1 ? 4 is an on-going series, where we pose one question to four of our members of various backgrounds in an effort to engage, enlighten and inspire.
Disclaimer: 10 years ago I was navigating the halls of my high school so I will take some artistic license here and direct this toward my early college years. 2.Learn just as much about the things you’re not that interested (weaknesses) in as well as the stuff that wakes you up in the morning (strengths).
3.Create a plan and chart a path to the goals you’re aiming for and be flexible if and when that plan and path veers off course. I am a bit torn by the question; I’m not certain 10 years offers a long enough perspective over a 40?plus year career, as in many ways, I was fairly well entrenched in my habits after 30 years.
Congratulations to AIA Kansas City Firms making the list: DLR Group (#39 on Top 50), BNIM (#19 on Top 50), Helix Architecture + Design (Business List) and Populous (Design List). The Hanley Foundation and Hanley Wood announced today that architect Bob Berkebile, FAIA, the “B” in the Kansas City-based firm BNIM, has been selected as the 2014 recipient of The Hanley Award for Vision and Leadership in Sustainability. The program is in its fifth cycle and is sponsored by the Hanley Foundation, a nonprofit, and by ECOBUILDING REVIEW, BUILDER, and ARCHITECT magazines. At the 2014 Emerging Professionals Summit thought leaders from across the profession came together to address how practice culture can be shaped to prepare current and future architects for their role in society.
ARE 5.0 will launch in late 2016 and incorporate new testing technologies to replace the graphic vignette software, which has been in use since the exam was computerized in 1997.
Sustainable Success Stories is part of an ongoing community dialogue focused on building a better understanding of projects and practices that can transform our community through quality placemaking. In recent years, the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) has called for stories that exemplify great work throughout the region. Women in Design Kansas City is proud to announce that it will publish its first issue of RISE in Spring of 2015! As an architect, the aforementioned was painful to the sight and soul; and has greatly influenced my creative process in the start of my career. Living in structures built from wood when I first moved to America to pursue my architectural studies was as foreign to me as the land itself. The thought concepts which have emerged from this evolutionary journey of mine with concrete constantly influence my design solutions. I grew up in the small, south-central Kansas town of Haven, Kansas, where the built environment of the town is very practical in order and form. The Kansas City Architectural Community has also provided me with many opportunities and mentors.
Certainly our community of Kansas City and its spirited architectural professionals can deliver such inspirational goals. GW is still utilizing the flavor of the month approach to sales, last month was all Apocalypse and HE all the time, and now it is some Apocalypse but mainly Space Orks and some LoTR all the time. I don't have a problem with special characters being limited edition or even the unique in house only sculpts GW gives to their staff.
The problem arises when mundane and vital components, like a required champion or a necessary tank, exist for a limited time. GW needs to move away from this methodology and spend time not only providing hype for new product but also making available sustained coverage and support in numerous formats. GW perpetuates the flavor of the month approach because, in my opinion, they know that sales will continue at a sufficient level from younger players who see the shiny new products that are prettily painted. We brought along some of the gang from the CWF Forums and we'll have some new friends along the way.
I looked around and considered Confrontation, expanding one of the other games, but then I came across Flames of War.
The game is put out by Battlefront Miniatures, which is an outfit based out of New Zealand.
I bought my Hitler's Fire Brigade, updated and balanced rules for using German Armored Forces, on eBay for a pittance.
Speaking of updated books I should mention that within a week or so version 2.0 of the game is coming out and that means a new, updated, core rulebook. FoW has detailed models to accurately represent the different variations of vehicles for each period of the war.
Vice City is my favorite because it is the first GTA with period music, and music I really enjoy, plus it offers some sweet features like a wider array of weaponry and the ability to fly helicopters and drive motorcycles. I've played Vice City ever since it came out, many moons ago as far as video games are concerned, and yet I've never beaten it. The player takes the role of Tommy Vercetti, who has recently been released from prison in Liberty City. Much of the action in Vice City concerns Vercetti's burgeoning criminal empire, spanning drug trafficking, murder for hire, counterfeiting, and protection.
Ang: I could be here for hours trying to explain it all, but the simple term we've always used is a 'next generation database'. CWF: If I may put words in your mouth, Warvault is combining all the traditional online venues into a single location from which visitors can access a diverse array of gaming related communities. Ang: I've been with Warvault since early September 2005, as the co-creator of the project and admin all the way through. Ang: The co-creator, and essentially 'lead-designer', was Brannick, one of the old Chiefs from Imperial Literature (indeed, he gave up his ImpLit position to focus on Warvault).

Ang: I think the incident in May was very much that infamous straw and camel's back scenario. CWF: At the risk of editorializing, it seems that people should be thankful you stepped in to take over.
Ang: I'm pretty thankful myself that I did, it'd have been hell for me to see that much work disappear. Ang: Skennedy has done some HTML work here and there, but he's been on board since about December helping with admin and ideas. CWF: Hehe, you and I share many things in common it seems but the one that stands out for me is our occupation. CWF: Since we're discussing the man behind WV I'm going to ask you some questions based on ones from the hit show Inside the Actors Studio. CWF: But if you want to further put people's minds at ease, how tall are you and what do you weigh (roughly)?
Ang: Fuck is probably the most used word in my vocabulary, though its its own fault for being so damn versatile. Continuing from Part 1, here is the conclusion to the Q&A session with Warvault Owner Angron. Ang: Chaos, Eldar, Witch Hunters and Daemonhunters in 40k, Dark Elves and Khornate Chaos Mortals in Fantasy. Ang: We usually require you showing our icon, promoting us and whatnot, but that doesn't ALWAYS happen. Ang: Everything I can think of on the horizon is unconfirmed, so sadly I can't shoot my mouth off about that. Ang: It's a long voyage, complete with collapsing rope bridges, winding rapids and poisonous monsters. It’s an effort to dig deeper into what it means to be an architect and to investigate how practice and the profession continues to evolve. Have and maintain a positive attitude and don’t limit the professional development process with preconceived thoughts based on assumptions and external influences.
It may be impossible to capture every way in which a firm can excel, have a significant impact on its community, mentor a younger generation of designers, and help save the planet with its energy-efficient buildings.
With its $50,000 purse, the Hanley Award is the largest annual award for sustainability in the built environment. This new version will have six divisions that align closer to how an architect practices today. The 2014 Call for Projects asks organizations to submit projects that focus on sustainable development in the Greater Kansas City region.
This first issue of the Women in Design Journal: RISE will be focused on The Contest of Meaning.
If you or your firm has a new construction or renovation project that might make a good story, please contact Julie Koppen, Greenability publisher, by Wednesday, Aug. Alexandria, a 20 mile strip lying directly on the Mediterranean coast, serves as Egypt’s largest port, and is home to 6 million people. A new building shouldn’t be an independent structure erected oblivious to its surroundings; it is more of a new organ attached to a current fabric, and is either an added benefit or a catalyst for complications. Having grown up in the Eastern Hemisphere where the vernacular architecture’s primary material for construction is finished reinforced concrete, the explicit realization what my surroundings were made of influenced my design process immensely.
However, in Western Architecture unfinished concrete spoke a language I wasn’t aware it could speak. They make me strive to search for the unconventional alternatives rather than settle for the first impression of a probable solution, to instead approach the problem and view it in all possible lights before deciding its “finish”.
However, spending more than a month on a major addition to the company (HE, Apocalypse, when LoTR came out, new edition of a system, etc) should receive more attention, hype, and time in the spotlight than part of a single month. We know exactly what we're getting but we need to stock up now or it'll be gone or out of favor before we blink.
GW needs to take a page out of the Republican 2004 Presidential Campaign book and spend time getting their base out. Nick Payne, a pal I used to play BFG with several years ago, has gotten into FoW in a big way. While attempting to re-establish himself within the Forelli Mafia family, local boss Sonny Forelli sends Tommy to Vice City to supervise an important drug deal.
The player progresses through the game narrative by performing a series of missions, most of which involve criminal activities.
Warvault is a toplist for all miniatures sites, be they fansites, forums, blogs, companies or online stores. I've never been good at rounding my thoughts down into such a concise statement, but you're pretty much spot on. He came up with the idea of Warvault in the first place, though it must be said his original design differed a whole lot to the WV we know and love now.
About mid-May saw a hacking attempt that caused Warvault to go down again, the latest at that point in a long line of downtime.
From there, we decided that the postnuke was a bit like an open door (though I must point out, the hacking attempt was stopped by our server security). I do HTML editing, all the text, page design for promo pages, all the company correspondance, interviews and contacts, and all the ideas.

I know that as funny as it sounds, the people who interviewed me were absolutely fascinated in the concept of Warvault when I explained my hobbies to them. I've been toying with Dark Age and Confrontation for a while, as well as owning a copy of the ST rulebook, sent to me for free courtesy of Mongoose Publishing. For every site about minis to be involved, and to just completely do what I want it to do; be the minis hub of the internet. Through a piece of simple mindedness, I managed to delete all of the fantasy sites from the old database by accident, so we ended up wiping the old database and replacing it with two blank canvases. Every site who wants to join in can submit their questions, which I'll then put to the interviewee and publish at a later date. Some of the tasks you’ll be given may seem menial or not in-line with your skillset but with an open mind and a can-do attitude, those tasks will turn into meaningful responsibilities quicker than you imagine.
But we nevertheless strive to compile a list that recognizes firms small and large, who are making their mark beyond just their ability to run a financially lucrative business.
Projects will be selected based on how well they advance the three pillars of sustainability — social equity, economic vitality and environmental stewardship. As design projects increase in complexity and impact, the insight to properly identify and coordinate challenges and solutions becomes highly necessary. It carries within its walls eras of civilizations and architectural schools stretching back to 330 BC. My revelation of the innate beauty of raw concrete as a primary building material I believe is a bias in my creative process which I owe to growing up in buildings where I never saw it in its naked form. I found great love for this building material as I became an avid admirer of Louis Kahn during graduate school. Just look at some integral but "limited availability" products like the Black Templar Champion (Emperor's Champion or whatever he's called) and that Sisters ordance tank.
At the exchange, masked gunmen kill several of the people involved in the trade, stealing both the drugs and the money Tommy was charged with protecting. This takes Vercetti from being a small-time hood staying in a beachfront hotel to being the city's crime kingpin, but Sonny is looming over Tommy until he finally comes down to get his stuff personally.
Brannick decided that, in the face of all evidence and work, that he could no longer justify owning a site that spent more time offline than on. Skennedy and I decided that a total redesign with one coder would help to tighten any holes, make it a bit more seamless than before.
I regularly speak with Andy C now because of the work we did together through WV, so that's fairly pleasing to me. If your site is fantasy based, then the fantasy toplist is for you, and the same thing with scifi. I and a few others are dedicated to linking between the companies and the community, hence the Gav Thorpe and Graham McNeill interviews going on until Mid-August. One question from each forum member to each interviewee, all properly formatted so I can order it properly. This year, we added a few new data points, capturing information on how firms are helping their interns gain licensure, both through financial incentives and culture. As windows of opportunity multiply and expand for professionals in the design fields, the ability to manage time, identity, and personal enrichment becomes more and more important. From the days of its founder, Alexander of Macedonia, through the Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic empires. Learning about the National Assembly Building in Bangladesh built by Kahn revealed to me an instance where, even though it was built in the Eastern World, the unconventional use of this traditional material choice was acclaimed. Vercetti narrowly escapes and informs Sonny, who demands that Tommy get back both the "product" and the money. And we asked firms to submit a portfolio with an energy-efficient project that best exemplified their commitment to sustainability (ARCHITECT editors judged those submissions). As management responsibilities or company size grow, communication hierarchy and office culture require more organizational definition.
It once housed the Lighthouse of Alexandria (Pharos), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; and the Great Library, the largest in the ancient world (now replaced by a modern one). Through the realization of the defining potential of this material I find a great appreciation for its complex yet simplistic composition through design.
When we ran the numbers (check out our methodology here), some familiar firms rose to the top (Westlake Reed Leskosky), some newcomers rocketed into the top 10 (Studio Gang Architects), and some unexpected interlopers crashed the proceedings (Jones Studio).
A contest for meaning exists in every design task and career-life decision – the first issue of RISE aims to discuss and elaborate on methods of approaching and handling the inescapable dilemmas of precedence and selection in an age of creative abundance and possibility. In the end, the exact positions may not capture the full extent of how firms are excelling. But we hope that the list inspires architects to review their own best practices and embrace even higher ambitions.

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