Animated book covers have just started to make its way into book design, but the examples below show a huge potential in this area.
Social networks like Tumblr and Pinterest support animated gifs and it’s where the animated world is being shaped.
Animated gifs let show a fact, a person, or an event, in a new light, and bring a new meaning to a story. To make the cover spread around the web – isn’t it what every book author dreams about?
Most remarkable examples are not official book covers designed by or for original publishers.
See also 17 book-style case covers for Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle VoyageTop articleMost beautiful book-style Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Voyage case covers. Designer Doogie Horner and photographer Jonathan Pushnik took only two photos of each character: “before” and “after”.
Next, Ron Fladwood used an image editing software to turn these two shots into a sequence of 12 images, adding movement and detail to the transformation. ? Credits and more info.
The cover was revealed in late April 2013 and featured the cat, Oscar, which was King’s early inspiration for The Shining.
The book is being published by Hodder & Stoughton, and this publisher is one of the first ones to include animated covers to a collection of book marketing tools.
The example above shows that animation is relevant for every book category. The cover was created by a Bristol-based illustrator Harry McKenzie, and was an entry to a Bristol Short Story competition. I’m not sure about the colors and typography, but the idea of the animation is excellent.
Once published they became extremely popular on the web, drawing a lot of attention to the potential animation could bring to book cover design.
The moment a major online bookstore will accept animated gifs as a format for displaying book covers will mark the beginning of the whole new cover design business. I began to wonder “if there really are witches and vampires, what do they do for a living?” A Discovery of Witches is the unexpected answer to that question.

Unfortunately,  I can’t possibly go everywhere, no matter how much I would like to meet you all. Don’t be surprised if you call bookstores or venues, only to receive blank responses and “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” So if you call a bookstore or venue and they can’t help you reserve a ticket or a book just make a note in your calendar and call back in a few weeks! In the fullness of time, all of the independent bookstores listed will be able to take orders for a signed copy of THE BOOK OF LIFE, as will PAGES (the bookstore that handles signed copies of my books on a regular basis–see my website for more details).
Finally: most of the events will require people to buy a book at the event to get in the signing line. If events get added in these cities (I can’t imagine cities will get added, but additional events might be in various locations) I will let you know.
They are designed by fans, and are either animated variants of original covers, or alternative cover ideas. This subtly animated cover was a part of pre-launch promotion for the sequel of The Shining. The layout soon became interactive – here is a live example (mouse over the image to reveal interactive elements). A simple yet intriguing animation very well describes a new thriller for fans of The Shining Girls, The Passage and Lost. The designers from Epic Reads, a one-stop destination for teen literature of all kinds, spent long hours (and had a lot of fun) to bring movement to the original artwork of selected books. Most of animated book covers available on the web are made for science-fiction, fantasy, or mystery novels – and therefore have the style common for these genres. A classic novella by Robert Louis Stevenson is reimagined by an artist and cover designer Mina Bach. As a part of teaser promotion, the animated cover of the third book from a bestselling All Souls trilogy was revealed. What could be more relevant for a book entitled The Book of Life? No matter whether you use Facebook on the iPad or Twitter on your Android phone, our site loads fast and is easy to read. If none of these stops is near you, and you want a signed book, you can get one by calling one of the bookstores listed below and placing an order.

They look like being shot with a moving camera that was changing its angle, but it’s not exactly what has happened.
Why should the cover has the title and any other text, if all these elements can be placed next to it? In most cases, you can come and listen to me provided there is room, without buying a book. It was designed in 2011 by Macmillan Children’s Books fiction art director, Rachel Vale.
Plus, the style has a great cinematic feel, bringing a new dimension to the comic stylistics. I know some of you will be disappointed that I am not coming to your town (or at least a town near you), but I will tour again when the paperback for The Book of Life releases.
If you’re interested in this possibility wait a few weeks, and then get in touch with one of the retailers.
No news as yet on when my appearances will be (I will have two, and very probably at least one signing), and so far the plan is to have producer Jane Tranter of Bad Wolf and writer and executive producer Ashley Pharoah join me on one of the panels.
They have to close the store to regular customers, hire extra help, and sometimes hire a venue to accommodate all of you. Traditionally, Comic Con is very late about setting the schedule so all you can do is get in the queue for tickets and hope for the best, I’m afraid! Imagine how aggravating it would be to own a bookstore and have people coming in with books from a discount box store. Often, bookstores will allow you to buy the book, pick it up, read it, and return with it (and the receipt) on the day of the event (if, for example, the event is in August and you can’t wait that long to read it).

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