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Chemistry – Gas Laws Name _________________________________________ Period _________ Date _____________________ Boyle’s Law Computer ActivityFollow instructions from your teacher to access and open the Gas Properties Simulation.
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Measure the volume of the container using the ruler.Calculate the values as indicated in the other columns.

Trials Volume (V) Pressure (P) Calculate k1 = (PxV) P Calculate k2 = V Trial 1 2 3 4 5 6Which variable did you control (independent)?
The rulersunits are in nanometers (nm) but we are going to use the ruler to give us an estimated measurement ofvolume.
If a gas has a volume of 3.67 L and a pressure of 790 mm Hg, what will the pressure be if the volume is compressed to 2.12 L?
Draw acurved line best connecting all of the points.Looking at your data and graph, describe the relationship between volume and pressure._______________________________________________________________________________________As the volume gets larger, what happens to the pressure of the gas?_______________________________________________________________________________________Which value remains consistent in the data table?

This will cause the temperature to automatically adjust to whatever theinitial value is set at.Set your temperature to constant.

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