In later times, high initiates hid the essence of the sacred secret into the Bible and developed a series of ciphers that enabled the hidden wisdom to be unlocked by the privileged few, many of who are among the most prominent people in history. In explaining why the Holy Bible was always considered a divine book, The Secret in the Bible the second book by Australian author Tony Bushby, reveals new knowledge about the ancient secrets of Egypt and the Bible and the significance of these secrets cannot be taken lightly.
A Pope stuns his cardinals Vati Leaks 09-Apr-2016An extraordinary papal confession Vati Leaks 08-Apr-2016Can you believe this? That cherished insight was guarded with utmost secrecy through the millennia and revealed only to selected members of certain Mystery Schools. It was written, compiled and shoved down our throats by the same Jewish Masonic Brotherhood that seeks to enforce the universal worship of its god, a talking deceptive burning bush. This section covers how the Catholic Church once suppressed this book for good reason, what various authorities had to say about it and why it is logical to dismiss this text as damnable heresy.
Leave your possessions to the Church’ Vati Leaks 19-Dec-2012Italian Catholic Church to pay property tax from next year Vati Leaks 14-Dec-2012Why aren't Christians told about this? This Reference Edition contains about 80 pages of Masonic and Eastern Star information which is scanned below. This is the version used in Masonic Initiation Rites.It doesn't take a genius to understand that if the Luciferian Brotherhood of Freemasonry is so infatuated with the scriptures, originally penned by Jews, perhaps it might be worth considering that the Bible is not what people think it is.
He is only explaining the well-known distinction between the two sources of revelation, Scripture and tradition. This has sometimes been made a pretext for excluding Jews from our Lodges, because they cannot regard the New Testament as a holy book.
The Bible is an indispensable part of the furniture of a Christian Lodge, only because it is the sacred book of the Christian religion. If 69 weeks after this command is announced Rome continues it's abomination, the city will be destroyed. Jewish-Freemasonry had already occupied most seats in the Vatican administration by the 1950's, finding themselves well-positioned to destroy what little was left of the Catholic Faith at Vatican II (1959-1969). President George Bush meets with Jewish Freemason anti-Pope Benedict XVI at the White House. Usually in fact, they cannot be understood by everyone but only by those who are qualified to understand them with informed intelligence. 1, 1900)The Council of Toulouse, which met in November of 1229, about the time of the crusade against the Albigensians, set up a special tribunal, or court, known as the Inquisition (Lat.
Source: Heresy and Authority in Medieval Europe, Edited with an introduction by Edward Peters, Scolar Press, London, copyright 1980 by Edward Peters, ISBN 0-85967-621-8, pp.
Maitland, Facts and Documents [illustrative of the history, doctrine and rites, of the ancient Albigenses & Waldenses], London, Rivington, 1832, pp.
Because the bible achieves the objective of the occult, specifically: to dethrone Christ as God.

NOWHERE in the bible, or the torah, or the koran, will you find the necessary answer to enter the Gates of Heaven: Christ is God. Why does the Mother of God threaten the destruction of Rome over the failure to preserve Dogma?A.
Also, this is what makes Benedict XVI (2005-Now), John Paul II (1978-2005), John Paul I (1978), Paul VI (1963-1978), John XXIII (1958-1963), Pius XII (1939-1958), and Pius XI (1922-1939) anti-Popes. There are quite a few, but there's one thing Protestants are certain of: Our Lord Jesus Christ is definitely NOT their God, since this information is not in the bible. The Lord is their god, Jehovah is their god, the lord of hosts is their god, the lord of lords is god.
To understand why Old Testament Lord worship is actually paganism, we must turn to the Latin Vulgate.
The reason for this is that the Latin Vulgate version of the bible does not hide the fact that the Old Testament is pagan.
It simply contains information, absolutely critical information that the English version omits. Any priest that does not understand Latin will most likely not understand the Catholic religion and should be avoided like a talking fire. Don't take for granted that because a priest does the Sacraments in Latin for example, that he is administering them properly! As the unseen fire is revealed in the flame, so also the fullness of the Father dwelt in the Son, and they are one as fire is one with the flame in which it manifests.
This versicle, completely kabalistic, is found in the Greek text of the Gospel according to St. The Bible is an indespensable part of the furniture of a Christian Lodge, only because it is the sacred book of the Christian religion. This also is kabalistic and represents the oppositions and tetradic equilibrium of the elements.
The 24 Elders are the 24 books of the Old Testament, which now sit on the Novus Ordo Altar for worship, in the form of the bible. Obviously if the Catholic Religion still exists and the Sacraments are being administered, the Devil cannot win these souls, so it has been the objective of the unified occult (the Illuminati) to infiltrate and destroy the Catholic Sacraments so that by the absence of the Catholic Faith on Earth, all will be condemned. This Illuminati have almost completed the wall.Jewish Prophets in the bible actually prophecize the destruction of the Catholic Faith. The Book of Apocalypse, or what Protestants call the Jesus is coming religion, is the mysterious conclusion of their Luciferian objective. It is also stated that the Lucifer spirit then left Eve, who thus became a widow, and Cain was thus the pon of the Lucifer spirit, the serpent of Wisdom, and Eve, the widow.
It is written hieroglyphically with numbers and images; and the Apostle often appeals to the intelligence of the Initiated.

And they all have the same thing in common: they deny Dogma and push the bible as Heavenly Truth.
John in his Apocalypse reproduces the same images and the same numbers, and reconstructs the Edenic world ideally in the New Jerusalem; but at the source of the four rivers the Solar Lamb replaces the mysterious tree. Initiation by toil and blood has been accomplished, and there is no more temple because the light of truth is diffused universally and the world has become the Temple of Justice.
Which version of the bible should Catholics reference to understand the heretical plan of the forces of anti-Christ?A.
English is a dumbed down language and reading scripture in English omits the needed specificity to understand the PAGANISM IN THE OLD TESTAMENT.
Below is the list of the names in the Old Testament, which the modern Old Testaments in English simply translate under the umbrella name (the Lord).
The specificity of the Latin versions is the required knowledge that modern Vatican II priests lack. Unfortunately, the Judeo-Masonic Orders know this difference all too well and the ignorance of the ecumenical Vatican II peace-maker priests works entirely to the Devil's advantage in gaining souls.1769 Canonical Latin Vulgate Biblia Sacra Nominum Interpretatio (Names Interpreted) Scan 1 (Click for Closeup)1769 Canonical Latin Vulgate Biblia Sacra Nominum Interpretatio (Names Interpreted) Scan 2 (Click for Closeup)1769 Canonical Latin Vulgate Biblia Sacra Nominum Interpretatio (Names Interpreted) Scan 3 (Click for Closeup) These olderLatin Vulgates typically include a Nominum Interpretatio of the various lords throughout the text.
This is related to how Thomas Aquinas confounds the heretics with his denial that the names of God are not synonymous. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, 1947 Benziger Brothers, Volume I, Question 13, Fourth Article Q.
Does the bible tell these people to keep their mouth shut if they don't understand the game being played?A. Those who understand the Dogmatic teaching on the bible inherently know how dangerous Sola Scriptura is. But that fits perfectly because their Masonic husbands are useful idiots for the Devil as well.The emblem of the Order of the Eastern Star is a five-pointed star with the white ray of the star pointing downwards towards the manger. First, that it would be fatal to the character of any lady for truth who should disdose the secrets of these degrees unlawfully. Why was Sola Scriptura, a faith in the Bible alone, the battle-cry of Martin Luther and John Calvin?A.
At this point, their influence on the multitudes of condemned souls rivals Mohamet and the Lord worshipping Islamic Sect.Q. Do the Jewish prophets in the Old Testament foreshadow the destruction of the Catholic Altars at Vatican II?A.

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