And gurus with their guroid group-think are useful but potentially dangerous when they suppress competitive paradigms. Guessing is a poor guide; gut-instinct can seriously mislead; and mind-altering substances are illegal, unreliable or both!
The first step is to decide the dimension we want to improve and choose a suitable metric to measure it. The second step is to measure the metric for everyone but do it over time – not just at a point in time.
The third step is to plot our measure-for-improvement as a time-series chart and look at it.  Are there points at the positive end of the scale that deviate significantly from the average? If so – where and who do they come from? Now we separate the data into groups guided by our proposed predictors and compare the groups. If so we next go and investigate.  We need to compare and contrast the Positive Deviants with the Norms.
Only then will a new Door to Opportunity magically materialise in our Black Wall of Ignorance – a door that leads to a proven path of improvement.
And only we ourselves can choose to open the door and explore the path – we cannot be pushed through by someone else.
When our system is designed to identify and celebrate the Positive Deviants then the negative deviants will be identified too!
In my lovely Iranian culture, where the power of positive thinking and inner peace hardly makes an appearance, I grew up seeing the terrible impact of this mindset around me all the time: Some people were apparently born lucky and others, well, not so lucky.
It was really scary to think of myself tossed into the well of life and swished around uncontrollably as I waited with baited breath to see if life spits me out as lucky or unlucky. Of course, I grew up being a disgusting victim of this mindset and as a bonus, carried it well into my 20s with me. The power of positive thoughts was proven to Louise Hay by her own life experience and made extremely popular over the years, thanks to her. The root of unhappiness originates from your thoughts, and there is no shortage of bad thoughts so if you want to eradicate all traces of happiness from your daily life, you will have a large enough army to do that every single day, no matter how amazing your life may be.
As much as I thank the heavens for living in the age of modern medicine, I am appalled by the abusive over-medication of our generation, and the complete ignorance of the simple natural changes that can bring about real results without all the harm.
The ego gets in the way and decides you can’t possibly think that changing your silly thoughts will actually turn around your miserable life, now, can you? Rubbish thoughts that rob the very spirit of life and turn all your blessings into average nothings and always wish, dream, and envy the rest of the world because their life is so perfect and their luck so rare. Yeah, that’s a recipe for unhappiness that works every single time, because human nature fights the positive thinking!
And yet, that state of unhappiness is precisely what my Iranian culture seemed to be in love with. So… thanks to my backwards upbringing and cultural influence that blames anything and everything from luck, chance, genes, circumstances, what-have-you, for the success of others and the misery of the self, anything except our very own thoughts, I have now become madly vigilant about embracing the power of positive thinking and spreading it like a bloody gospel! So next time you hear yourself say the thoughts in the red, change it to the ones in the black. Treat the new phrases as a mantra, as a prayer, as a new baby you want to protect, as a curiosity so you allow it to do its work, and as a rule with loving kindness and firmness. When you change your thoughts, you change your energy, your attitude, your outcomes and your life. Applying your affirmations: I have found that affirmations work best when I use them along with guided meditation tracks. I saw Louise in person in the 80’s and then met her at a book show in Chicago in 2003. That said, I feel that the most limiting thing in positive thinking, is the well played mental video we all have. It is a process and it takes baby steps, every single day and every single time the thoughts come. On my walk or bike ride I’ll list all the positive stuff in my life and remember how blessed my life truly is. Our modern education system seems so geared towards getting you to college, from college to a 9-5 job for life(than death). Great, now I have to read this book too, thank you Christina and Lori, and I am so happy you enjoyed the post, Christina, and it’s OK to lapse from time to time, just bounce right back like a beautiful beach ball. I lived most of my life as a fairly negative and depressed victim – something I modelled from my mother. I identify with your struggle of growing up and feeling like you have no control over how you live.
It was only after I was hit by a depression at the height of my professional life and brought to my knees that I was able to begin to look at how I had been living my life. And I must say, gardening is an innovative way to open people to healing and to art…. I love that when you ventured out to post someone other than thy beautiful self’s video it was Louise Hay! Thank you for saying just why you loved my post, you are a darling that never fails to bring me all the shining light I need. How awesome to not only see you Lance but to hear you refer to *YOGA* in your wonderful journey and beyond doing the poses.
Learning the power of upgrading your mindset has been liberating beyond what I can put into words. I’m a true believer in manifestations but haven’t focused so much in affirmations, though I think I need to start! Being truly grateful for the amazing amount of riches (of health, opportunities, money, etc.) we have around us is so important to keep us focussed on the important issues in our lives. I hope as societies we can lose our love affair with unhappiness, and celebrate that we really have so much.
Big hugs to you, let’s be the ambassadors of positive thinking and of controlling our thoughts more so than they control us.
I am definitely going to join you in taking over my thoughts and not letting them control me…and in having a more positive outlook on things in life. Perfect, keep me posted, dearest Cassandra, and sending you the same sweet vibes in return. The word “deviant” has a strong negative emotional association. We are socially programmed from birth to treat deviations from the norm with distrust and for good reason.
Well, because anyone who behaves significantly differently from the majority is a potential source of new insight – so long as we know how to separate the positive deviants from the negative ones. Single point-in-time measurements (snapshots) are almost useless – we can be tricked by the noise in the system into poor decisions.

A path that has been trodden before by a Positive Deviant – or by a whole tribe of them.
And that helps too because they will light the path to more NooNoos that we can all learn to avoid. How someone ended up with their own company or rich by marriage and oh how it was always about “luck”!
Then years later, it was proven scientifically that by controlling and thinking positive thoughts, you actually create new neural pathways in your brain. But you see, changing our thoughts is not as easy as popping those pills and playing a victim of circumstance all day long.
This one is about changing the conversation with yourself, and about eliminating old harmful thoughts for new fresh and empowering ones. Repeat them over and over, as long as it takes until they do replace the negative, disgusting, and black thoughts and start to shine their light on you.
I am not smart enough… I am smart enough to know that maybe I need to apply my smarts better or in a different place. I don’t know how that works [computer, technology, a system, a tool, etc]… I may not have the skills but I can learn, and learn anything I shall! No matter how much we know, what we practice, it is always inspiring to read motivating words.
I too blogged about positive affirmations, inspired, of course, by the queen of the affirmation, Louise Hay! When I stopped letting my negative thoughts dictate my mood and actions I became so much happier and more productive. I’ll write an email offering some help or hop on Twitter and see if I can be of help. This is defiantly the case in Ireland where you are regularly called stupid if you decide not to go along with the culture of drinking alcohol(even though it’s poison). I am so happy to see you here, and I have no doubt you can teach me a thing or two in this topic yourself. Yes there are all sorts of other factors but it is mindset that dictates how you action those other factors. I LOVE that you use this power and have proof and then are even more encouraged to keep using it. Going through a course now and it’s teaching a lot of this stuff in a way that I can relate to a lot of it without the aspects that are way out of my reach of understanding so I am going through a new space and learning a lot, Janet. We can help it by setting examples first ?Y™‚ Welcome here, and come back anytime, dear Kara. I do have a lot to learn, and honestly I am absolutely thrilled to learn everything it has to offer me. I don’t have a Little Blue Book of healing but I do believe that the master of the trait, Lewis herself certainly does. I talked about my 8-year-old daughter playing hockey and how she had discovered the power of positive self talk in her hockey games. Whether it is a team sport like hockey, or soccer, or individual sport like judo wrestling or pole vaulting – the brain works the same way for every person.
You must become conscious of the change in your negative thoughts and actively change them to positive thoughts. What happens to most of us when we stop achieving success – we start to believe that we have can have no impact, we have no control, we aren’t as good anymore. But we are habitually focussed more on self-protection than self-development and we generalise from specifics. They did not go toward understanding the simplest and MOST powerful concept of all: that we become our thoughts and that our thoughts in turn create our magnificent reality. You have done it to yourself or seen others around you succumb to this and it is an ugly spiral, which leads to depression and often off to the doctor to get medicated. What is this obsession to make a perfectly good day a miserable one with envy, jealously, wishful thinking, and countless signs and snarly remarks. It won’t be a picnic at the start, because for some strange reason, we love wallowing in misery and desperation and jealousy.
I am counting on it happening and either way, I will be delighted with the outcome because something better will happen if this doesn’t come through.
I have given it my all and I have a 100% chance of success, either by being accepted or by realizing that this is not the right thing at the right time for me. I am going to make self-employment rock my world, it is my only choice and my only path so backup plans begone. It is better if you train yourself so that you can apply this change to every thought by using the examples above. I bet you enjoyed that conversation immensely and I can see you ONLY one way: gracefully, so growing old gracefully will be a natural for you, dear Tess. Whenever the negative inner voice gets louder I go for a walk or a bike ride and do a little self talk. I like to think that in America, they let you be, and there is some of that same education system philosophy too but the capitalism world is so competitive and fun that you want to be a part of it. There is no stopping to what we are indeed capable of…successful healing and happiness all begin with a positively healed mind. When I am asked about what it was that enabled me to kick my old mediocre life into touch and design the life and work I always wanted, I always reply with one word: Mindset. One of the best examples was during my walking pilgrimage with my soon-to-be boyfriend and declaring that I WILL get ice cold bottle of water.
I myself was very guilty of this until recently…whether I felt good about myself or my life, in a large way, hindered so much on those around me.
Thank you SO much for your comment, and for sharing your love for the world of healing and more happiness and OH YES less drugs or perhaps no drugs if possible! She would constantly tell herself that she could score – that she could move the puck up the ice and through everyone and score. Anyone who looks or behaves too far from the norm is perceived as odd and therefore a potential threat and discounted or shunned. We need to separate associations from causations … we need to understand the chains of events that lead to the better outcomes. Some people very close to me still think this way, that life is going to decide their destiny.
What is this magnetic pull to stay unhappy and be so hesitant to admit that LIFE IS GOOD and that alone is a perfectly good reason to be ridiculously happy. But I think the old negative thought-processes are thankfully being replaced by wiser and more logical ones. I delight in knowing that it’s actually impossible to experience two emotions are the same time.

Since we were sharing a bottle and it was getting dirty since we were only refilling in the rural village wells, I wanted my own. It really does blow your mind (it still does for me!) and I had to ask myself if I was crazy. I have thankfully realized quite the opposite…if I want more positive feelings, experiences, and just things in general in my life I need to have more positive thoughts and ways of thinking. Yet, I am so so happy that in meeting me when you did, you got the part of me that has learned this amazing beautiful lesson and in sharing it, I am so happy you feel more empowered in your own life. My order will be arriving later today, so keep an eye out for my “review” message ?Y™‚ I hope that life has been sending you all the positivity and happiness you deserve, sweet Farnoosh!
Because of the healing that I have received from using your material I would like to use some of it in my talks.
When you have lots of it – your belief that you are good or even great is easy– the self talk is supportive and full of admiration and praise.
Being so young she had forgotten the words she used last year and didn’t realize she was now using negative thoughts now. It was inspiring to see the power of positive thinking – in just one attempt to change the self talk, there was an immediate success. As I listened to him speak and trot out all the usual tropes of positive thinking, I couldn’t help but think about how misleading positive thinking can be, and how it can reinforce the inequality present in society. Ice cold water isn’t very common in provincial side stores, where ice cold Coke is more common (I know, appalling). You, sweet Farnoosh, were a large part in opening my eyes (& mind) to understanding this. But when the win is harder or the defeats start to come – the brain starts to doubt itself.
We talked and I reminded her about how she thought last year and of the great results she had achieved when she saw herself in a positive light.
I say that with a provision nonetheless, which is this: When used properly, positive thinking can be a useful tool in your toolkit. This attitude really makes a huge difference in the way life pans out – as I have experienced.
Every time I read or hear your positive advice and words, I get another key that helps me to open that door even more. I want to thank you sincerely for all the help and friendship (as new as it is) that you have brought to me! And as she had success it reinforced her thoughts and she believed in herself more and spoke more positively to herself. Based on the results she was seeing, she started changing what she believed and what she said to herself. I honestly have never in my life felt so much positivity within me & felt so happy, hopeful, & looking forward to the rest of what my future holds! Her words changed to, “this is hard, I may not make it, maybe I shouldn’t try, I will just try to pass it.” In other words, she started to believe something different than she had before.
As you change those original positive beliefs to ones that match the evidence your thoughts change and aren’t supportive. Thank you so much…for this post, the video you included in it (Louis Hay is an amazing woman!), and all of the positivity within you that you share with us! She doubted herself, started to believe these new negative thoughts, and as a result of those changes in her thoughts and beliefs, her actions changed.
It shows up in the law of attraction, which argues that what you think about is what you’ll attract and manifest in your life.
For example, if you are poor or obese, according to the law of attraction, it must because you attracted such states of being with your thoughts (we’ll discuss the problems with the law of attraction in more detail below).
She started playing more hesitantly, she didn’t take as many risks, and she held back when before she had skated like crazy. The other common conception of positive thinking is one where you adopt a positive attitude and thought about any situation and use that positive attitude and thought to get you through it. We are looking for a method of raising money for NAMI at the present they are planning a walk . The concept of positive thinking shows up a lot in our culture, to an extreme that leads to a lack of empathy and non-recognition of others’ circumstances. Not every person faces the same circumstances or has the same options available to other people.Reinforcement of privilege. It reinforces privilege by arguing that the only thing stopping a person from succeeding is their own thinking. It does not recognize that a person will encounter different experiences because of their race, sexuality, or class and that those experiences may limit their opportunities.
It is not enough to think positively in such situations, especially when such situations will not change by positive thought alone.Lack of understanding and empathy. When we blame others’ circumstances on failure to think positively, such lack of understanding creates an inability to connect to or empathize with what other people are experiencing. This thinking poisons our ability to connect meaningfully with other people and makes it much harder to enact social justice.Victim-blaming. It even creates a lack of perspective for the person believing in such thinking, because when that person has bad experiences, they will see those experiences through the lens of the law of attraction, instead of actually seeing the circumstances for what they are.
That lack of perspective can cloud a person’s ability to determine how to remedy the situation.
Even if a person utilizing positive thinking has some degree of success, the lack of awareness the person may have in regards to the situations other people are experiencing can reinforce the divides and problems our society faces.It is important that we examine our spiritual practices carefully and make sure that if positive thinking is part of such a practice, it is weighed carefully. The proper perspective on positive thinking allows us to utilize it, but it also keeps us grounded in the realities of life and recognition of the challenges other people face. Taylor has a background in both Eastern and Western Magical practices, as well as being an experimenter with magic. When Taylor isn't working on his latest magical project, he is a business coach, who helps businesses grow, as well as an avid gamer and exerciser. For more information please visit Magical Experiments.Subscribe by email to Agora Follow Agora!Agora is just one blog of the many that form the Patheos Pagan Channel.Popular at Patheos Pagan Five Things I Wish I’d Known as a Beginner Is It a Haunting or Fairies?

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