progressive rollout and adaptation. We wanted a methodology agnostic credential that captured the agile practices used on most projects most of the time. The book is currently available for 30% off from RMC here and is also included in the course. It has been restructured to match the new PMI Exam Content Outline domains and has a new section on Agile Mindset.
So it is not that there is now more to learn rather more material to help you on your way to earning the PMI-ACP credential.
From an agile perspective much of what we do on agile projects helps with talent management.
Next comes reviewing candidates with the project manager, arranging interviews, interviewing candidates (preferably with team involvement), following up on references, salary negotiations and hopefully finally hiring someone.
However, for a large, complex project it often takes smart, motivated individuals 3 months of learning to get up to speed with the business and technical domain and a further 6 months before they become truly productive.
High-quality products, such as green building materials, or environmentally friendly and resource-efficient materials, are expected to gain more market share, according to the guideline. The man was caught selling cocaine on Jan 11, and police found 24 small packs of drugs weighing about 26 grams. The accident happened one week after another wild elephant killed a villager in the same county.
These are questions that should not need to be asked, as the coconut tree leaves cast their shadows over reminders of history.
Nowadays, though, thanks to greater awareness of allergies, parents get their children's blood allergen checked if any symptoms appear," he said. However, a blood test confirmed that the baby was actually Cen's, who then demanded Zhou divorce Xu. Local veterinarians said the goat's mother was probably attacked when she was pregnant, which caused the kid's disfigurement. I also express a sincere welcome to all guests coming from afar, and pay high tribute to those who have long been committed to the development of tourism in the world. She was a professor of physical therapy at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville and a research collaborator at Mayo Clinic's Florida campus. Although many people think of stroke as a condition that affects only older adults, strokes occur in people of all ages. Biles received his own diagnosis of an aggressive type of cancer, he knew how critical it would be to get treatment from someone with experience and expertise.
He's also back to enjoying past-times like playing the piano, visiting museums, clay shooting, fishing, boating and sailing. Kusumoto explained to her that when he looked at her EKG reports, he noticed she had atrial flutter in addition to atrial fibrillation. When he came to, Brennan grabbed his radio microphone, which was soaked with blood, and told anyone who could hear him he was in a ditch and needed a medic. She allowed Kayla give Brennan a bath, brush his teeth, change his dressings, and help him feel comfortable. So he talked to his family and friends to prepare them for the potential outcome of his surgery. Within 45 minutes, they pinpointed the tumor’s location, identified troublesome blood vessels they would have to avoid, and developed a “mental map,” Dr. Nishimura explained that she had an undiagnosed apical aneurysm, which had been present in her body for at least two years, putting her in extremely high risk for blood clots.
The finding was surprising, because a year earlier, an exam showed no signs of spine problems.
Because this is a new procedure that hasn't been in use long, though, Teresa wasn't ready to commit to it without doing some additional research. Together, the team conducted the procedure through five small incisions on Camden's right side.
Describe opportunities you see emerging as we seek to improve the organization of knowledge work. Then through the iterative approach of developing real, executable slices of the application, the validity of these estimates can be checked and refinements made to model the likely outcomes.
Since most organizations have significantly more small projects than large ones it may even appear that half or more of the projects being undertaken are Mode 2, agile projects when this represents only a small proportion of the project work being undertaken. The second thing they will do is to start explaining the large number of factors and either confuse you, send you to sleep, or make you wish you never asked them in the first place. Finally, it propagates dangerous sequential process models for large and complex projects that really need iterations more than small, simple projects. The team can keep going for a while, but the longer they have to wait for feedback and approval the more likely it is that they will get off track. You definitely wouldn't wait and work around the issue, since agile emphasizes early detection and resolution of problems, whether internal or external.
We can't really tell from this scenario how negotiable the story is, but the description of a online store is broad so it sounds like there is room for discussion.
Many of the questions on the PMI-ACP exam will be ambiguous like this; in that case, read the question carefully, rule out the wrong answers, and look for the option that fits BEST.
Often the benefits of a project are not fully realized until after the project is finished.
Here again the well-intentioned layer of rigor and control can act as a value delivery inhibitor if we are not careful. A perfectly executed project that completed every document and passed every gate review but failed to deliver benefits is a colossal waste of time and resources.
These changes along with more practice questions increases the page count by some 85+ pages.
We encourage empowered teams and give people autonomy over how they work which improves satisfaction and motivation. I went through this recently for a developer on a software project and estimated the total time to the organization to be 64 hours. Xu Xiake, a famous Chinese scholar who lived back in the late 16th to 17th century, traveled far across the country, reaching places that had never been reached before. She spends her days teaching students and patients about the power of exercise and its impact on cardiovascular health.
Tenacious in her attempts, she practiced into the wee hours of the morning, while her husband slept in a chair next to the hospital bed. But getting all of the cancer still typically calls for taking out the hip joint along with part of the pelvic bone, a surgery called internal hemipelvectomy. In addition, other experts such as vascular surgeons, urological surgeons, plastic surgeons and colorectal surgeons may become involved in extensive cases. He also told Lucy she could have two ablations on the same day, one to fix the atrial fibrillation and the other to fix the atrial flutter.
Guided by images from a tiny camera inserted through her back and using a technique called intraoperative low-dose CT computer navigation, the surgeons inserted the screws and cord into Camden's spine without needing a large incision or causing any significant muscle damage.
Organizations often find themselves trying to harvest what they can (if anything) from long-running initiatives that need to change.
His book, Xu Xiake's Travel Notes, tells about his 30 years of travel experience over 400 years ago.
In recent years, we have promulgated the Tourism Law, adopted a national program on travel and leisure and rolled out a host of policy measures for the reform and development of tourism.
Agile Manifesto principle 6 states that the most efficient way of conveying information within a development team is a face-to-face conversation. Sitting a level higher than individual projects and operating over longer timelines, programs are better positioned to identify, track and transition benefits from individual projects or groups of related projects. Obviously they do not call this a€?salvaginga€?, a€?rescuinga€? or a€?trying to get something useful from all that money we spenta€? since there are reputations and facades of leadership at stake. The book is a geographic classic that gives a comprehensive account of the natural environment, and is also a huge travel guide to the natural landscape in China. It is our plan to make tourism a strategic pillar for the economy and a modern service sector to meet people's growing travel needs. The nineteenth of May, the date that Xu Xiake's travel diary began with, has now become China's Tourism Day. Yet in the old days, not many people traveled that much due to economic and social constraints. As the economy grew faster and people's income got higher, more and more people could afford to travel.
After 2000, with increases in household consumption, travel is no longer a luxury for the few but rather a consumption of necessity for the average Chinese. Last year, Chinese tourists made more than 4 billion domestic visits, and expenses on travel accounted for 10 percent of total household spending. Over 120 million outbound visits were made by Chinese tourists and China received 130 million inbound tourists from abroad. Forecasts show that by 2020, the number of per capita travel times by Chinese tourists and the amount of tourism revenue will both double on the current basis.

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