Solar power took a big step toward becoming the alternative energy of choice with this week's news that energy from sunlight might be cheaper than nuclear power. Power Pack is able to support various models of iPhone, also including the latest iPhone 4.
Anton Mercer, an evil paleontologist, unleashes his Dino Zords -- creatures of incredible strength and intelligence -- on the world, Dr. In 2002, construction cost estimates for new nuclear power plants were in the $3 billion per reactor range.
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As new design and engineering problems emerge, construction costs continue to rise—now nuclear plants are estimated to cost $10 billion per reactor. Reigniting his secret past as the Black Power Ranger, Oliver recruits three students as Rangers. But can a rebellious basketball star, a beautiful loner musician, and a laid-back champion gamer become superheroes in time to vanquish Mercer and his mutant warriors?
Small incremental gains in total generating capacity start producing electricity immediately. The Duke analysis argues that solar's status as an intermittent power source (it only works when the sun shines) is irrelevant because of smart grid technologies that optimize the energy mix.

And the upfront costs for nuclear are astronomical compared to the cost of implementing, say, a rooftop solar system, but the fact remains that nuclear plants can pump out energy 24 hours a day.

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