Playwright Leah Townsend doesn't like conflict one bit, but these days she can't seem to avoid it. Learn to draw My Life's Tom Weekly in this 41-second masterclass with illustrator, Gus Gordon.
I encourage all kids, in fact all humans, to get your ideas down – ideas for stories, movies, inventions, video games, jokes, cartoon characters and just general thoughts on life. The subjects (awkward encounters, girls, gross bodily functions, eating) were also all too familiar to me. Hi Tristen, you recently talked to my brother's class at school and from what I have heard from him, your a pretty cool cat. If you're a regular facebook user or keen on social media in general you've probably heard the term, FML. Known as the narrowest street in Canada, Fan Tan Alley is a notable attraction within Victoria, British Columbia's historic Chinatown. Around the Hat is a history based photography series about the natural and cultural landmarks located in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Roadside California is a road trip based photography series that highlights landmarks throughout California. Aloha Hawaii is a travel based photography series focused on landmarks around the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Motor City is a travel photography series showcasing landmarks and attractions around Detroit, Michigan. Pacific Northwest is a travel photography series that highlights natural wonders and cultural landmarks throughout Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Around Alberta is a travel based photography series that highlights the culture, history, and natural wonders of this Canadian province. Shambhala Music Festival takes place every summer at the Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia, Canada.
History of Alberta is a facebook page dedicated to archival images, photo essays, and stories surrounding this Canadian province. My previous blog about my divorce was written when I was feeling very sad and grieving for the 17 years spent with my husband.  Now I am feeling much more assertive.
Shockingly my 78 year old husband, after 17 years together, has announced he wants us to lead separate lives. When my husband made his announcement he also said he did not want a divorce because of the money it would cost him.
I was a divorce mediator for over 5 years and have gone and photocopied as many of the financial and legal documents that I could find in his desk.
Negotiating a win win is the most equitable style of living togther so you both get some of what you each want.
Thus, I have been reading the e-book Like A Virgin by Richard Branson to see if I can learn to think like an entrepreneur! There is a lot of other knowledge in Like A Virgin so I would thoroughly recommend you purchase a copy for yourself if you are in business. Please contact us at Healthy Emotions if you are dyslexic or have a loved one who is dyslexic.  We would like to hear from you about your experiences.

If you are separating or divorcing there are issues that you need to sort out like the division of your assets and the continued parenting of your children.
Mediation is about meeting with an independent professional who is trained to facilitate the two of you negotiating an equitable settlement – financially and over the access and care of the children. There can be four ways that children are affected that have been generally agreed (originally in the USA I believe). In a multi-child family you can find the clown – making people laugh to overcome their internal fears because they cannot actually handle the stress. It is possible for a child to be a loner and withdraw into invisibility as a way of trying to survive.
Unpredictability and consistent inconsistency can be a hallmark of alcohol abuse in a family and extremely difficult to live with. I was a Psychotherapist for over 20 years (see my training and experience on the About Me page). When I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was told that it is a degenerative disease I lost the will to live. I have decided to tell the British Prime Minister and the Health Secretary about the hypnotic gastric band now just in case they want to order some research on the subject. What I can tell you so far from my personal experience is that my stomach simply does not want me to eat more than half a cup or 2 oz of nutritious food. If you cannot believe it could work please do some independent research for yourself into hypnosis and trance logic and at least read his book. Paul McKenna worked with Dr Mark Cohen an Endocrinologist who specialises in treating obesity. I was on that Facebook page to find out about the demonstration outside the Indian High Commission in London which does not seem to be reported by the UK press (7th January 2013). I went on to try to email the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, with this photo but the form would not go through.
Globalisation has brought such matters to the fore, but I think we are deluding ourselves if we think things will change [and I would add - without media pressure]. So-called multi-culturalism in the UK is turning the clock back here as far as women are concerned.
It wasn’t too difficult a task to channel the random thoughts of that younger, fantastically naive, enthusiastic, imaginative boy as it is pretty much how I am today. Whether it was a panicked list about an operation, escaping false teeth or a drawing of a floating poo, it all felt disturbingly normal. Featuring original photo essays, archival images, postcards and artifacts, this series paints a vivid portrait of this Canadian prairie community. From the coast to the desert, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, this series strives to paint a vibrant portrait of this incredible state. From Waikiki in Honolulu to Pearl Harbor to beaches on the North Shore, this series captures highlights from the most populated island in the state. From Motown to the North American International Auto Show, this series highlights some of the incredible stories and history in the area. From Portland to Seattle to Vancouver Island (and a bit of everything in between) this series is a snapshot of the region.

From Banff and Jasper in the Rocky Mountains to the Canadian Badlands and attractions in Calgary and Edmonton, this series features the dynamic scenery and culture found throughout Alberta.
In August 2015 I attended this massive electronic music festival to go behind the scenes, capture the culture, and showcase the experience.
The page was created to support my original photography and content on historic landmarks throughout Alberta.
In a compromise, each person has to give up something to get to the middle, so negotiation is the best way forward. This is where the solicitor becomes useful as it is a matter of trying to reach an agreement that the court will accept…preferably before you get before a judge. One of the sad aspects of alcoholism is that it affects the children of that person’s family. This material is supplied for information only and is the subjective opinion of Susan Jane Smith and she assumes no responsibility for your actions in any event. This book is full of my stories, jokes, cartoon characters, ideas for theme park rides and other stuff I've made up.
Many of the stories in My Life and Other Stuff I Made Up sprang from things that have happened to me.
Nobody else, at the time, other than Roald Dahl, was writing surprising, funny, odd tales for children quite like these.
This book looks and feels a bit like one of my notepads as a kid, with pictures and weird, funny stories and things that would make me laugh.
I still, like Tom, daydream about incredible situations and still have the propensity to think in a random, fractured manner, jumping from thought to thought with no real segue as if I am picking my thoughts out of a hat. Then her obsessively moderate boyfriend, after a minor argument, has the nerve to enroll her in a "conflict resolution" class. A book like this is a space for you to make their own, to come back to, and to feel safe to explore. Turns out they're learning to embrace conflict and settle it fairly, not just avoid it a distinct challenge to a woman who has spent her life not making waves.
The only problem is fitting it into a short story like youw ere talking about in extension writing.Thank you for visiting my school, you really helped my writing. Enter annoying radio host "Cinco" Dublin, ordered to join the group after punching out a reporter in front of his home.
Sparks soon fly between Leah and Cinco, but can a people-pleasing playwright find happiness with a man who thrives on controversy?
FMLToday, I got home from work to find an eviction notice taped to my door, stating that I was a nuisance and had 30 days to vacate the property.

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