Here you can join over 400,000 members from around the world discussing all things Catholic. The story revolves around three people who find themselves at the same Catholic Mass because of crises they are struggling to endure. Through their angels, they come to understand what Pope Benedict XVI described in Light of the World, his book-length interview with German journalist Peter Seewald. After viewing it, please submit your own personal film review (positive or negative) in this thread for others to consider!! I am not into animated films at all, and was a little apprehensive about this one due to it being animated. I think everyone should watch it, it's a good movie about being Catholic and what that means.
Please don't forget to submit your own personal viewer's film review (positive or negative) in this thread for others to consider!!

Without appearing to support any specific store, because I really do not support any, Walmart has it out in stores and for online ordering for $ 9.96 since Nov 27th.
Since it is an American Wal-Mart link I'm still unable to order this movie but thanks for providing the link and the information. Tomorrow is the final meeting here in Numan and I am sure that Jesus has saved the best for last.  Thank you for your continued prayer.
I thank God for what He is doing through His servants – Evangelists Reinhard Bonkee and Daniel Kolanda.
Membership is open to all, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, who seek the Truth with Charity. Going to Mass is not new to any of them ? but they need assistance to embrace its true meaning. I do not know if you have that store in Canada, but I know we bought four copies there on the 27th.

When they feel the necessity of going to church they meet wach other and their lifes change. I pray that the Lord will intensify this holy fire to burn into the heart of Nigeria and Africa to save the losts and bring deliverance to all who are opressed by the devil. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it the rest of the days due to that I stay in the central region and had to return home.
That guidance comes from their guardian angels, who help them to understand the struggle between good and evil, and the miraculous triumph of faith that manifests itself in every celebration of the Eucharist. Under the tutelage of guardian angels, they will understand the true meaning of the Mass, the constant struggle between good and evil and the triumph of faith and hope.

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