The Secret Circle is currently on hiatus on Channel 6 in Tempe, and now fans are being given a glimpse at the next episode, The Secret Circle episode 1.19 titled Crystal. Crystal is one of the three remaining episodes of this season, and this episode will show the elders going up against John Blackwell and trying to take care of him.
Work has already begun on the season finale, and Joe Lando, the man behind John Blackwell, teased about the episode recently. In Photos: Ellie Goulding throws a polished party Hangout FestivalPerforming in front of tens of thousands of fans is all in a day’s work for Ellie Goulding.

John Blackwell may have proved himself to be a changed, good man on last Thursday's return episode of The Secret Circle, but he didn't reveal good news regarding Cassie and Adam: if they follow through on their fateful love, they will be forever cursed. That's what the following trailer teases, as "Curse" will feature Cassie visiting her grandmother and finding out if there's a way to reverse her destiny. Charles will bring back Cassie's grandmother to help him, and it will be revealed that it is possibly Faye that is Cassie's half sister.
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Elsewhere, Eva will start stalking Faye, while Charles plots his next move against Blackwell. She has made it her priority to keep on top of the latest news in entertainment to keep her readers informed.

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