As much as we want to feel happy and positive, uplifting and joyful, there are times when we simply feel flat.
Here are 10 simple techniques that can help you shift from a not-so-good-feeling mood into a lighter, higher vibration. If you’re feeling exhausted or listless — or if you find that your inner critic is getting the most airtime in your mind—try releasing your white-knuckle grip on the reins of self-control. As you know, complaining, ranting, and venting will only attract more of what you don’t want into your life. Then put those “don’t wants” to good use: Literally turn around each item on the list by writing next to it what it is that you actually do want. So, for example, if you don’t want to feel frustrated or even enraged by horrendous traffic on your way home from work, your turnaround might be: I do want to enjoy the alone time on my commute by listening to inspiring CDs or by singing along to great music. Shifting your focus off what you don’t want and onto what you do want will help you feel better, plus it will open you up to inspiration and inner wisdom. Fortunately, recovered worrywart Gay Hendricks has discovered that worries—particularly chronic ones—are actually a sign that you’re ready to let go of an old thought pattern that’s been holding you back, so you can move forward into new insights and greatness. Now, whenever Gay catches himself worrying, he shifts his focus away from that worry thought and wonders, quite consciously, what positive message is trying to break through. When you find yourself feeling scared or confused or pessimistic, it can help to repeat an uplifting thought or mantra. Situations that felt really bad at the time also could have helped you to develop considerable strength.
We all encounter negative people, whether they’re random folks we run into in a store or family members we can’t easily avoid. In 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency, Melissa Alvarez offers a really cool approach: “Before you put on your regular shoes each morning, imagine them filling with positive energy that is capable of blocking negativity and raising your own energy levels.
Is there something you’ve been wanting to do or something you’ve been wanting to feel for a long time?
I Suspect That The Real Attraction Was A Large Library Of Fine Books, Which Was Left To Dust And Spiders Since Uncle March Died. I Suspect The Secret Of Personal Attraction Is Locked Up In Our Unique Imperfections Flaws And Frailties. I Tried To Avoid It Coming To That, But It Was Bound To Happen…My Attraction To You Has Tested My Self-Control And My Concentration.
I Didn’t Understand This Overwhelming Attraction To A Boy I Just Met, But One Thing Was Sure I Was Slowly, But Deeply, Falling For Him. I Am Aware That Everything In The Universe Is Energy, And That Positive Thoughts, Words And Actions Are Attracted To Each Other.
The World of Colours - Changing Times A Fiction by B S Ranganath Bit - 3 Anoop drew himself into an unacceptable conclusion for a moment. That way, you’ll not only feel better, you’ll become a vibrational match to all the good-feeling circumstances, people, and events you want to attract into your life. So one way you can quickly improve your mood is to focus right here, on the present moment.

In Love Has Wings, Isha Judd writes, “Self-control and self-criticism have become our way of life, and they drain us of our playfulness and capacity for free self-expression. Or I do want to enjoy ease and flow on my commute and feel inspired to leave work at just the right time. In fact, a lot of people equate worrying about someone with loving them, or they believe worrying about politics and various issues is the way to be a responsible citizen. In Living With Joy (recently released in a wonderful expanded 25th Anniversary Edition), Orin and Sanaya Roman offer a great technique for removing that emotional charge: “Every time you think of a bad memory that makes you feel sorry for yourself, or bad about how you acted, or makes you think of yourself as a victim, stop! Ten, if you encounter stressful situations, angry people, or any other type of negativity, call on the positive energy of your ‘frequency shoes.’ Imagine their energy saturating your feet, moving up your legs, filling every part of your body until you feel warm and radiant all over.
Now could be the perfect time to let go of that longing, stop waiting, and give yourself permission to move forward. Unfortunately, It Seemed In Question As To Whether The Attraction Was The Biscuit Or My Hand. We must relearn how to flow from our hearts—to let ourselves look silly, to dance freely, to stop and remind ourselves that life is about laughter and light- hearted joy.
When you find yourself needing to express some negative thoughts so they’ll stop running around in circles in your head, try an easy technique I call The Turnaround.
Or perhaps I do want to enjoy work that I can do from home, thereby letting go of your commute entirely. As Abraham and Esther Hicks point out, “When you are appreciating, you are allowing well-being. Nothing in his life deserved a priority higher than prevalence of the required understanding between his mother and his wife, as the flat he booked was fast getting ready for occupation.
It may be that you learned so much from it you never again brought that kind of behavior back into your life. Two flats in a building were about to nurture two families, but he was keen to see that his initiatives achieve a reversal of the situation. If he succeeded, the two flats were expected to be the extension to one another, in a single family.  Anoop’s actions of the day could have suffered a setback, as the 70-year old Adheesh and 22-year old Brinda’s palms were then held together, drawing a peak of Suneetha ’s anger. When you’re frustrated, you’re not.” So shift from wherever you may be to a better-feeling state of appreciation, and you’ll find that the world shifts around you. It was seldom wise to suspect Brinda for the action, as she was younger than Adhhesh’s youngest daughter.
But Suneetha always said that the age was no matter for the two sexes to attract each other.
Anoop’s memory raced back to the candle-lit evening during which a furore was witnessed, two years ago.  Vibha, MBA student and an upper floor resident of the building, found it difficult to enter her flat as it was dark due to trip of electricity that evening.
Having sighted Adheesh at the front door, she formally enquired about the people in the house and then requested him to spare torch for a while.Suneetha came out of the kitchen having overheard the female voice and witnessed Adheesh handing over the torch. A. She took her husband to task straightaway, alleging that Adheesh was waiting to get close to Vibha and seized the opportunity through sweet talks during the torch hand-over.
In a taunting reaction towards Adheesh's stunned look, she said: ‘You could have called me to talk to the girl if your mind did not have dirty intentions’.

He knew well that it is next to impossible to draw Suneetha’s attention towards any other subject, in the aftermath of such instances. That is why he was worried, with an imagination that all his efforts in bringing his people up to here would end up in a failure during the day.  Anoop continued the process of introducing his people to the colleagues moving in and out of Canberra Computer Company, in return to the welcome wishes he received. But the family members felt this process as not at all friendly, as they accompanied Anoop presuming that they will be out on a picnic. Picnic would have provided opportunities to sing and dance like free birds, while stiffness prevailed in the atmosphere over here.  Documentation at the security post got completed and the guests were asked to wear tags before their entry into the premises of Canberra Computer Company.
Suneetha protested as expected, by complaining that Anoop brought her here with a selfish motive.
She was potent enough to abandon the trip then and there, but somehow got convinced, after a thorough intervention by Amol and Geetha. Bit - 2 Anoop threw open the door on his side and was about to step out. The lean and sharp Brinda, security supervisor of Canberra Computer Company, walked up to the car and shook hands with Anoop, who began to brief on the number of entry passes to be issued. Suneetha was the first to observe Anoop in a welcome exchange clutching Brinda’s hand. She remembered a past scenario of herself warning Kshama to keep a constant watch on Anoop.
Kshama at that instance appeared to accept that males easily fall a prey to any female if provoked, nodding her head to what Suneetha explained quoting something about Adheesh too! By give and take of smile and skin contact with another girl, is he trying to prove in front of Suneetha that he re-worked on the plan of his life? He did not spell out openly, but considered Kshama as hundred percent right, in expectation that the working women need not be pressurized to look into cooking and other residential chores.  Illustration by By Late T R Varaahamurthy, M. A. Amol found Brinda as charming as Divya, Jahnavi and Mythri and formed an opinion within. He visualized a lack of attraction between Anoop and Kshama and told himself that they would divorce. He supported his own stand of having left the parents in a similar situation to stay with in-laws, simply due to Geetha’s attraction. Geetha did not add any significance to the handshake. Neither was she agreeable to Amol’s view quoting that anyone amongst relatives Divya, Jahnavi and Mythri could have been the right wife to Anoop. She considered it as the best for couples to stay away from parents, if wavelengths are supposed to match. Offer came from Kshama and a separate house was very much there – yet Anoop did not agree to be independent and continued to remain with parents, leaving wife to be alone.  Unaware of what was cooking in the minds of Adheesh, Suneetha, Amol and Geetha, as the paper for entry of guests into the premises was getting ready at the security post, Anoop opened the back door of his car.
Brinda, with a sweet smile on her lips, shook hands with one after the other of his family members as an introductory gesture.  Of the four guests who were first timers at the doorstep of Canberra Computer Company, three began to revise and re-revise what they so far calculated linking up Anoop with Brinda.

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