Bruce Lee made the a€?one inch puncha€? famous in the West at the 1964 Long Beach International Karate Championship, but what IS the one inch punch?
Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. Go to my Switch Terminology Page where I discuss the terms used for the different types of home electrical switches. When wiring a 3-way switch circuit, we will be using a 3-wire cable known as romex coming from the source (such as the breaker box). When wiring a 3-way switch circuit, all we want to do is to control the black wire (hot wire) to turn on and off the load from 2 different locations.

Notice that there is a 3-conductor cable coming into the first box, then a 4-conductor cable going from left box to right box, then a 3-conductor cable going from the right box to the load.
The diagram below will give you a good understanding of what this circuit is accomplishing.
What is common in the diagrams above and with any 3-way switch circuit is that the power hot wire coming into the circuit will always go to the common terminal of the first switch. The principles and basic moves of the most effective martial art in the world are presented by one of its best teachers. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Lord of the Rings club tagged: the lord of the rings two towers the return of the king the fellowship of the ring mount doom sauron.

The traveler wires go from switch to switch connected to the traveler terminals, it doesn't matter which. When the left switch is toggled, it connects to the upper circuit and now the circuit is open at the right switch which turns off the light.
Toggle the right switch and it connects to the upper circuit and now closes the path and turns the light back on and so on.

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