New work health and safety (WHS) laws may mean the responsibilities and duties of your sporting club have changed. Since the Commonwealth's Work Health and Safety ACT 2012 came into effect on 1 January 2012, states and territories have harmonised their WHS laws with the Act. Under the WHS laws, some sporting organisations and clubs may need to take new actions to comply with the WHS Act and their state and territory WHS Codes of Conduct and Regulations.
The downloadable guide provides information and advice to help sporting organisations and clubs comply with new WHS laws and incorporate safety management into their daily operations. Information here should be used in conjunction with your state or territory's approved WHS Codes and Practices, and is not intended to be read in place of the WHS laws. The Australian Sports Commission's Sporting Clubs guide to a Safe Workplacehas been developed in partnership with Safe Work Australia, NSW Sport and Recreation, WorkCover Authority of NSW, and QLD Sport and Recreational Services, QLD Government.

This includes the paid and volunteer workers who contribute in many different ways to Australia's diverse sporting organisations and clubs. This means that people conducting a business or undertaking (organisations and clubs) and workers (including volunteers) are protected by the same WHS laws across Australia.
It includes fact sheets to help sporting organisations and clubs understand and action their WHS duties.
Sporting organisations and clubs should also refer to Safe Work Australia's website, which provides a Volunteer Resource Kit including an Essential Guide to Work Health and Safety for Volunteers, a podcast, PowerPoint presentation and fact sheet.
It provides greater consistency, certainty and clarity about WHS laws, making it easier to understand your WHS duties.
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