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It was only at 55, when she had been diagnosed with cancer, that her odd behavior started making sense. Even then, my mother felt an obligation to her colleagues and made sure to train me on simple things that could help reduce their workload. This is what I’ve discovered: To be a good nurse, you need to have a big heart, a strong work ethic and a good sense of humor to ride those moments that seem dark and impossible for both you and the families that rely on you. Pratt stayed in this very hospital for more than four months after he was born on August 22, 2009. I often wonder what the newer generations think they are getting into when they choose our profession. The things that make our profession so tough are also the very same things that make this profession amazing. The act of painting is, “sheer delight,” says Larson, whose work is valued not in dollars and cents but in commodities and services. We humans appreciate achievement acknowledgement, so perform a little magic by showing your people you care. She became an LPN in 1994 and an RN in 1995, and has worked in hospitals for most of her career. Halfway through a double shift she had been working because her unit was understaffed that day, she collapsed in pain. The nurses who took care of her seemed rattled to see one of their kind on the opposite side, only because they saw a bit of themselves in my mother.

I saw families gathered in the lounge suffering in silence, volunteers who served as the only companionship to many patients on the brink of death, doctors who briefly appeared at dawn, case workers who seemed emotionally burdened and nurses who filled EVERY void in between, 24 hours a day, regardless of how much or how little support they had. It was here that Pratt and Warren grew close and she never forgot his special case. Warren not only fell in love with the blue-eyed baby, she also got to know his family really well.
The average age of nurses and the average number of years of nursing experience both are decreasing.
This is why we constantly repeat the phrase, “Nursing is not for everyone.” You have to be tough in order to thrive in our world. Her work with expressive art and healing has been included in Sigma Theta Tau’s HeArt of Nursing, first and second editions.
She currently works as a Telephone Triage Nurse for Methodist First Call in Peoria, Ill., and is also a volunteer firefighter. Children felt comforted by her touch, mothers leaned on her for guidance, fathers cried in front of her and sisters shared forgotten stories of laughter and tears.
Why she found it a necessity to help every injured person we came across, even when paramedics where already present.
They communicated with my mother in what seemed to me a secret language, and acted exactly like her. Being a beacon of compassion for humanity is your reward, and one that you embrace wholeheartedly because you see the world both at its worst and its best, and you still manage to love it unconditionally. She is an author, speaker, blogger, raw food enthusiast, and publisher of a monthly health and wellness e-zine. His mom, Shayla Pratt, is also a nurse and was at the hospital every day with Ben and Warren. The greatest thing about our profession, though, is that the benefits of our work GREATLY outweigh the risks. As a nurse at Harborview Medical Center’s Pioneer Square Clinic, in Seattle, she treats the men and women who struggle to survive on the streets.
Patricia has a husband, three kids, three dogs and two cats, and enjoys living in central Illinois.

She had advanced stomach cancer that had already spread to her bones, and even though we didn’t know it at the time, in less than three months she would be taken from us.
None other than Beth Warren, Pratt’s primary nurse in the neonatal intensive-care unit at Kentucky Children’s Hospital in Lexington.
How do they decide and say to themselves, “That’s what I want to do, that’s what I want to be”? As an artist, she captures their personalities in vibrant acrylic portraits (featured in the Winter 2013 issue of Scrubs magazine) that invite others to recognize their dignity.
I thought if I could sell one for hundreds of socks, and others for hundreds of warm caps or gloves, wouldn’t that be spectacular?” Within a week all her artwork sold and in the dozen or so years since she began painting (“on a whim”), her portraits have earned thousands of pairs of socks, gloves and underwear, as well as hats, hamburgers, Starbucks cards and sandwiches. He told me he remembered my kids’ and my dogs’ names, and rattled them off without a mistake. A seemingly complete stranger who didn’t just open her heart, but gave it time and time again to anyone who needed it. Jenny wears her heart on her sleeve and enjoys making real connections with nurses, doctors and patients from around the globe.
I’ve recently discovered a lot of nurses are finding out the hard way what nursing is really like. He then told me that when I told him he had to fight for himself, he decided to do just that.
He told me that he wouldn’t have thought about wanting to live until I said something to him.
I told the patient that we had done all we could do from our end to help him overcome his illness and that he had to decide to fight, too. His condition was about the same when I left at the end of my 12-hour shift and I never thought I would see him again.

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