1 Iowa Roots “The only thing we had in common was that she was from Iowa, and I had once heard of Iowa.” Ray Kinsella Field of Dreams Perched comfortably on the steel spring seat of his Farmall tractor, LaVern McMains first turned his steel blue eyes to the well-worn pasture and then the tall prairie of big bluestem and Indian grass. Elaine Craige’s fondest childhood memory is of a traveling bookstore that visited her school. Juliet Madhoo-Bipa lives in New York City and teaches at Committee for Early Childhood Development. Richard has been an avid student of the Bible and a teacher of Bible classes for over thirty years. Cross Roads of Life, Richard Godfrey’s earnest effort to help readers come to grips with an issue both secular and spiritual--how to manage one’s life embraces offers practical advice often in good natured anecdotes that underscore his religiosity and sincere desire to help readers.
His method of drawing in his readers is to adopt a tone of plain-spoken clarity for the subject he’s addressing. Rather than sermonizing, Richard gradually unfolds a thoughtful strategy for moving through life by adhearing to Christian principles. The format of the book is is laid out clearly to enable readers to follow each chapter’s content without losing continuity.

Although brief, his insights are conveyed succinctly and illustrated with anecdotes for easy retention. I recommend the book for any prospective buyer who seeks to change his or her course of life.
The material in the volume is clearly and accurately researched, using primarly scriptural content which he has taken pains to verify.
I highly recommend this book for study and discussion for High School and College students and adults. To her, there was a big difference between checking a book out from the library and having a book she could actually keep.
This delightful tale holds a lesson about never doubting the ability of another and the importance of friendship; recommended for every preschool classroom. They frolicked and explored the vast grasslands around, ate fruits that grew in abundance and played together.
She had three stories published having earned second, third and honorary mentioned places in writing competitions for two consecutive years.

He and his wife, Diane, live in Colorado and have four adult children, six grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.
She spends the first weeks of her life with her mother and brothers and sisters, eating and sleeping and playing.
Each animal put his skill to the test but failed until the slow Myrtle Turtle arrived and delved to the challenge. They are introduced to phonics in the names of familiar animals and are able to repeat common phrases, example, the animals laughed, during & after the reading to keep them focused.
As it happened, Iowa was home to the richest and deepest topsoil in America, a product of the glacial melt from the Pleistocene Epoch and centuries of cyclical growth and decay of prairie grasses.

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