The tower itself, for the most part, has the latest components inside, such as a Haswell Intel processor, but they’re slightly underpowered for a gaming PC. The 4GB of RAM is also relatively low, and for a gaming PC we’d expect to see at least 8GB.
The included video card is the NVIDIA GeForce GT630, and it comes with 2GB of onboard video RAM. The hard drive is 7200RPM and offers 1TB of storage, which is pretty good and what we’d expect of a tower in this price range. Overall, the iBuyPower AM711 is a decent computer, but the price tag no doubt stems from the gaming oriented features like the lighting and periphreals, and not really the performance inside.
Mike is a blogger and writer with background in computer assembly, web design, and programming. In order to be able to listen to the samples you must install Flash Player 9 or newer version. Showcasing cool cars including electric and hybrid cars, sports and super cars, useful articles, pictures and videos.

A cool wide body kit conversion has been made for the Chevrolet Corvette, from the tuners at ZR1 Body Kits.
This Chevrolet Corvette ZR6X Extreme body kit widens the car 1.5 inches when compared to the OEM ZR1 fenders, giving plenty of room for new wheels and rubber. Smart Cars are by no means the coolest cars in the world but with these cool body kits fitted - they get real close! A collection of cool and very unusual cars from around the world showcasing creations that car lovers have created.
Have a look at this cool 1 million dollar modded 1995 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit MKIV spotted driving around the streets of London. A collection of cool (and some very uncool) pimped tricked out to the max cars from around the world. A collection of cool car interior styling from around the world including some very cool concept car interiors. A collection of weird and wonderful cars that have been modded to the max with outrageous spoilers!

A collection of cool car desktop wallpapers for the PC or Apple Mac featuring classic, sports and concept cars.
The Chevy Corvette already looks great from the factory, but this look has been inspired by the C6.R Corvette racing cars, featuring an aggressive stance and exterior styling. For customers looking to spend a little extra and make their Vette even more unique, ZR1 Body Kits offers a carbon fiber option for the front lip, side skirts, and diffusers. It's available in 2 varieties, the more aggressive called the Extreme Style ZR1 for the C6 Z06 Grand Sport retails for $7,599, while the tuning firm also offers the mild OEM-style ZR1 body kit for $6,999. The result is one of the best looking Corvettes we’ve seen to date, with a menacing stance, and a flush wheel fitment that almost looks too good to be true!
Both of these performance packages are made from fiberglass using compression molds, and is similar to what the GM OEM manufacturers use for their body panels, while keeping the factory mounting points.

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