While there are plenty of advantages to CRM software, that doesn’t mean that any old CRM software will do wonders for you. Custom CRM will give you the power to achieve your professional goals by streamlining your current processes and workflows. An essential aspect of any customizable CRM is the option to create custom types and statuses for contacts, jobs, and tasks.
Being able to set your own types and statuses allows you to personalize the CRM software to your company’s needs. Whether you need to track specific lead qualities that will help you understand a potential customer better, or if each job has a unique set of characteristics that can give you a better idea of how to take on an upcoming opportunity, tracking data using custom fields gives you power to make those calls and build up from them. I read this and wonder how well we are equipping our kids for work and whether our education system really is good enough.
I shall refrain from the temptation which you lay across our paths, but now we have clearer evidence that some politicians are inclined to a little masochism. Is there a spot of resentment towards The Power for getting fan mail for throwing a few arrows? Power is an artwork by Samuel Carter Mensah, a graphic designer and typography specialist from London.
Rawz is our user generated site where anyone can share their work or work with the Abduzeedo community.
Abduzeedo is a blog about design, we started it in 2006 and after all these years the site accumulated a huge visual library of articles about architecture, illustration, graphic design, UX design, mobile app design and a lot more. Christ's Church of the Valley (CCV) »CCV is one church in multiple locations across the Phoenix Valley (AZ). Adventure Kids »Graphic resources for children’s and nursery ministry including vectors, stock imagery, fonts, textures and color samples.
Family to Family » CCV's goal is to provide 15,000 food boxes for the 2-week winter school break — a time when many children go hungry. CCV Communications Guide (PDF) »A PDF document with some communication best practices as it relates to graphics, writing copy and community relations.
CCV Social Media Platform Audit (PDF) »An in-depth audit of our Social Media outposts and strategies. Quantum mechanics, which aims to describe the nano-scale world around us, has already led to the development of many technologies ubiquitous in modern life, including broadband optical fibre communication and smartphone displays.
These devices operate using billions and billions of photons, the smallest indivisible quanta of light a€“ but many powerful quantum effects (such as enabling quantum secure communication) can only be harnessed when working with a single photon. The quantum science community has been waiting for more than a decade for a compact optical chip that delivers exactly one photon at a time at very high rates. With international and local collaborators, I reported today in Nature Communications the ability to combine single photon-generating devices on a single silicon chip, a breakthrough for next generation quantum technologies. In 1982, American physicist and Nobel Prize laureate Richard Feynman proposed the idea of building a new type of computer based on the principles of quantum mechanics. While a regular computer represents information as a bit with a value of either 0 or 1, the quantum equivalent is the qubit, a quantum particle that has two clear binary states. Due to its quantum nature a qubit can be in either state 0, or state 1 or superposition of them both at the same time.

Computations performed using a qubit follow a different set of rules to a regular computer a€“ and this allows certain problems to be solved exponentially faster.
A photon is one example of a quantum particle that can be used as a qubit, and ideally researchers would like to be able to generate photons one by one, as two or more photons in a bunch no longer act as a qubit.
It is easy to generate many photons, but much harder to ensure they come out one by one a€“ photons are gregarious by nature a€“ and a high generation rate is desired, similar to a high central processing unit clock speed. The creation of single photons has been possible for some years, but with poor performance and often bulky implementation. Generating higher rates of single photons is thus accompanied by a higher proportion of unwanted additional photons, so we wanted to reduce that to a more favourable ratio.
Think about it in terms of fishing a€“ instead of generating photons, we want to catch fish.
This is analogous to using a conventional photon source, which generates many photons, but also a lot of unwanted photon bunches.
A single device for generating single photons (one fisherman) when operating at a high rate (casting a large net) generated unwanted photon bunches. This is analogous to the work done here: two single photon sources (the fishermen) were combined on a single silicon chip (the boat), with the proportion of "garbage" photon bunches significantly reduced.
In the future we will extend this idea and combine many more devices onto a single silicon optical chip. This will allow us to generate a large number of useful single photons, which can act as optical qubits, a fundamental ingredient of complex quantum processors. The impact of this work opens the potential for more advanced single photon technologies, including secure communication where improved single photon generation directly increases the distance and bit-rate of a quantum secure communication link. This an active area of research at the Centre for Ultrahigh Bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS) within the University of Sydney. Still more applications include metrology (the science of measurement), simulation of biological and chemical systems, and a€“ of course a€“ quantum computing.
Quantum physics promises faster and more powerful computers, but quantum versions of basic logic functions are still needed to bring this technology to fruition. Many quantum technologiesa€”such as cryptography, quantum computing and quantum networksa€”hinge on the use of single photons.
Quantum optics scientists and engineers are striving to harness the properties of small packets of light called photons to improve communications and computational devices. Sandia National Laboratories has taken a first step toward creating a practical quantum computer, able to handle huge numbers of computations instantaneously.
The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, with facilities in Florida and New Mexico, offers scientists access to enormous machines that create record-setting magnetic fields. Along with being a "girl's best friend," diamonds also have remarkable properties that could make them ideal semiconductors.
Look out over the ocean and you might get the impression that it's a mass of water acting as a single entity.
Wouldn't it be interesting to change the properties of photon quanta to some other packet value in flight between destinations. This is what makes customizable CRM software the only answer for a company looking to boost its efficiency and productivity without breaking its stride.

No two businesses are alike, and surely each business has done their due diligence to figure out what process works best for their sales and fulfillment.
Custom fields give you the ability to track any piece of information that is relevant to your specific field or company. And all you get for your toil a letter from Mr Angry in Ealing regarding his parking ticket.
This piece is inspired by Kanye West song Power and each letter was hand made to symbolize old withered gold from ancient civilizations.
I've wanted to do this piece for a long time, pretty much ever since i heard the song which i consider is probably Kanye's best purely because of it stands for.
We showed that by combining multiple imperfect devices, all on a single silicon chip, we can produce a much higher quality and compact source of single photons, opening a number of new applications. There is an intrinsic link between the rate of useful single photons creation and how often two or more photons are generated instead: these bunches are unwanted. An easy option is to send a fisherman out on a boat to cast a net; this will result in a lot of good fish, but also a lot of unwanted garbage. With some luck, they could collectively catch the same number of fish in the same amount of time, but because the method is more selective, the chance of collecting garbage has been vastly reduced. By combining two single photon sources (two fishermen on a boat) on a single silicon chip (the boat), the proportion of a€?garbagea€™ photon bunches was significantly reduced. Even though each individual source operates at a lower rate, they can be combined to give much higher rates a€“ you just need more fishermen! Now, new research shows how high-quality photons can be generated from 'solid-state' chips, bringing us closer to the quantum 'internet'.
It might sound odd, but excess customization can result in making your software harder to use, minimizing chances of effective adoption and decreasing benefits. I tried to incorporate everything power stood for including the handmade font to symbolize old withered gold, and added some visuals from the video etc. In addition to that, the best images get selected and published on the Daily Inspiration series here on Abduzeedo.
So i began looking at old typefaces the first ever languages and noticed the forms and structures and how they in themselves symbolized power in their history and influence. It takes one man to step up and make an impact…one act of kindness to create monumental change. Or is it knowing yourself and what your own capabilities are and how to use them to your best ability? The time has come to break away from the traditional ways of doing things in order to attract the missing 85%.

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